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    My Life in the Yellow Robe

    $4.99$13.99 Chadchaidee, Thanapol
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    “This was my first book in English, written while I was a novice at a temple in Bangkok in 1981. The monastic experiences taught me to have patience while struggling to survive at a time of crisis in life.”

    Though this book was written over three decades ago, the content remains interesting for those wishing to know about the Buddhist way of life, especially of monks and novices at that time.

    Even now some events remain relevant, so they will remain till the world ends. That is to say, the happiness and suffering of all beings on earth will exist in people’s minds forever. We will be free of this bondage only when we attain enlightenment (nibbana).

    I am not an expert on Buddhism, but I’d like to share my old stories with my English-speaking friends who may like to know about the country that was formerly known as Siam.

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  • Getting Away With It

    $4.99 Harris, Stephen
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    Step into the world of the Costa del Crime in the ’90s and meet the characters who were involved in the drug trade. Delve into the story to discover the truth behind the corruption with the local mayor and the guard civil. You have seen the film ‘The Business’. Well, I lived it true to life. I guess you can say I was Danny Dyer in flesh. From paying the police to sit in the BP garage and drink coffee as I bring a tonne of hash in one run on the beach next to the main road at 5am to the endless drugs, parties and sex. I was young, dumb and full of cum, but would not change it for world; I had the time of my life.

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  • Adventures of the Great White Bonker

    $4.99$14.99 Wallace, Dave
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    Dave Wallace is a freelance writer/photographer/film maker based in Brisbane.

    It would be easy to dismiss Dave as a bit of an insignificant lightweight and all round sleaze bag, as most of his early efforts consisted of hanging around porn movie locations immortalising great moments in movie history for various publications of dubious reputation.

    However, it took a trip to Laos in 1989, to photograph the work of a humanitarian organisation, that caused him to finally realise his true calling.
On his way back to Australia, via Thailand, he made a quick visit to Pat Pong where the inevitable happened and Thailand became his second home for several years, resulting in many life changing experiences and journeys of discovery.

    Along the way he encountered some rather bizarre characters including a nurse who thought she was a vampire, and a monk who claimed to be able to turn himself into a giant snake.
 But the person who made the greatest impression on him was a girl called Busarakham Jeeramantiph aka Kim. Busarakham means Yellow Sapphire in English and is considered to be a very lucky name.
 Her luck, however, had run out and she was trapped in a vicious spiral of ill fortune — a dead end job, and very few prospects of self improvement, despite being one of a rare breed. In addition to speaking English as fluently as a native speaker, Dave discovered she could also read and write with the same degree of skill.

    They formed a bond that lasted over thirty years during which time he managed to help her reach her full potential. They collaborated on this book, about which one reviewer observed: While the story and some of the dialogue is rather explicit at times, it’s actually a moving account of how, with Dave’s help, Kim manages to free herself from the shackles of the sex trade and get a proper job with an organisation that hired her on her merits and ability, and didn’t care about her educational qualifications— or lack of them. She went on from there to embark on a string of business activities aimed at improving the lives of her fellow bar girls. She was a graduate from the University of Real Life.

    Despite its somewhat lurid title, it’s a classic reminder of the old adage that one should never judge a book by its cover.

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  • A Charmed Life in Ceylon

    $11.99 Buxton, Tony
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    The author’s fascinating adventures in the early 50’s portray an adventurous lifestyle that most of us dream about, but would be impossible today. Born in Colombo (Sri Lanka) in 1931. He spent his early childhood in England and returned to Ceylon after the war to work the family business founded by his grandfather. Not the typical colonial type, who was expected to segregate himself from the “natives” and join their exclusive clubs. Tony went against the rules and preferred the company of the Ceylonese. This resulted in him making many friends, including well-known politicians.
    He developed a passion for underwater exploring at a time when the sport was in its infancy and before the event of SCUBA. He gave up his job and a promising career and survived by spear fishing, catching lobsters, aquarium fish and hunting game in the jungles. He set himself up as an underwater guide attracting the wealthy and famous to this new sport. Charging nothing for his services, they repaid him by inviting him to their homes in Europe where he experienced a lavish lifestyle that he hardly knew existed.
    During these trips, he married three of his four wives; two Scandinavian supermodels and an Italian actress, no doubt intrigued by his glamorous exploits. But none of them could fit into his adventurous lifestyle in Ceylon for long.
    The powerful Minister of Tourism, a keen diver, himself commissioned him to promote underwater tourism. They became close friends, and he was involved in political intrigues. Even with almost no money, he lived very happily bartering fish, lobsters and game for food and drink. Fluctuating between simple and lavish lifestyles. He was the first person to dive in the nearby Maldive Islands and southern India, where he created a sensation.
    This is an intriguing read about the not-so-distant past in a unique South-east Asian country – Ceylon- before it slid into political turmoil, isolationism, civil war…and is just now emerging as a stable member of the modernising Asian community of nations.

