Ng’oma, Vera Ama

Vera Ama Ng'oma is a Leadership, Career and personal development expert with many years experience in front row roles in international development, education, news media and airline industries.Whether working with millennials or coaching executives, Vera brings solid practical leadership insights, integrity and a down to earth approach that helps brings clarity on what will bring life changing impact for her clients. When you work with Vera or read one of her books or articles, you get a strong sense of your own untapped capability and that via a combination of grounded self leadership, robust execution and an excellence philosophy you can drive your own success. Through the Excellica Leadership group, she helps individuals and workplaces to achieve superior performance through developing excellence in leadership, personal development and an enriched corporate life.

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  • Self Chat For Leaders

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    As a leader, what do you do to keep being inspiring, effective and impactful?

    In this book, Leadership and Personal development expert, Vera Ama Ng’oma focuses on one critical tool, that of self-reflection as an answer to this question. Leading well requires forming the habit of chatting with yourself and going on the journey of self-discovery about how you lead.

    ‘Self Chat for Leaders’ presents you questions such as:

    • How do you develop trust with the people you lead?
    • How do you lead when you are going through a low point?
    • What do you do when you need or want to think differently?
    • What challenges bring out your leadership strengths?

    All you need to do is to answer honestly, listen to your responses and let them guide you. There’s no telling how amazing a leader the awareness, clarity and enlightenment you gain will help you become.

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  • Manager confidential

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    Good managers are said to be few and far between. But you can buck this trend. You can become an uber-effective manager. The manager’s job has typically been described as one of planning, coordinating and maintaining the status quo. However, in today’s fast paced and complicated workplace this traditional managerial role no longer works. Everyday, managers have to make tough decisions, manage impossible targets and deal with challenging people issues many of which often leave them stumped and floundering.

    In Manager Confidential, author, Vera Ama Ng’oma shows you how to handle those vexing situations and gives principles and suggestions for becoming the manager people want to work for. Learn how to:

    • Refine your management style and trigger great performance
    • Be continually engaged and stay on top of the important issues • Keep your environment productive, motivating and rewarding
    • Correct poor performance without delay, diffidence or drama
    • Work with people’s strengths and help them grow exponentially • Manage results and relationships well during times of change
    • Set, communicate and manage clear priorities even in uncertainty

    This is an essential guide that will teach you to become a manager who effectively deals with whatever comes at them, works well with people and makes a real difference. When you face those situations when you don’t know what to do, this book comes to the rescue.

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  • UPs for Thriving

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    Are you UP for rising above the noise around you, pushing your boundaries and becoming stellar? Then putting yourself diligently and deliberately on a path that leads UP is the way.
    In “UPs for Thriving”, Leadership and Personal development expert Vera Ama Ng’oma shares strategies for developing your ability to advance and soar. The nuggets are plentiful!

    Learn How To:

    • DisrUPt your professional life constructively
    • Rack UP small wins regularly and consistently
    • Cear UP for the right kind of help and resources
    • Prime UP your mindset for sustained progression
    • Rise UP quickly and confidently when you stumble
    • Stir youself UP to fight complacency and rustiness
    • Line UP and activate positive self-fulfilling prophecies

    If you’re not moving upwards or forwards, you’re going backwards because there is no neutral. “UPs for Thriving” will help you cultivate the enduring brilliance you wish to experience.

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  • Effective! Daily

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    Everyone has it in them to be highly effective, but doing so can be challenging with all the noise around us and in our own heads. Effective! Daily will teach you how to override distractions and come into your own.

    Results that speak for themselves
    Growth that betters your outputs
    Impact that builds your credibility

    There’s never one giant leap that takes you to the height of personal effectiveness. It takes regular, consistent, iterative steps day by day to get you in the flow of becoming your best each passing day.

    Filled with strategies, principles and tips, Effective! Daily is your toolkit for getting the basics right and playing to your strengths with topics such as:

    Understand how you function. Think about what you think
    Tackle your energy stealers. Unlearn what hinders you
    Clean up your messes quickly. Be productively busy

    If there’s one thing this book will help you realize, it’s that when you step up to the plate each day to the highest standard, you will definitely flourish.

