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  • The Bell Tolls for Thee America: A Novel

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    The Bell Tolls For Thee America: A Novel implies that the U.S.A. is at a turning point, and nearing its final chapter in history. And the climax, and ultimate resolution to the quandary of America’s fate is coming to a head. If Americans don’t wake up shorty, a nightmare of epic proportions will swallow us whole, for better or…for worse.

    Professor Harlan Watt has devised a way for us to reboot the American Dream. But as Professor Watt soon finds out: It’s not a piece of cake trying to alter history’s inevitable course. The one percent, can’t allow its subjects to thwart their destiny. Power and greed will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” crushing everything America has stood for the last three-hundred plus years. Will true democracy prevail, or must we become survivalists, whose dreams of a better life have vanished from view?

    Thailand is the major setting of this novel, with cameo settings in both North America and Malaysia. A novel you won’t soon forget…

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  • Karmic Rendition: A Novel of Pancho Villa Avenged

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    Karmic Rendition: A Novel of Pancho Villa Avenged is a graphic depiction of the ruthlessness that permeates our Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of government; hence, it’s about the loose cannon bureaucrats who run our beloved and sacred Constitutional form of government. It’s a novel where ‘East meets West’ in a vile and cunning way.
    Karmic Rendition is all about Karma. From Japan to the United States, and from Canada to Mexico, Karmic Rendition exposes and deals with extraordinary rendition on a personal level, which soon spirals out of control. A Burma Triangle of sorts, starring private detective Rick Olson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Rhinehart, and Pancho Villa (V) who must fight to overcome insurmountable odds because of their fate-extraordinary rendition-that’s right, government sanctioned kidnapping.
    And in today’s terrorist environment, any of us could be swallowed up by the forces of so-called good, and swept away in the middle of the night to a dark dungeon never to see the light of day again. Has America become them (the USSR) and they’ve become us (the USA)? The emperor has clothes, or is that sheep’s clothing? It doesn’t matter: The spirit of Pancho Villa permeates and resides in every aspect of this novel.
    Is there such a thing as: Karma? Think of it this way: What goes around comes around… Can Pancho Villa’s tarnished reputation be revived from the savage annals’ of history? Time will tell… That it will.

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  • Political Instincts: A Novel of Amazing Thailand

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    This novel is based upon the theory of Participatory democracy as envisioned by Professor Harlan Watt. His theory was so provocative and threatening to the American elite, Professor Harlan was murdered by his own government for being a national security risk. A close friend, novelist Jake Jacobs, promised his widow that he would take up the banner and promote Harlan’s theory of Participatory democracy in his novels. The President, the CIA and IMF have consolidated their resources in an attempt to stop the publication of Jake’s novel. When his publisher, Mr. Naak, suffered the loss of his beloved nephews who were attempting to establish a true democracy in Thailand; he promised his only remaining nephew that he would never rest until democracy was firmly established in ‘The Land of Smiles.’
    Thailand has never been colonized by anyone…and won’t start now! With the help of the Prime Minister of Thailand, former Supreme Court justice Theodore Marsh, private detective Rick Olson, the negative forces of American influence would be confronted at every turn. But if Jake Jacob’s novel gets published, American style democracy as it exists today under the plutocracy would be in jeopardy. Thailand and America are on a collision course of their own making. Sides are chosen and played out to their final conclusion: a dynamic duel of major proportions right to the bitter end.

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