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  • Six of the Best

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    Poems that is: Sorry!

    A small collection of Mad Mally’s best poems

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  • Thai Karma

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    A Visitor Guide to Post Coup Thailand

    Thai Karma is a guide to Thailand for the first time visitor to the country, yet it does not focus on Thailand’s many tourist attractions. Instead it offers the novice traveller all they need to know to have a safe and enjoyable travel experience in post coup Thailand. Apart from cultural tips and travel advice, the book features an extensive helpful hints section. Topics include:
    *Eating in Thailand   *Buying at Markets   * Language Tips *Dress Codes * Keeping Cool   *Personal Safety *Pedestrian Hazards    * Thailand’s beaches   * Hospitals and Healthcare. *Toilets & Person hygiene   *Mobile Phones * Visa and Over-stay *Buddha days *Mosquitoes & Bites

    In addition there is an extensive section on the scams and pitfalls that can blight so many holidays in Thailand. It is a must read before any holiday in the county.

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  • The Reality of Teaching in Thailand

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    An in depth look at Teaching in Thailand by a teacher who has had years of experience both in the private sector and Government schools. It seeks to counter the glossy websites that entice young teachers to Thailand on the basis it is a marvelous opportunity. If you are thinking about teaching in Thailand and really want know what to expect, then you will find this book invaluable. Topics covered in the book include:

    • The Political Situation
    • The need for teachers
    • The standard of English in Thailand
    • Teaching English in Thai schools
    • Types of school
    • Thai Students
    • School politics
    • Thai teachers
    • Thai school life
    • Climate and expat factor
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  • The Reality of Thai Brides

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    The allure of Asian women has drawn men east for generations and Thai women for many are the most beautiful. In today’s world this allure is being exploited by the huge Thai Dating and marriage industry on the internet.

    If you find you are drawn by this allure, then you should read this book, as it covers the following topics:

    • Who is on the Market in Thailand
    • Thai Culture & Families
    • Thai Women
    • The Benefits
    • The Chances of Success
    • Some Things you might Consider
    • The Practicalities

    The modest investment in the purchase price could save you a small fortune.

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