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  • Outsourced World

    $4.99 Wilson, G. R. / WriterFX
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    Seducing Goddess Durga During The Clinton Era

    Our perception of recent history has been warped by three big events: the over-hyped millennial change (20th to 21st century) that got intertwined with the Dotcom Bubble; the traumatic “9-11” outrage with its catastrophically aggressive responses; and the creepy arrival of our “always on” connectivity to the “hive mind” … in the form of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Added to which (gasp!) there’s the 2008-09 collapse of our financial system!

    With those 18 roller-coaster years tormenting our minds we’ve allowed (through neglect) the 1990s to slip into obscurity. Might “Monica Lewinsky” be the first thing you recall about the 1990s? Turns out those Clinton years are pockmarked by far more political and economic corruption than the sex, race, and LSD obsessed 1960s!

    From 1991 forwards a slew of reckless geopolitical manoeuvres were initiated, which taken together completely upended a western world that had just enjoyed 45 stable years. The catalyst, but not the cause, was the official (December 26, 1991) dissolution of the Soviet Union. An event long anticipated by a psychotic Elite who had grabbed ownership of the West while JFK’s corpse was still warm.

    The military “New World Order” was begun by Operation Desert Storm. But the economic “New World Order” did not emerge until after 1st January 1995: the day the World Trade Organization was declared ‘international law’. For your benefit, those two major developments have been intelligently integrated into this book’s main narrative: the Author’s sudden confrontation with a radically transformed employment landscape.

    One of the great appeals of this 210 page book — perfect for a weekend read, or long-haul flight — is the accessible way in which real geopolitics have been interwoven with the Author’s own 1996 predicaments, as viewed from Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur.

    The reader also gains unique anthropological insights as the Author recounts (in explicit detail) his lustful encounter with two Muslim females. Believe it or not, the 1990s offered a uniquely relaxed sexual atmosphere in several of the more progressive Islamic nations. Increasing numbers of Muslim women were quietly seeking out sexual thrills (e.g., oral sex without vaginal penetration), Western boyfriends, and even Western husbands. Yet by year 2000 this trend was being vehemently opposed by Saudi-sponsored Islamic radicalism.

    Read this book to celebrate not only what was, but also what might have been. Precious few new titles manage to both educate and entertain like this one does. Whether male or female, you will be thrilled by Outsourced World [Book-1]

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  • Turner’s Notebook “The Middle Ages”

    $9.99$15.99 Turner's Notebook
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    In a remarkable comeback story Don (the author) shares in detail his improbable journey back. This is the very special and fascinating final book of Turner’s Notebooks (4 book series) all published in 2016. Don also shares 2 historical and epic divine spiritual revelations of Christ, possibly never before seen or ever told. Welcome back Don!

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  • Turner’s Notebook “In the Beginning”

    $9.99$15.99 Turner's Notebook
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    ‘In the beginning’ a playground or childhood arena is a place prepared in ‘the early years’ for ‘the school of life’ and Gods love in action. I am honored to be alive today with this opportunity to share with you some of my earliest (not so glorious) memories that took place ‘in the early years’. Suffering was actually an opportunity: I didn’t see it then, but I felt it though! And today, I get to tell my readers of … ‘the ring’ of sufferings that I once experienced in ‘the early years’ of my life: and once was more than enough!

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  • Turner’s Notebook “Messengers”

    $14.95$24.95 Turner's Notebook
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    ‘Messengers’ is a destined ‘calling’ for those who were meant to read it as it paints an intimate portrait (in detail) whereas anyone may feel upon reading it, that they could have easily been there: ‘The Spiritual Underworld’!
    Like never before told!!!
    This is a very special rare unique opportunity that comes ‘once in a lifetime’ as we will be led on a ‘guided tour’ while following an intimate detailed remarkable personal true story of one man’s ‘Spiritual journey through darkness into enlightenment’.
    It has been a great honor to participate in this ‘divine calling’: this ‘marvelous work’ and on behalf of Don and our creative team, we are all so pleased and proud to present to you this remarkable true life auto biography.

