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    Essays on THAILAND

    $13.00 $8.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    This is a revised version of Essays on THAILAND. Included in the book are the most informative stories ever written by the Thai author, who has been doing academic writing for more than two decades. Even though any information can be easily found by a single click to several websites, they may not be reliable sources of learning since no one challenges their accuracy. The book’s content may look similar to the previous edition of Essays on Thailand because they are based on the same sources. But readers will find the previous edition is more comprehensive, while this one is both informative and entertaining by its easy style of presentation.
    Above all, this book can be used not only for further reference but also for enhancing general knowledge about Thailand, especially for foreign visitors who want to become acquainted with local customs and the Thai way of life. Since Thailand is one of the important ASEAN partners, information about this country is definitely important to people in the region and many parts of the world.

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    Love Online

    $5.00 $3.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    This book is intended to embolden Thai women to go ahead and take the brave step of communicating to farang (foreigner) for whom they have developed an affection or whom they hope will develop a fondness for them.

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    Learn Thai for Working and Living in Thailand

    $2.00 $1.00 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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  • RojiNeko Nikki

    $4.99 Kimura, Rei
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  • Psycho – Pattaya Bar Girl

    $4.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Set in the Early 1990’s at a time when many old hands consider Pattaya to have been at the very height of its infamous raunchiness, Psycho Pattaya Bargirl tells the tale of how it is possible for a beautiful young woman with brains to get away with just about anything she wants to.

    As well as providing a hellish and hilarious rollercoaster trip through the seediest night-streets of the city in bygone days, the horror and black humour that drip copiously from the blood-spattered pages also serve to send a much more subtle message to readers – besides simply causing the hair on the back of their necks to stand on end.

    Sometimes, that angelic, sexy stunner you just met in a go-go bar in Walking Street or sitting on a bench under a coconut tree along the Beach Road might not be all she seems.

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  • Thai Ghost and Their Mysterious Power

    $4.99$13.99 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    We cannot deny the significance of ghosts in Asian societies, because they play an essential part in our lives on an almost daily basis. We must be careful not to offend them and try to appease them at all costs. Otherwise, serious repercussions will occur in our lives sooner or later. Many times, mysterious occurrences have been thought to be the result of their indignation.

    Stepping into a plane heading to Thailand, you will be protected by benevolent ghosts immediately and automatically. They have the responsibility to protect you and help you without request. Most importantly, they will drive away the malevolent ghosts who may cause inconveniences to you.

    In Thailand, ghosts have their own specific duties to protect you. For example, during travelling you have to depend on the ghosts of vehicles, or Mae Ya Narng, the household ghosts, and ghosts of the forest. You need pay no extra charge because their help is complimentary. So you should not be afraid of them, but don’t insult them. The friendly ghosts always welcome you to the land of smiles and the land of a hundred ghosts.

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  • The Chong People

    $9.99 Schliesinger, Joachim
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    The Chong People—A Pearic-Speaking Group of Southeastern Thailand and Their Kin in the Region is a work about the indigenous Chong people who have settled in Chanthaburi and Trat provinces of southeastern Thailand and an overview about their Pearic kin groups in Thailand and Cambodia.

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  • Up to you! Vol 4

    $0.00$9.99 Reynolds, Al
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    Vol 4

    The fourth volume of an adventurous cartoon book about the ladies of Pattaya, Thailand. You are the target and you have been hit. Feel that?
    If this is your first visit to Thailand you may think of this book as a frivolous book of cartoons. But an expat to Thailand will look upon this adventurous cartoon book for what it is:  the heart wrenching family album that has recorded his emotional joy ride through the fog of middle age.  This is the book that lays out in elusive detail, those great adventures of the recent past and adventurers yet to be experienced in the land of huge smiles…
    For the hapless adventurer this is a cartoon text book of things to come; adventures to be experienced and fortunes to be lost. For the occasional visitor, who has scheduled time to howl at the full moon while on a deserted island in a most inebriated state, this is a book that can entertain you between those moments when you are imagining sobriety in the dawns early light while you are on the hunt for breakfast of chili peppers and more cheap beer.
    This is a cartoon book found nowhere else on earth and appeals to no one else on earth other than the tourist, occasional visitor, expat to Thailand or perhaps one or two of those faint of heart stay at homes who like to peep through the safety of key holes into the adventures of life that is beyond the frame work of their own front doors.
    The author is lost to some village somewhere in the up north of Thailand where  he is busy knocking out yet another book… only this time it is a book of text… a book where the rampant reader will find himself captivated by the same adventures illustrated in the three volumes of Up to you.  Only this time it will be in word form and you, the reader, will be put to task to imagine on your own, the scenes laid out for you by this most cunning and entertaining author of words and pictures so well presented.   You may want to use these four volumes as research material.
    I can’t wait.

