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  • The Casual Beginner’s Guide to Running

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    This is the renowned beginners’ running guide on the market today! With this casual, unofficial guide, learn how to take advantage of an easy fitness activity without need of a gym! If you’re looking to stay in shape, learn how to up your training one step at a time in this aerobic exercise. Should you be trying to lose weight, this guidebook will tell you how to combine your physical exercise with proper diet and shed those pounds off!

    – Getting in shape
    – Tips for running training
    – Running for weight loss
    – Running for aerobic exercise
    – Dealing with muscle fatigue
    – Dealing with injury
    – Distance running
    – Competitive running

    Follow the tips given to provide that boost of energy and speed that you are looking for here! Disclaimer: This guide is not associated with or endorsed by any official authority.

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