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  • Gears for Careers

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    How to step up your career and professional life

    How to step up your career and professional life
    The workplace is getting increasingly complicated, dynamic and competitive. Depending on technical skills and qualifications alone to succeed is no longer sufficient and can indeed lead to personal and professional stagnation.
    So what does it take to step up, stand out and keep an edge?
    In ‘Gears for Careers’, leadership, career and personal development expert, Vera Ng’oma addresses these quaetions and more with tips and advice how to:

    • Own your career and manage it effectively forwards
    • Evolve into a truly SMART and AMAZING professional
    • Manage a difficult boss with wisdom and graciousness
    • Become a colleague others would want on their team
    • Become more valuable, marketable and promotable
    • Develop stature, profile and respect in your workplace
    • Earn the confidence and trust of your superiors and peers
    • Increase your resilience, leadership and accountability

    Vera Ng’oma shines the focus on the critical actions, key strategies and signature skills that will help you expand your horizons, stretch your potential, push the envelope and thrive in whatever work environment you find yourself.

    Stop settling and start empowering yourself to achieve a more fulfilling professional life.

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  • BIG Leadership

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    How to lead in a Bold, Inspiring and Gracious way

    How to lead in a Bold, Inspiring and Gracious way

    Daily leadership is challenging but extremely rewarding especially as it comes with it the privilege to develop the qualities of character that allow you to achieve great things with others. However, the pressing concern of leadership is focusing on what matters most. In ‘’BIG leadership’’, Leadership and personal development expert, Vera Ama Ng’oma offers robust guidance on how to keep your leadership dynamic, influential and valued. Topics include;

    Build faith in your leadership
    Make critical thinking a daily habit
    Be good to yourself: Set yourself some rules
    Get out in front but learn when to follow too
    Capitalize on leadership enhancing moments
    Act promptly when your leadership is not working
    Harness the right type of personal power and influence
    Cultivate a climate for success & Allow people to be people

    “BIG leadership” shows you how to take charge of your mind, behaviours and actions in a way that enhances your effectiveness with people, grows your credibility and helps others cultivate their own leadership to achieve personal transformation and positive impact with others.

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  • Self Chat

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    Talk yourself into doing what makes you awesome
    Every now and then it makes sense to have honest chats with yourself, gain some clarity and take action to refresh your life and ambitions. Self Chat is a treasure chest of positively life changing questions to help you make the tweaks, shifts and commitments that will enable you get rid of any cobwebs that may be taking the shine off your life.
    With over 200 questions, author Vera Ama Ng’oma helps you reflect on a range of things including how you make decisions, how you handle vulnerability, what fulfils you, what grows you and how to become unstoppable; all in a bid to get you to become clear on what to do to live your most awesome life.

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  • Wins for work

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    How to survive, thrive and advance at work
    Succeeding at work these days is no walk in the park. It takes targeted effort, wisdom, intuition and some common sense. With constant change, unending competitiveness and bruising office politics, it is reckless to simply put your head down, plough away and hope to be successful.
    In ‘’Wins for Work’ Leadership, Career and Personal development expert, Vera Ama Ng’oma gives you authoritative advice and real world valuable perspectives on what you need to consistently do to win at work including top grade principles on how to;.

    • Leverage your skills and perform at the top of your game
    • Earn respect, recognition for your high levels of productivity
    • Act maturely in high pressure situations and get noticed
    • Earn autonomy, freedom and confidence to do your best work
    • Be intentional about adapting to change rapidly and skilfully
    • Communicate in a more purposeful way about what you offer
    • Build credibility and confidence quickly even before need arises

    The definitive guide to helping you get under the skin of your workplace, ‘’Wins for Work’’ gives you straightforward, concise, and essential advice to take workplace challenges in your stride, make your successes greater and your personal advancement phenomenal.

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  • Peak Persona

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