Fanwar, Wann

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  • Unveiling Apocalypse

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    The Truth about Revelation

    This book explores the book of Revelation to determine what its primary message is. There are so many views about the book that it can be confusing. However, most Revelation presenters do not pay close attention to what the book itself is doing and resort to imposing external paradigms on Revelation. This study attempts to provide some balance by examining the book from within.

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  • From Time to Eternity

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    A Sabbath Tour

    This book is a tour of the biblical materials on the subject of Sabbath. It explores the nature of these texts and does a comprehensive exposition of their content. The book employs the language of a tour and takes its readers through a tour of the Sabbath texts and concepts. It shows that the Sabbath is a journey from time to eternity, from where we are into the presence of God.

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