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  • A Charmed Life in Ceylon

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    The author’s fascinating adventures in the early 50’s portray an adventurous lifestyle that most of us dream about, but would be impossible today. Born in Colombo (Sri Lanka) in 1931. He spent his early childhood in England and returned to Ceylon after the war to work the family business founded by his grandfather. Not the typical colonial type, who was expected to segregate himself from the “natives” and join their exclusive clubs. Tony went against the rules and preferred the company of the Ceylonese. This resulted in him making many friends, including well-known politicians.
    He developed a passion for underwater exploring at a time when the sport was in its infancy and before the event of SCUBA. He gave up his job and a promising career and survived by spear fishing, catching lobsters, aquarium fish and hunting game in the jungles. He set himself up as an underwater guide attracting the wealthy and famous to this new sport. Charging nothing for his services, they repaid him by inviting him to their homes in Europe where he experienced a lavish lifestyle that he hardly knew existed.
    During these trips, he married three of his four wives; two Scandinavian supermodels and an Italian actress, no doubt intrigued by his glamorous exploits. But none of them could fit into his adventurous lifestyle in Ceylon for long.
    The powerful Minister of Tourism, a keen diver, himself commissioned him to promote underwater tourism. They became close friends, and he was involved in political intrigues. Even with almost no money, he lived very happily bartering fish, lobsters and game for food and drink. Fluctuating between simple and lavish lifestyles. He was the first person to dive in the nearby Maldive Islands and southern India, where he created a sensation.
    This is an intriguing read about the not-so-distant past in a unique South-east Asian country – Ceylon- before it slid into political turmoil, isolationism, civil war…and is just now emerging as a stable member of the modernising Asian community of nations.

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  • Crabs – Thai Style

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    Traditional Thai Crab DishesTwenty Delicious Original Recipes

    The author, an accomplished cook, found large quantities of blue crab literally on her doorstep in Western Australia. Using her cooking skills, she experimented preparing the crabs in different ways coming up with 20 delicious original Thai style recipes.

    The book also describes the Thai way of cooking and the utensils needed. She also describes the herbs and spices that go into these dishes as well as the way to prepare them.

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  • Ecstasy of the Deep

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    The astonishing autobiography of an Englishman who spent his whole life chasing his dreams. Most of them were either underwater exploring far off unknown reefs in Asia and the Pacific or living it up with the rich and famous who shared his passion for diving.
    Tony Buxton’s charmed life takes him from the French Riviera and Rome in its 1950s and 1960s heydays to years operating an underwater tourism business in idyllic Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Later, he finds himself in Singapore, where his diving expertise combines with a nose for business, and he builds up thriving enterprises that re-invent the commercial diving industry. There he befriends Malaysian royals with whom he developed a passion for the sport of polo.
    Tony Buxton’s tale from the deep is one for adventurers and lovers of travel, a story that takes them to exotic, unspoilt locations that today no longer exist.

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