Siminoe, Jonathon

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  • Echo Pool

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    Spending money in Thailand is much easier than making it. DUKE, a mid-thirties bachelor, has learned this lesson the hard way. His business has failed, and the savings he’d built, while living a dual life as both a high school teacher and a professional gambler is gone. He is also feeling emotionally bankrupt as his Thai girlfriend, ARRAYA, a beautiful and compassionate young lady, is harboring a desire for marriage. This realization sends Duke into an introspective journey deep within the echo pool – the place where past lives reside – in order to learn from his past and find direction for his future.
    His life in Bangkok is an exciting one, as his wealthy Thai friends are generous entertainers; but no matter what diversions he finds within one of Asia’s most exciting cities, everything seems to trigger the memories of his lost home. But if Duke wants to survive, he must relive the lessons of his father – as painful as those recollections are – in order to find his roots and strength again.

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  • Those Who Hear – Journeys of the Astropaths

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    CODY GALLAS has always been able to remember – with uncanny detail – the places he visits and can draw them nearly to scale. But until his chance meeting with MICHAEL he had no idea that this ability was just an inkling of his true potential. Cody’s tragic childhood has cost him everyone he every loved, leaving him alone at age 14 to face the greatest discovery of his life and to cope with his most paramount decision.
    Enter the world of the astropaths, where the mind is the gateway to nearly magical powers. Astropaths can not only communicate telepathically and read other’s thoughts; they also have the ability to transport themselves any where in the world. These travelers are very powerful, but while performing their most potent technique they are also at their most vulnerable.

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