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  • Precious Cargo

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    No-one in Bangkok suspects the sauve, 36-year old ex-pat Michael Davies to be the mastermind behind one of the most ruthless rackets of modern times. Handsome and loaded with money, the smooth-talking Brit has the usually unflappable young Thai beauty, Kantana Kamonrat’s head in a whirl. That is until a mutual acquaintance reveals some disturbing news about the self-assured, international art dealer.
    Kantana (Kat) hires Wongsala Suriya from the Extra Best Private Investigation Bureau to conduct a thorough enquiry into Davies’ life but in a curious twist of fate, this backfires on her and suddenly Kat’s life is in danger. Davies’ clandestine operations take readers on a fast-moving adventure from the sois and cyber cafes of steamy Bangkok to the bustling seaside resort of Pattaya and the sun-drenched shores of Australia’s picturesque Gold Coast where a young Aussie cop aims to cut his teeth on one of the country’s biggest crime busts of the decade.

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  • Sale!

    Saving Face

    $3.99$14.99 Allen, Neville
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    Sale! $3.99$14.99

    Panarat Vipala treats her sweet and innocent daughter (Toy) to an unexpected 17th birthday present – a one-way bus trip from up-country Isaan to Pattaya, where she is put to work as a bar girl.
    A few years later, when Australian holiday-maker Andrew McKinnon meets Toy in a Pattaya bar, he ignores his instincts and falls in love with the bar girl.
    Soon after, Andrew and Toy team up and the couple travel north to Toy’s home province of Udon Thani, and what starts out as an idyllic romance quickly turns into a journey through a cultural minefield. McKinnon encounters age-old customs and traditions as he bids to be accepted into Toy’s family circle.
    Meanwhile, the lovers are forced to tread a wary line between non-interference and rescue when McKinnon’s best mate, Todd Walsh, falls for Bee, a beautiful Pattaya bank manager operating a cunning real estate scam.
    Against an emotional background of sex, greed, corruption and intrigue, a Bangkok psychic called Sukanya, and a natural disaster play roles in Andrew’s and Toy’s determination to hold onto true love and to save McKinnon’s Aussie mate from financial disaster.

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  • Cyber Freundin

    $6.99$14.99 Allen, Neville
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    Nittaya Sudhikams Leben schlägt eine völlig neue Richtung ein, als eine Freundin sie in die faszinierende und verführerische Welt des Cyber Girls des 21. Jahrhunderts einführt. Plötzlich eröffnet sich der naiven, arbeitslosen Universitätsabsolventin die Aussicht auf ein kleines Vermögen. Alles, was sie dafür tun muss, ist, jeden Tag ein oder zwei Stunden in das Betören einsamer, ahnungsloser westlicher Männer per Email zu investieren.
    Es dauert nicht lange, bis Nid, wie sie genannt wird, ihre Mentorin in den Schatten stellt. Aber ihr neugewonnener Reichtum fordert seinen Preis. Aufregung und Spannung ergreifen Besitz von Nids Leben, als sie gezwungen wird, einen Drahtseilakt zwischen ihren westlichen Liebhabern und Kwan, ihrem neuen thailändischen Freund, zu vollzuführen.

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  • Cyber Girl

    $6.99 Allen, Neville
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    Nittaya Siriwadana’s life takes a whole new course when a friend introduces her to the intriguing, seductive world of the 21st Century Cyber Girl.
    Suddenly, this naive, out-of-work university graduate smells a small fortune. And all she needs do to reap the rewards is invest an hour or two each day snaring lonely, unsuspecting western men by e-mail.
    It isn’t long before Nid, as she is known, outshines her mentor — but her new-found wealth doesn’t come without a price.
    Excitement and suspense enter Nid’s life as she is forced to balance time between western lovers and Kwan, her new Thai boyfriend. Kwan’s criminal activities shatter Nid’s dreams, exposing her to Bangkok’s vicious underbelly of drugs, murder and revenge. Nid ultimately finds true love only to have its promise snatched away as her life hangs by a thread in a violent, action-filled ending to an emotion-packed story.

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