Hincks, Anthony T.

Hmmm, let's see. I am fifty-seven years of age, and I am married with one daughter. I wrote eight books previously, but they were done at a time in my life that I wouldn't call stable. The English in them was not all that good, and I only wanted to get them published so that I had a record of them getting done. All, but one were published under the name Anthony Hawes, and I am currently in the process of rewriting these books so that they will be better. In the last year I have also published, on, over 1,500 quotes/sayings under the name Anthony T. Hincks. They are published, and used all over the world, and have appeared in newspapers, newsletters, books, and other publications. They have also appeared alongside many famous people, which I find quite humbling and rewarding. I love to write! I am more Buddhist, than anything else, and I believe that this is where a lot of my inspiration comes from for my quotes. I love animals, the environment, life, and I try to look for the best in people not matter what their background or circumstances. So, that's me in a nutshell, as they say.Thank you.

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  • Verbs in Storyland – Volume 2

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    Verbs in Storyland are fun books to write. I can use people I know, and write them into different stories.

    English is sometimes a hard subject to learn, and that is why I am using verbs as a basis for these series of books.

    The stories are usually fairly short, and they can vary in the way the story is written, and in what manner. It basically comes down to the verbs used, and the person who I have modeled the story on.

    I do my own illustrations so they are not perfect, but nether am I, and dare I say it, neither are you. Iam no artist when it comes to drawings, but then that is life.

    So enjoy volume 2 of Verbs in Storyland.

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  • Unfinished! Something for the Kids

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    Something for the Kids

    Unfinished!: Something for the Kids is another storybook full of different stories. In total, there are twelve stories, and they range in different types. You can read about Santa, and a ship that never sails. There’s a monk with an ark for a home. You can join Bagabones as he tries to scare people on All Hallows Eve. Or maybe you want to read about Annie, and how she comes to be friends with a centipede, and ants.

    Read about a young Tooten as he talks to his uncle, Ramses. Or maybe you are just one of these people that like to see everything in black & white, and if you are, we also have a story for you.

    So come inside, and read one of the stories. You just might be pleasantly surprised, and glad that you did.

    Anthony T. Hincks

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  • Verbs in Storyland

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    Welcome to ‘Verbs in Storyland’. This series of books will introduce children to irregular, and regular verbs through the use of stories, and the odd drawing or two. I hope that you like them because I believe that they are unique in their style, and concept. Here is just one exert.

    “Jim…here at ‘THEIVES’ we pride ourselves on stealing good things,” Mr. Jones said.

    “Yes, I know,” Jim said, “that’s why I want to work here.”

    “Gloria, tell Jim what you stole last week,” Mr. Jones said with a bright smile.

    “I stole this!” Gloria said as she held up a pencil case.

    This exert is from Steal-Stole-Stolen, and there are nine others in this book.

    Overall there are over 600 irregular verbs, and many more regular verbs. So, as you can see, I will have my work cut out for me writing all of the stories.

    So happy reading, and I’ll catch you in the next volume.

    Anthony T. Hincks

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  • Unfinished!

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    Welcome to Unfinished!

    It’s a group of stories that I have written over the years to help teach reader’s comprehension. Because it’s reader’s comprehension, I didn’t need to incorporate the usual start, endings, and/or middle to what would have been a long exercise.

    The stories cover many genre as I don’t believe in sticking to just one type of storyline. I like to try and think ahead of the reader, so I usually have lots of twists, and turns in any story that I write.

    Not all the stories will make sense to you, but to me they do. Just as I don’t expect everyone to like my style of writing. It would be good if you did, but I am not that ignorant or that silly.

    If the stories are well received, I may end up writing longer stories and turning them into a novel of sorts.

    This first volume contains forty stories which I had sitting on my computer, so all I had to do was do a minor bit of editing to bring them back to life.

    I hope that you have a read, and enjoy them.

    Remember, if you don’t, well I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    All the best, and enjoy what life can give you, and what you can offer it in return.

    Anthony T. Hincks

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  • Anthony T. Hincks: An author of life.

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    An author of life.

    Welcome to Anthony T. Hincks: An author of life, volume 1.

    This first volume includes all of my quotes and sayings that I have published on the internet to date. There are over fifteen hundred to read and choose from.

    The quotes have been readily accepted throughout the world are used by individuals, companies, & businesses. They have appeared in newsletters, newspapers, magazines and other online publications. My quotes have also been used to sell different merchandise around the world, from Russia to the U.S.A.

    My quotes have appeared alongside some of the world’s most famous people, and for that I feel very humble indeed.

    My quotes can cover any topic.

    I am more Buddhist than anything else, and I do not hold any bias or bigoted thoughts about other religions or people. I believe, since we are all individuals, that we all can think for ourselves. I believe that wars are only used by the greedy to liberate the wealth from others. I think the world needs to look in a new direction because if we don’t, then I am fearful about what will happen to this world of ours.

    I love the environment,, and animals and I believe that instead of looking for a way off, this home of ours, that we should at least look at trying to save it for our children.

    Mankind is selfish and he always has been. You may disagree, but when I look at the world, I read between the lines, I don’t believe everything that I see or read on the TV, the internet or in the print media; to do so otherwise is to believe all the lies that we are fed to keep the wealth of only a select few increasing.

    I believe in equality and fairness for all.

    So, if you want to read my quotes & sayings, do so, and if you don’t, I won’t be offended.

    All the best for the future and I leave you with this:

    “Walk through life as if you had brought light into the world & love into everyone’s heart.”

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