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  • From Jarrow to the WORLD

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    So you see … there IS such a thing as a free lunch.

    An introduction to the ‘From Jarrow to … ‘ series of books, featuring selected passages and chapters.

    The books are based on my travels and observations accumulated whilst traveling the world in the petrochemical construction industry.

    The anecdotes are linked with characters appearing a number of times over quite a few projects, countries … and years.

    The main subject matter is the interaction between expats and locals, plus the culture shocks to both sides … and the sometimes very curious reactions.

    Warning : Adult content often written in a childish … and un-PC manner.

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  • From Jarrow to Java (on a beer scooter)

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    A book based on some of the unique characters and situations encountered in the course of a large construction project in East Java during a crucial time in Indonesia’s history.
    The cast includes all the usual suspects Europeans, Australians, Americans etc. but the starring roles are Indonesians. The account is based around the job, the impact on the area, the people, the ladies, the pubs, the problems, the perceptions…and misconceptions. Featuring an introduction to Javanese customs and culture plus their effect on interaction between expats and locals, including the often weird and wonderful way that Indonesians view foreigners …plus how some Westerners behave when given the ‘keys to the sweetie shop’.
    The timescale covers immediately before, during and after the downfall of the Soeharto regime.
    Although based in Indonesia the anecdotes will appeal to anyone who would like to expand their social and geographical boundaries, and just possibly gain an insight into how other people live, laugh, endure…and survive.

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