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  • The LOS Diaries Part Three

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    Twenty Years in South East Asia
    In this, the third instalment of “The LOS Diaries”, Mark Jones provides more experienced comment on the cultural nuances of a rapidly developing part of the world. Living the dream in South East Asia, the author once again mixes his own brand of laconic storytelling with humorous and insightful observations on the region.
    Expanding on his experiences in the area’s naughty nightlife scene, short travel diaries provide an interesting look at the remote and far flung reaches beyond the red light districts of downtown Bangkok, Pattaya and Singapore. The comforts of the tourist fleshpots are left far behind in sojourns to the mountainous regions of Northern Laos and the remote temple sites of Cambodia. These are the LOS Diaries.

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  • Revenge Season

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    Do you know where this track leads to Peter?’ said Baey shining his torch into the blackness of the jungle beyond.
    ‘It skirts the river, into the National Park, and ends at a major waterfall roughly three kilometers from here. I’ve been up there once, a couple years ago,’ said Pete looking shell shocked after all the physical exertion.
    ‘I think we’d better get going,’ said Baey as we heard the mesh fence rattling with the sound of people climbing over it.
    ‘On the run into the jungle then is it, Baey?’ I said trying to make light of the situation.
    ‘No Mike, we’re leading them into a trap. They’re on my turf now, not their decadent fleshpot in Pattaya,’ he countered with a deadly glint in his eyes.
    Ning’s out of jail and hell bent on revenge. Mike’s got himself into another jam helping a friend who’s run afoul of a greedy, malicious wife and Baey’s stepped in to do what he usually does; sort out the bad guys.
    In the long awaited sequel, to ‘Fear and Loathing in Pattaya,’ there’s trouble brewing near Khao Yai National Park as Mike heads north to bail out a mate. In a continuation of the journey into the darker side, of the nuances of Thai culture, Revenge Season takes  you away from the comfortable surrounds of urban Thailand and into the unforgiving harshness of the tropical jungles; a place where the ultimate killer is not man but nature itself.
    A classic tale of greed, deception, and ruthlessness takes you beyond the dangers of the geographical interior and into the dark, dangerous interior of the human soul. In the deep jungles of Thailand there’s more to fear than the monsoon season. Be afraid, it’s Revenge Season.

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  • The LOS Diaries: Part Two

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    I entered the club to a blast of house music. A raised platform ran the length of the subterranean bar area. The three chrome poles spaced along its length gave freelance dancers an opportunity to recall their past days as professional pole swingers. The place was heaving, the music was pumping, and the dance platform was like a freak circus.
    A  two hundred pound farang women, dressed black lycra, cavorted around one of the poles. Directly in front of us a Thai female dwarf was dry humping a prone farang tourist. God knows what he was thinking.’
    Another night, another girl and another party in the City of Angels. In the second instalment of the LOS Diaries the author takes you on a journey into one of the most hedonistic cities on the planet.
    This is the story of a resident expat’s adventures and night time exploits in the go-go bars, and night clubs of an Asian metropolis where the action never stops and you can party until you drop.
    It is also a story of a life out of control and on the edge of acceptable moral integrity.  It is a story which will amuse as well as shock, a tale of a life lost and found in a town without pity.

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  • The LOS Diaries: Part One

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    This is the first part of a reflective account of my experiences in Thailand over the past seventeen years. It is an account of someone who has journeyed two different paths; that of a professional diving instructor and, later, a whoremonger.
    It is a story of a journey from an initially carefree, idyllic, adventurous lifestyle in an island paradise, to the harsh reality of the urban environments of Bangkok and Pattaya. It is a story of a journey into the dark side of life in Thailand and a realization that there’s a hardness and ruthlessness in that dark side which, when you’ve lived here for seventeen years offers you nothing in return except a world largely devoid of integrity, honesty and sincerity.
    It is my story and it is, like those of so many other foreigners who settle in this land, a story of a roller coaster ride through adventure, hardship and endurance.
    It’s also a story of mateship, something which is a rare commodity in this day and age. I make no apologies for what you’ll read beyond this page. You may be humored, shocked and even angered but, ultimately, you’ll come to realize that there is no other country in the world like the Land Of Smiles. These are the LOS diaries.

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  • Fear & Loathing in Pattaya

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    Recent reports in a number of western newspapers – Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada – suggest that Thailand is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, for the aforementioned countries’ nationals, to either be living in or visiting. Based on recent statistics the newspapers reported that, in terms of serious injury or death, their citizens are more at risk in Thailand than almost anywhere else in the world apart from declared war zones.
    To add balance to the argument the reports also clearly stated that the majority of the injuries, and fatalities were the result of misadventure or road accidents. In instances where murder or serious assault was involved the Thai authorities were praised for their professionalism in apprehending the perpetrators.
    All too often though, it is found that the perpetrators were either a jealous business competitor trying to eliminate the competition, or a greedy wife or girlfriend hoping to cash in on the death of her husband or boyfriend. These deeper level facts are something that is often not made clear in the report of the death or serious assault. It may be touched upon but we are often left to draw our own conclusions regarding the machinations behind the event.
    For many expats living in Thailand, these types of occurrences are an all too familiar theme with greed, more often than not, being the primary motivator. Sadly it is also quietly acknowledged that many of the victims – foreign husbands, boyfriends, or business competitors – put themselves in a position to be a victim in the first instance. That they weren’t street smart or savvy enough and often, through their own actions or naivety, help create the circumstances leading to their injury or demise.
    Even though the local English language newspapers do a reasonable job reporting the eventual apprehension of the greedy wife, girlfriend, or jealous business competitor, nothing much is ever mentioned of the behind the scenes story. The rivalries, jealousies, motivations and emotions that are the fabric of a human tragedy go unreported.
    This book seeks to rectify that and it also seeks to show balance; that as much as the blame can be pointed at the motivations of a jealous business competitor, greedy wife, or girlfriend, it can also be apportioned to the poor life decisions made by the victim.
    For many of us who continue to live in Thailand, or those who are considering moving here, there is a lesson in that. That one must take responsibility for one’s own actions at all times and never put yourself in a position to be a victim.
    As a foreigner in Thailand you are, in most instances, on your own. You are, whether you like it or not, very much the director of your own destiny.

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