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  • How to Install Lubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Dual Boot with Windows 10

    $2.99 Cyber Jannah Studio
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    Lubuntu is based on the LXDE environment which aims to be lightweight. It’s a great distribution as it aims to keep the impact on your system low and takes up fewer resources. Lubuntu si very good lightweight operating system for old pc and netbook. This ebook is focused on the steps to install Lubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver in dual boot with Windows 10.

    Lubuntu 18.04 is a long term support version that was released on 26 April 2018. It is the last release of Lubuntu to use the LXDE desktop as 18.10 will move to using LXQt. Like all past releases, 18.04 LTS uses the LXDE desktop, although work continues to move to the LXQt desktop, referred to as Lubuntu Next, when it is ready for deployment.

    This release includes new artwork, including a new star field wallpaper. System requirements for Lubuntu 18.04 LTS include a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, although 2 GB is recommended for better performance, plus a Pentium 4, Pentium M, or AMD K8 CPU or newer.  The RAM requirements increased from Lubuntu 17.10. Canonical will support Lubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver until April 2021.

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  • Guide How To Migrate Windows 10 Operating System From HDD To SSD

    $1.49 Vandestra, Muhammad
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    Guide how to move and migrate Windows 10 operating system from hdd to ssd without reinstall, gradually for beginner complete with picture.

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  • List Anti Rootkit & AntiVirus For Ubuntu, Linux & BSD (Edition 2018)

    $1.99 Vandestra, Muhammad
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    All computer systems can suffer from malware, ransomware, rootkit and viruses, including Linux and BSD. Thankfully, very few viruses exist for Linux, so users typically do not install antivirus software. It is still recommended that Linux users have antivirus software installed on Linux systems that are on a network or that have files being transferred to the device. Some users may argue that antivirus software uses up too much resources. Thankfully, low-footprint software exists for Linux. To better understand antivirus programs, it may be beneficial to understand malware itself.

    If you are running a SME business with a number of workstations, it might be a good idea to install an antivirus on the central computer that manages all the emails, data and traffic in your company. The best way to protect a system against viruses is to only download and install software from trusted sites and developers.

    With the discontinuation of AVG Antivirus for Linux and the lack of security suite from big players such as Symantec Norton or Intel McAfee, Linux are left with a few choices when it comes to OS security. Linux users are generally free from virus attack but bugs that enables a hacker to take over your linux system is out there, thus an antivirus with a good firewall is a must for your Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Elementary, Fedora, CentOS and more.

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  • Information Technology HandBook

    $9.99 Tran, Duong
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    Information Technology HandBook covers all-in-one Information Technology 2016, Network System Administration 2016, and Infrastructure and Data Center.

    This book is a collection of Information Technology big pictures. The purpose of the book is to help students and network system administrators to learn Information Technology. The book covers many topics such as networking, system administration, cabling, VOIP, desktop management, server management, information storage, IT security, wireless, mobile management, cloud infrastructure, software-defined-data center, software-defined-storage, software-defined-network, data center, orchestration, automation, IT service management, help desk, database administration, problem solving, disaster and recovery, risk management, asset management, time management, budget management, project management, IT services, and the future of IT.

    This book is for everyone students and managers. This book is worth more than $10,000 of training and four years degree.

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  • Game Guide

    $2.99 AppMonkey
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    Introduction and basics of the new and exciting game including:

    • Basic gameplay
    • Tips and tricks
    • In-game strategies
    • Introduction to advanced gameplay
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  • The Complete Novices Guide To Building A Website From Scratch

    $3.99 Reynolds, Mark
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    Quickly Create Your Own Website & Make Money From It. No Experience Or Programming Knowledge Required!

    The Complete Novices Guide To Building A Website From Scratch By Mark Reynolds will simply walk you step by step through the process of building your very own website. No experience or programming skills required!

    Who This Book Is For
    The Complete Novices Guide To Building A Website From Scratch is aimed and specially written for people who…

    • Are novices or have little or no experience building websites.
    • Want to set up a website easily and quickly.
    • Are interested in creating a website in order to turn it into a money making venture.
    • Who have no coding experience.

    How This Book Will Help You
    Most books on the market often claim to be aimed at the complete beginner, but they fail to deliver on their promisers! The Complete Novices Guide To Building A Website From Scratch is different! It is not only written with the complete beginner in mind – but offers straight forward non complex information that anyone can understand. The most information is presented to the reader in three easy ways.

    • Written / explanatory form throughout the book(first you read about it)
    • Pictorial form via images.(then you see the images)
    • Video form via video tutorial that you can access through the book at a dedicated website set up for customers only!(finally you see it via videos)

    Additional Bonuses!
    The Complete Novices Guide To Building A Website From Scratch goes above and beyond just building a simple website! The author walks the beginner through the most important aspects of setting up and running their own website successfully including…

    • Keyword optimizing for flooding your website with paying traffic.
    • Tips on how to create killer content for your website!
    • How to pick a dynamite domain name!
    • Monetization of your website via affiliate marketing, advertising and more!
    • Avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls early on!
    • How to engage and drive more customers to your site via back linking!
    • How to use high authority sites in order to boost your own rankings in Google!
    • Exclusive dedicated video tutorial website for E-book purchasers only!
    • An optional(paid) web site ranking service to blast your website to page 1 in Google!

    The Complete Novices Guide To Building A Website From Scratch is the only book a beginner will ever need in order to build their own website and make money from it!

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