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  • Turner’s Notebook “Love Stories”

    $9.99$15.99 Turner's Notebook
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    “If there is such a thing (an emotion) as loving a woman too much, I had just experienced it, in the most divine way.”

    “Lovers do meet out in the world, but first and foremost, lovers are already predetermined within us from the beginning, until the time is right to re-unite.”

    “If there is something more than love I had become it while merging together with it … Unlimited Love!!! Infinite Love”!!!

    “In our pursuit of happiness here on Earth, God gave us a love that pursues us, a pure and unconditional love that is not only human; it comes also from a surprising source.”

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  • Orphans of the Secret War

    $9.99 King, Bruce
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    American soldiers left after Vietnam, breaking hearts of many Thai women, abandoning mix-breed children to grow up within a culture that wouldn’t accept them.

    The title of the conflict “The Vietnam War”, doesn’t totally encompass the impact it had on the region it consumed–Southeast Asia.

    In the 1960s and throughout the 70s, the much more powerful North Vietnamese Army took full advantage of Laos’ weaker position by fueling the internal conflict within the landlocked country and gaining room for their troops to maneuver within Laos. During this time, and fearing that the communist propaganda would cross its border with Laos and spread unrest within, The Kingdom of Thailand agreed that the US military could use Thai air bases around the country to fight in defense of freedom and democracy. The Americans swarmed into the Thai Kingdom like migrating African bees, ultimately giving Thailand something magical to smile about, at least superficially.

    The social stratosphere of Thailand quickly adapted like only Thai culture can. Cities were erected around Thai Air Force Bases throughout the nation, solidifying the shaky foundation of shadow businesses that abound in Thailand and generate a large portion of the Thai GDP.

    One nation’s lust gave rise to the “shadow economy” as it temporarily pacified another nation’s greed. To supply the popular demand, entertainment venues opened and were thronged with lonely Tahaan Falaang, and “bar-girls” willingly came in waves to provide their services.

    Is it that people who are willing to sell their bodies have no dignity, no limits? Or is it the other way around–that the person willing to buy someone’s body–has no dignity, and no limits?

    Before you come to any conclusions, allow me to tell you a short story…

    I am a result of the Vietnam War, actually—the “Secret War” in Laos–a bastard son of an American soldier stationed in Udon Thani during the decades-long Indochina conflict. When American soldiers moved into Udon Air Force Base, the promise of great opportunities and riches excited many impoverished villagers around the rural Isaan farmlands; long overlooked by the Thai government. My mother, a young woman at the time, embraced this chance to make money, and even dreamed of being married off to a rich Tahaan Falaang who would take her away from the misery of subsistence living—a poor rural Isaan woman’s fantasy that evaporated the moment the Americans packed up and went home.

    Many of the women pursuing a dream became pregnant. Out of guilt, some would abort, knowing that bearing a mixed-breed child would only bring disgrace and shame to her family. Yet, many children were given the chance of life, only to find their culture was not ready to accept them for who they were—children of God. In fact, a Thai term had to be invented just to describe such children—“loog-kruenk” or “half-breed”. Something like “half-blood” or “half-ghost-half-human”.

    Upon returning home, pregnant and abandoned, my mother hid her secret as long as she could, only to have it revealed through the noticeably different looking son born to her. He would never be confused with a typical  Isaan farmer. Undereducated Isaan villagers did everything possible to lift my mother onto the stage of disgrace. With mounting pressure to survive in these rural lands, my mother did what many women in the same situation did—dropped me off at an orphanage where I witnessed the darker side of “Thai-ness”—and where I quickly learned how to conform to the system.

    It was a journey that shredded my spirit and buried me deep in despair. I had no choice but to reach out into the unknown, begging a comet to save me and praying to any invisible powers willing to listen to an orphan’s plea.

    Fate took me there. But a miracle brought me out…

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  • 1970’s Billericay Boy

    $4.99$13.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    1970’s Billericay Boy is the story of a boy growing to early manhood in the Seventies and transports the reader slap-bang into the middle of a world of ‘bunking’ off school, getting the ‘whack’, smoking Players’ cigarettes at the top of the school field and ‘getting off’ with ‘birds’ at the back of the Archer Hall disco.

