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  • Misadventures of a Pattaya Bar-Owner

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    Misadventures of a Pattaya Bar-Owner primarily relates the often humorous, yet telling experiences of a Western beer-bar proprietor as he interacts with his bar-girls and customers. It also tells the tale from the Thai and foreign bar-girls’ perspective, as well as recounting some of the antics of the customers. It jocularly strips the Pattaya bar-scene bare, revealing how frequently prospective bar-owners are taken for a ride and often bamboozled into buying a pig-in-a-poke, but how when they come to sell, frequently having lost their investments, they, too, fall into the same mould and hoodwink the next unfortunate, or at least delegate the task to one of their Thai minions.
    The book is a semi-fictionalized account based on the author’s in-depth study of the dynamics of Pattaya beer-bars from both sides of the bar over many years, augmented with true-to-life accounts drawn from the author’s experiences as a journalist in what he refers to, tongue-in-cheek, as the Sex Centre of the Universe aka Viagra Ville, due to the predominance in the city of artificially stimulated, priapic Western ‘young geriatrics’ or greying baby-boomers and their romantic close encounters with the bar-girls.
    The book depicts the bar-girls as being either stereotypical gold diggers, or those with hearts of gold, both of which actually form the majority of female sex-workers in Fun City aka Pattaya. It also recounts, in a more serious vein, how these sisters-in-charms perform a valuable service in helping to support familial pyramids in a developing country lacking a welfare state.
    Once again, as with the author’s other works, it could be taken as a guide book to the follies of life in Pattaya and will prepare the prospective beer or go-go bar-owner for the likely traps he will encounter if he wishes to enter the sex-trade in Thailand as a proprietor therein.

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  • Paradise in Limbo

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    Paradise in Limbo is a semi-fictionalized account of what happens when West meets East and the often bizarre experiences which ensue. It relates tales of bluff and double bluff, deception and intrigue perpetrated by both the protagonists and antagonists. Unlike many of the tomes of a similar genre, it is relatively balanced in that it relates the interactive experiences of both farang (the Thai catchall for all Westerners) males and Thai females. This is possible because the author has penetrated the secret world of the Thai female.
    The book highlights the follies of those naïve farang men who, as the phrase has it, leave their brains at Suvarnabhumi Airport (an almost universal initial experience), but occasionally tells of those who have turned the tables on the Thais and played them at their own games. It also shows in stark relief the miasmic, dreamlike characteristics of these close encounters and serves to illustrate the truism that, for many, Thailand, in general, and Pattaya, in particular, is the place of shattered dreams. Though frequently larger than life, the tales are grounded in reality and stand the test of both truth and time. More than anything else, it is an essential handbook for the first-time male traveller to Thailand, which, if inwardly digested, will save the ‘lambs’ from being sheared and from experiencing untold heartaches.

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