Khemlani, Bhavna

Bhavna Khemlani is a University Lecturer, Corporate Trainer, Academic & Creative Writing Coach, Reiki Master Teacher-Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Poet, Author - Editor of Anthology 'Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines' 33 non-fiction stories from writers across the globe. Her works has been published in various literary journals and anthology. Her Non- Fiction short story, 'Love Shack' was translated to Khmer Language and the Anthology 'Vitheavy 2016' was launched in the 5th Cambodian book Fair 2016. Fiction Novels: The Wagging Tale of Bliss-Reconnecting, The Classroom - Ashley & her Mystical Tale, The Wisher's Well & Maples - Rejuvenating Cocktail. She is the Consultant in the Advisory Board of WhatAbook Publishing House Kolkata, India. Website: www.bhavzparadise.comShe is a Co-leader of the Bangkok Women’s Writing Group, member of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association, and in the Advisory Board of Whatabook (Media/News/Publishing, India). She finds it a magnificent feeling to write and share the inspiration of the mind to everyone. 'Our heart and mind is beautiful and has the ability to pen down thoughts into various stories, she believes. Visit her on:

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  • Gratitude, Good News & Guidelines

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    Creative Non-Fiction Anthology

    Creativity is a gift and must never be taken for granted. So many amazing things are part of your life – so why not be grateful for it! Every little thing that happens is good news. Inner faith and acknowledging the challenge that you shall come through it – is good news. Being alive is good news. Awareness and people in your life who have been there, taught you life lessons, and the new opportunities and how far you have come is worthy of every good news. Hence, why not be grateful and embrace the good news that come your way.

    Adopting change and various approaches that bring the best out of you, heal you, liberate you, make you joyful, bring you abundance, and so much more is worthy of an uplifting guideline.

    Why wait for another best seller when you are reading one! Enjoy the Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines expression of a non-fiction journey shared by writers across the world.

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  • The Wisher’s Well

    $3.99$9.99 Khemlani, Bhavna
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    This is a story of four compassionate and aspirant teenagers,’ Yuna Lee, Joben Saito, Alec Burley and Amporn Srisai who decide to travel for two weeks to four countries in Southeast Asia. They don’t know which country they will travel to.  Each of them makes a wish.
    It’s a gamble and they pick up a chit randomly, just like opening a fortune cookie.  It’s fascinating to know which country brings a new story and what each teenager discovers from traveling to that country.
    Yuna is tired with her weekend cooking responsibility. Joben has travelled from Japan to make sure he attains a high school diploma. Alec is drenched and disgusted with exams. Amporn feels absorbed with singing. Each of them feels the gravity of reality during their twelfth grade requirements. Is taking a break before University a good Idea? Was their location right? Could they adjust? What do they learn? Each country picked randomly is just like craving for a boon from a wish well, which may or may not be fulfilled.
    Dive into a thought and make a wish. Which destination you choose is a secret that promises you a miraculous experience.

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