Bell, Colin C.

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  • Biotopia

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    Is the merging of technology and the human brain the future of mankind?
    Biotopia – a planet at the frontline of human civilization. An experiment to see if the merging of technology and the human brain can produce a better, a perfect society. But communication with this outpost was interrupted and when after twenty years Captain Will Wilbur and his team return to this place what will they find? A blueprint for future civilization or a disaster?
    Biotopia returns us to the question of what the essence of human life is. It asks us to evaluate where we stand today and what choices we are going to make in view of the future.

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  • On Their Own

    $6.99$14.99 Bell, Colin C.
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    Life was tough enough for Nok and his sister Ning after their father walked out, leaving their mother to raise them alone in a Bangkok slum, yet they made ends meet.
    But when she suddenly falls sick and dies, the children have no option but to find their own way in this world. When they fail to find their mother’s estranged sister far away from Bangkok, the two siblings end up on the streets of Bangkok.
    While fending for themselves and resisting the momentary temptations of vice and drugs and the trap of child prostitution, their unlikely dream is to find a new home. Life is an ongoing daily struggle and the children try their best to survive, while desperately hoping for a way out.
    Is there a place for them where they can escape the street and the seemingly inevitable slide into crime, vice, and a wasted life?

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