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  • Bangkok Buckaroo

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    People are being murdered on Soi Cowboy, and Texan Joe DiMaggio puts on his spurs to find out why. Joe’s been living off the land in and around Soi Cowboy for decades, making his living by his wits, his fists and the dimple in his chin.

    To find the killer Joe will need to explore every seedy corner of the lawless boom town that is Bangkok’s Cowboy Street.

    “Bangkok Buckaroo” combines the romance of the American West with the mystery of Asia and the intrigue of the crime novel.

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  • She Kept the Bar Between Them

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    With his eyes still closed he waited while she considered whether to serve him or throw him out. She approached him, and by the slowness of her approach he knew she had not made up her mind. He opened his eyes just as she arrived opposite him; she kept the bar between them. He saw from her clothes and bearing that she was not a cleaning woman and not a prostitute; he assumed that she was a partner in the ownership of the bar.
    Her black hair shone like onyx, her skin was the color of honey. The gold at her throat and wrists glinted under the austere fluorescent light. He didn’t try to guess her age, it didn’t matter to him. She was slim and shapely and very self-assured; Murray found her instantly attractive. She was giving him a grin, the kind of grin a woman gives an impudent child.

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  • Expat Days: Making a Life in Thailand

    $6.99$12.99 Rosse, Steve
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    A perceptive insight of expat life in Thailand, with a pleasing blend of humour and shrewd comment.
    Read stories that shed light on a place that millions of tourists every year find fascinating, puzzling, and infuriating.

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  • Thai Vignettes

    $6.99$11.99 Rosse, Steve
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    Phuket and Beyond
    Poignant, ironic, heartbreakingly sad, savagely funny.
    Brims with a host of keenly-observed characters cast adrift on Phuket’s sunny shores and beyond.

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