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  • Learn English Superfast – Mega Volume

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    One Of The Best English Learning Courses


    1. How To Start A Sentence
    2. Interrogative Sentences
    3. Imperative Sentences
    4. Negative Forms In English
    5. English Exclamations
    6. Causative Sentences
    7. Conditional Sentences
    8. Creating Long Sentences
    9. How To Use Numbers In Conversation
    10. Making Comparisons In English
    11. English Correlatives
    12. Active And Passive Voice
    13. Repetition Of Words
    14. Remarks In English Language
    15. Using Tenses In English
    16. Auxiliary Verbs- Is, Am, Are, Was, Were
    17. Auxiliary Verbs- Do, Does, Did
    18. Auxiliary Verbs- Have, Has, Had
    19. Auxiliary Verbs- Be And Have
    20. Modal Auxiliary Verbs
    21. Direct And Indirect Speech
    22. Get- Popular English Verb
    23. Ending Sentences With Prepositions
    24. Popular Sentences In English
    25. Common English Sentences
    26. Daily Use English Sentences
    27. Speak English Sentences Everyday
    28. English Idioms And Phrases
    29. Common English Phrases
    30. Daily English Important Notes
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  • English Modal Auxiliary Verbs

    $2.99 Joshi, Manik
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    English Modal Auxiliary Verbs

    • May, Might, Can, Could, Will, Would, Shall, Should, Must, Need, Dare, Used(to), Ought(to)
    • ‘May And Might’ Are Used To Denote Possibility, Compulsion, Obligation, Probability (In Present And Future)
    • ‘Can And Could’ Are Used To Express – Ability, Probability, Possibility, Suggestion, Request, Condition
    • ‘Will And Would’ Are Used To Express – Action In Future, Present Habit, Compulsion, Obligation
    • ‘Shall And Should’ Are Used To Express – Action In Future, Suggestion, Surprise, Importance Or Purpose
    • ‘Must’ Is Used To Denote Logical Conclusions, Necessity, Event Occurring Definitely In Present, Event Occurring Definitely In Past Different Patterns For Using Modal Auxiliary Verb
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