    The book is as hilarious, moody and sad as the lives of many teenagers of the time were and those who grew up in the era of Raleigh Choppers, Yamaha Fizzies, flared trousers, DM boots and Saturday afternoon football hooliganism will identify with it well. Dripping with nostalgia and peppered with a host of unforgettable characters, the author remembers his first clumsy encounters with girls, the first vehicles he ever owned and the first time he ever got drunk, as well as reliving the pressures and uncertainties of growing up and starting work during one of Britain’s worst economic recessions – all set against a soundtrack of David Bowie, Abba and Johhny Rotten’s Sex Pistols.

    Peter Jaggs has written many books about Thailand, most of which have reached bestselling status in their own categories. 1970’s Billericay Boy is different in that it revisits the decade he is convinced led him to run like hell to Asia in the first place. Shocking, sobering and side-splittingly funny, his latest book must surely be seen as an important piece of social history in its own right.

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  • Sierra Leone: Deliver A Blow

    $2.99 Pacino, Andy
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    The Story of Operation Barras

    During the bloody civil war of Sierra Leone, the United Nations sent a peacekeeping force to try and stem the flow of blood from the vicious fighting between rebel factions and the civilian population.

    Everyone old enough to carry a gun was a target, an enemy or a potential soldier for the rebels.

    A particularly blood-thirst outfit, calling themselves the West Side Boys and modelling themselves on American rappers, operated out of the Occra Hills and had control of the surrounding area.

    In September of 2000, the West Side Boys captured a British Army patrol and held them captive in one of their camps. Fearing for their lives, and possibly insulted by their actions, Prime Minister, Tony Blair, sent in the “Magic Dust” to make the problem go away. The SAS were tasked with rescuing the British hostages and then delivering a blow to the West Side Boys.

    As far as Dean Reagan was concerned, this meant only one thing: kill every one of the rebel soldiers.

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  • My Thai Story II

    $4.99$14.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    I had a dream like so many people do to start a new life in a new country.
    I decided to do more than just dream about it. I decided to give up my life in England and try and live a new life in Thailand.

    I wrote about my adventure in the book ‘My Thai Story’ but the story was only half told. This is the long awaited sequel to that book. My Thai Story II completes my story. It tells how my dreams found a conclusion. It takes you step by step on the adventure that I had set out on.

    Could a farang like me make it in ‘The Land of Smiles’? This book will tell you what happened and how it happened. This is the conclusion to my very own Thai story.

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  • The Never Lonely Planet

    $4.99$14.99 Oliver, Martin R
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    Martin Oliver grew up and served an apprenticeship in Coventry, renowned at that time for its car production companies, with the expectation of drifting onto the production line. His fear of spending his working life clocking in and out of a factory, however, led him to join the Merchant Navy and eventually emigrate to Brazil. And so begins an amazing exploration of his experiences, travelling across continents and cultures, breathing in the rich history and absorbing the ever-changing landscape, not without a few bar stops and beer on the way.

    From Brazil and Dubai to Cambodia and Thailand, Oliver delights in the golf, women and nightlife, shares his recollections of his time at sea and the oil exploration industry, explores untouched villages and is haunted by the remnants of atrocities committed the world over. And then there are the people; who would have thought you could find a Liverpool FC supporting tribesman in Eritrea?

    Whilst The Never Lonely Planet is both a travel book and an autobiography, its purpose is also to serve as an inspiration to the reader and to show them that the opportunity to travel is open to almost anyone if they would only take the initiative. The traveller should never be blinded by politics, religion or their ignorance of other cultures.
    On the contrary, a little time spent travelling will result in a new respect and understanding of the people with whom we share our planet.

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  • Asian Odyssey

    $2.99$15.99 Baldwin, R F
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    A glimpse into the cultural wonderland of Asia

    The stories in this book describe life in other worlds across the Asian continent where customs and cultures are far removed from our own. All describe places I visited and sights I witnessed such as the simple yet wonderful Lao courtship ritual, the cremations on the banks of the Ganges, and the Golden Triangle’s unique Opium Museum.

    Some tell of the journeys themselves like my first taste of India; others relate to difficulties in communication as I experienced in Kathmandu, or of differences in cuisine such as in Vietnam. In others the theme is history; for example, Korea’s heartrending past.

    The tales journey from a holy lake in the Indian desert to the Killing Fields of Cambodia; from the land mines and bomb craters of the Lao countryside to the Korean DMZ; and from the magnificence of the Great Wall of China to the bustling twenty first century cities of Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong, all of which clearly demonstrate the wonder of our planet.