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  • Quantum Physics and Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

    $6.99$12.99 Krikke, Jan
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    Lessons Learned from China

    What happens when we look at two of the most important sciences of today, quantum physics and artificial intelligence, through Chinese eyes?

    We see that the Chinese developed an esthetic theory about space and time centuries before Albert Einstein developed Relativity Theory. We also understand why the Chinese world view inspired quantum mechanics pioneers Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, psychoanalyst Carl Jung and the leading figures of the spiritually focused New Age movement.

    A fresh look at China’s ancient world view can even help us understand why binary code inventor Gottfried Leibniz argued that the Chinese invented the first binary code. The Chinese used different symbols – broken and unbroken lines instead of 0 and 1 – but Leibniz claimed the underlying principle was the same. Leibniz is the “spiritual” father of AI and the first to propose the “mechanization” of thought.

    AI and quantum mechanics are confronted with similar questions: Is nature continuous or discrete, wave or particle, analog or digital? How will AI address this dichotomy?  Can the Chinese world view shed light on this unresolved mystery?

    In the 21st century, China is likely to make its presence felt throughout the world. Understanding its ancient world view can help us anticipate this influence and it may show us the contours of the future of AI, arguably the last “hard” science humanity will ever need.

    “This book contains fascinating stories largely unknown, a history of Western scientific ideas, an insightful interpretation of ancient Chinese culture, and mind-expanding connections between East and West, art and technology, past and future. A unique play of creative ideas!”
    Bill Kelly, Lecturer in Intercultural Communication, UCLA (ret.)

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  • How to Self-Publish

    $4.99$7.99 Clever, Josh
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    All You Need to Know

    Kindle, mobi, ePub? What does that all mean? Which file for which retailer and how to create those?

    What’s up with TOC? What is an ISBN and where to get one?

    What about editing and proofreading? How about the cover?

    Where can I sell my book? Who are the major online eBook retailers?

    Self-publishing is a daunting task but once you know the secrets, you are good to go to become the next bestselling author.

    ‘How to Self-Publish – All You Need to Knowexplains it all. Know everything there is to efficiently and easily self-publish your own e-book. This is the book I wish I had when I was in the early stages of my publishing journey. Now it’s your time to grab this opportunity and embark on your self-publishing success!

    Secrets explained by a publishing professional with more than 20 years experience with printed books and eBooks.

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  • Manager confidential

    $4.99$14.99 Ng’oma, Vera Ama
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    Good managers are said to be few and far between. But you can buck this trend. You can become an uber-effective manager. The manager’s job has typically been described as one of planning, coordinating and maintaining the status quo. However, in today’s fast paced and complicated workplace this traditional managerial role no longer works. Everyday, managers have to make tough decisions, manage impossible targets and deal with challenging people issues many of which often leave them stumped and floundering.

    In Manager Confidential, author, Vera Ama Ng’oma shows you how to handle those vexing situations and gives principles and suggestions for becoming the manager people want to work for. Learn how to:

    • Refine your management style and trigger great performance
    • Be continually engaged and stay on top of the important issues • Keep your environment productive, motivating and rewarding
    • Correct poor performance without delay, diffidence or drama
    • Work with people’s strengths and help them grow exponentially • Manage results and relationships well during times of change
    • Set, communicate and manage clear priorities even in uncertainty

    This is an essential guide that will teach you to become a manager who effectively deals with whatever comes at them, works well with people and makes a real difference. When you face those situations when you don’t know what to do, this book comes to the rescue.

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  • 9781641532587

    Mekong Dragon

    $4.99$14.99 Hurst, Frank
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    When the hunter becomes the hunted …

    When intelligence officer Mike Rawlin becomes the assassination target of an international drugs smuggler his world descends into chaos … In the much-anticipated final story of the Golden Triangle Trilogy, Frank Hurst provides another spell-binding trip into the world of international crime and the steamy jungles of South East Asia. Brimming with secrets, romance, rivalry and deception, this is an epic story in its own right.

    Praise for the Golden Triangle Trilogy.

    ‘Hurst’s writing is compelling, a drama of considerable suspense; akin to 007 with canny Ian Fleming style plot building intact. Hurst achieves a level of authenticity that armchair detective writers can’t hope to match.’ The Nation

    ‘Gripping, quality writing, truly enjoyable, fabulous, a delight to read, couldn’t put it down, bring on the movie.’ Amazon customers

    ‘A fast-paced page turner. Hurst’s writing shows a real inside knowledge of the drug business; nail biting, irresistible.’ Goodreads UK

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