Jaggs, Peter

Peter Jaggs is from Essex in England and has spent the best part of the past twenty five years in Thailand since he was in his early twenties and has visited every province in the country. Peter has always believed that real work is a necessary evil and should only be undertaken when funds are required for the extended bouts of bar-hopping, fishing and hanging out on beaches he much prefers.However, he does enjoy writing about his beloved second home and has had articles, stories and poems published in several newspapers and magazines. Although Peter loves women - especially of the Thai variety - he is not married because he feels that a wife would be as much of a hindrance to his freedom and irresponsible lifestyle as a regular job. Besides this, no female on God’s earth could put up with him for any length of time apart from his mother.Peter is currently based between Devon, England and Pattaya City and spends an equal amount of time in each of his two homes with frequent excursions to other favourite venues in Asia. Peter also wrote the first ever book in the English language published on freshwater fishing in Thailand.

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  • From Beggar to Butterfly

    $5.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Experience a world of beggars, boxers, lady-boys and bar-girls and the men who come to meet them. Take a glimpse into the colourful lives and gain an insight into the secrets of some of the remarkable people who live on the streets of the extraordinary city of Pattaya.
    Extended ebook version with 10 new stories
    “An ironic historical perspective, doses of broad humor and a wide range of Thai characters’.
    James Eckhardt, Phuket Gazette

    “The characters were so representative of the people I had met in Pattaya that I felt I knew many of them already”.
    Temujin, Prostitution Research Centre

    “I think Peter Jaggs’ books are in danger of being recognized as modern classics of Pattaya. I have never read anything so good set amongst the sois and bars of Pattaya”.
    Richard Ravensdale, Pattaya Trader

    “There are more than a few books by farangs about Pattaya, ‘From Beggar to Butterfly’ one of the best. While perusing it James Michener’s tales of the South Pacific came to mind”.
    Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

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  • Fehltritte im Isaan

    $6.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    In den letzten Jahren erfreut sich Thailand eines bemerkenswerten Anstiegs in der Anzahl an Touristen, die dieses faszinierende und schöne Land besuchen.
    Thailand ist sozusagen entdeckt worden und Horden von Reisenden scharen sich mittlerweile hier, um die einzigartige Kultur, das freundliche Wesen seiner Bewohner und die herrlichen Strände selbst zu erfahren.
    Trotz dieses rapiden Anstiegs des Tourismus gibt es im Nordosten des Landes immer noch Dörfer, in denen sich während Hunderten von Jahren nur wenig geändert hat.
    Begleite den Autor zu seinem unbeabsichtigten sechsmonatigen Aufenthalt in Nordost-Thailand. Mach die Bekanntschaft von Fischern, Geist-Heilern und Thai-Boxern und nimm Teil an den Missgeschicken, die ihm unterlaufen, während er sich in der warmherzigen Gemeinde eines ländlichen Isaandorfes einlebt.
    Bisweilen heiter, oft rührend, gelegentlich tragisch – aber nie langweilig – entführt dieses Buch den Leser in das Herz des Nordostens und verschafft ihm so Einblick in eine traditionelle Lebensweise und eine Kultur, die heute in rascher Auflösung begriffen ist.

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  • Visa Run: Pattaya to Sihanoukville

    $6.99$14.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Joe Bucket is a hard-bitten English ex-pat who first came to Pattaya when it was little more than a fishing village. He is an ordinary guy who likes beer, football and fishing — and loves Thai women even more.
    But with the great changes the city has undergone, perhaps it was inevitable that, after twenty-five years, even the fantastic had become familiar.
    That was until Joe met old Ron, a retired merchant seaman in a wheelchair who was not long for this world. The shrewd old seafarer persuaded Joe to carry out a last task for him, and the next thing the Pattaya old-hand knew, he was bound for Sihanoukville in Cambodia to search for a Khmer bar-girl the fading seafarer desperately needed to find.
    Accompany Joe Bucket from Pattaya to Cambodia and on his adventures among the streets, bars, brothels and beaches of Sihanoukville and let him introduce you to the gangsters, hookers and other misfits he meets along the way.
    Visa Run is written with humour and feeling and insight into the steamy worlds of Pattaya and Sihanoukville. The book is also filled with information of the sort that you certainly will not find in conventional travel guides.

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