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  • Cabbages and Kings

    $2.99$13.99 Baldwin, R F
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    The time has come…

    A prerequisite to the development of any and every child is a secure, loving relationship with both their mother and father, but not every child is so blessed. Cabbages and Kings documents my experiences after the untimely death of my father, which profoundly affected the course of my life, and follows the consequences of a fatherless household during my formative years.
    Set against a background of Melbourne in the Fifties and into the Sixties, this was a period overshadowed by the Cold War, the Roman Catholic Church, and the White Australia policy amongst epidemics of lung cancer and polio myelitis. The emergence of the new sensation of the teenager shook the nation’s social structure to its foundations, while the coming of television connected Australia to the rest of the planet.
    Following the emotional blackmail and psychological abuse of my childhood, I emerged as a teenage boy burdened with insecurities and anxieties aggravating the transition from childhood to adolescence and beyond. Typical effects of a father’s absence occurred when I dropped out of school and my life deteriorated to one clouded by a lack of self-esteem and alcohol abuse.
    The intervening years have seen incredible change for which the strict control of world economies during the two world wars of the first half of the century must be acknowledged. Massive advances in technology, medicine, and communications have been realized along with the wonder of the satellites that orbit the earth. We’ve also witnessed the proliferation of education, and the evolution of home entertainment culminating in the marvel of today’s modern world.
    Now advancing age stimulates reflection on my life, misgivings, and speculation about the rewards and detriments of a future where children, such as those of my granddaughter’s “Generation Z”, will take cyberspace for granted in a world beset by perpetually-developing technology throughout a society predicted to be fraught with a disproportionate number of one parent families.

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  • Mirrored Images

    $4.99 Catalano, Rosanne
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    Author and Publisher Rosanne Catalano begins her book with a poem she wrote about, and dedication to, her late father and still-living mother, and goes into a short story she wrote about an experience with bullying in the eighth grade of school to a story about being saved by a guardian angel when the story’s character is in her mid 30’s.

    An interesting read of an author’s collection of poetry, short stories and story articles, in which you the reader must guess which of her stories are fiction or fact.

    Rosanne’s next book, a crime fiction novel titled “Escape & Redemption,” will start off where this book leaves off with her short story titled “From Bags to Riches.”

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  • Time Grooves and Travel Records

    $4.99$20.99 Breeden, Adrian
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    These are some of the stories of my life – just your average Englishman (pommie) – beginning from birth, childhood, schooldays, adolescence and then service life with its world travels, through to leaving the Royal Air Force and England to re-unite with my family in Australia after almost five years. It continues on with my life and travels again during and after my (officially) 21 years of marriage to an Australian lady and my 34 years of residency, citizenship and family life there… This book is a presentation of my true-life experiences and was mainly written in stages and in many countries over the years (1967 – 2014). It is compiled in short-story, poetry and travelling diary formats, with images supplied, and includes light-hearted and humorous events in my life as well as the serious side. Riding life’s roller-coaster comes much easier with a good sense of humour.

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  • Home Thoughts from a Man

    $14.95 Ogilvie, Daniel
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    Join our titular hero and his stalwart wife when, after 40 years of living in the UK, he uproots and travels through Singapore, Canada and finally Thailand, taking on all the world can throw at him.

    And losing.

    It is surely only a matter of time before Dan Ogilvie has fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams as he mixes the comedic surprise of a Tom Sharpe, the descriptive prose of a Hilary Mantel, and the characterisation of a Charles Dickens into an autobiography that is a bravura delight. (O.K., now may I have my children back. You can keep the young one. No really, I don’t want him back.)
    Stanley Misanthrope, Literary critic and agony uncle for the Portsmouth Poseur Weekly.

    I would rather have testicular cancer than be forced to read another word of this prosodic diarrhoea.
    Ashley Loveit,  Flaneur and cookery correspondent for the Portsmouth Poseur Weekly.

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  • Pilgrim of the Clear Light

    $4.99$14.99 Winkler, Ken
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    Dr. Walter Evans-Wentz spent his life in the study of religion. His passion led him to Stanford, where he earned both a B.A. and an M.A. in the field.
    Well-known for his work in Tibetan Buddhism and Celtic folklore, he also explored the link between Native American spirituality and Tibetan mysticism.
    His studies were more than scholarly pursuits; he was deeply entrenched in the life and ways of Tibetan Buddhism.
    Evans-Wentz devoted his life to the study of Tibetan Buddhism and was the first scholar to bring this religion to the Western world.

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