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  • Silent Love

    $4.99 Green, Jack
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    Set in the English countryside of the Cotswolds Rupert Winstanley whose family owns Pennington Hall meets and becomes the best of friends with Richard Hillman at a prestigious Private School. Sir Rupert’s family have been benefactors of the school for over a hundred years and Rupert is automatically given a place whereas Richard Hillman who is a shopkeepers son wins a place at the school.

    From the first day at school together the two boys share a friendship throughout their school life and on until after they leave to go to their respective universities. One to Oxford the other to Cambridge. Rupert is a tall good looking blonde haired man whose life is mapped out for him in the family business, while Richard is dark haired and rather shy around women with a fortune to seek.

    During the latter part of their days at King James School Richard meets Anne Peters at the Hunt Ball to which he has been invited by Sir Jonathan Winstanley Rupert’s father. Rupert already has a girlfriend Penelope who is a friend of Anne’s. Richard falls hopelessly in love with Anne. Rupert and Richard are both selected for their respective Universities to play in the Varsity Match at Twickenham. After the game Rupert and Anne tell Richard they are now a couple. Although devastated by this news Richard accepts the situation and is best man at there wedding and later Godfather to their twin boys.

    Rupert on the death of his father become Sir Rupert and head of family firm. Richard becomes a Member of Parliament and is knighted and later given a Peerage to become Lord Richard Hillman. In all this time he has been in love with Anne and kept silent.

    Through a series of events Sir Rupert and Lord Richard who have remained friends for over thirty years find their lives reconnected but their social status reversed, Sir Rupert finds it difficult to adjust and keeps what his happening from his wife Anne. Anne thinks that Sir Rupert is having an affair and talks to Lord Richard about it who offers to help. The outcome reveals four people who have for over thirty years kept silent about their true love that in the end has tragic consequences.

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  • My Village Story Of The Legends

    $0.99 Okeke, Friendy
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    The Perfect Art of Story Telling

    At the retreat of Nkana Devils, in pretense of surrender, the entire Arochukwu army pursue hard. “What a cheap surrender, come on Aro Okigbo! Chase these cowards! Chase these rats! Chase them to their holes now!” one of their commanders cries out.

    Nkana Devils follow their war tactics to the letter. Out of the blue, the soldiers in ambush pour out into the roads and put the enemies in confusion. The Aros flee in diverse directions, looking for cover. Those who have entered the Kingdom gate to attack Nkana are the worst hit.

    The Red devils that are hiding in this territory waste no time to swoop on them. There is no hiding place. They slice the tongues of some soldiers and slash the ears of many alive. Cries of anguish and smell of hot blood fill the air! And now sun, moon and stars hurry out together in the sky to witness the mayhem. Prisoners of war are taken and Survivours crawl back to base to sooth their wounds and mend their shattered hearts.

    Shall the Kingdom ever rise again?

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  • Olongapo

    $2.99 Burnett, Lawrence
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    Vietnam’s Playground

    Olongapo was an extraordinary part of our world known to millions. This tiny section of the Far East served as playground for Vietnam. An amusement park for the American Seventh Fleet, contractors and other service members from around the world. Rides in this park featured people’s lives, creating impassioned experiences. Written with deepest respect for those with their names etched into The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Many who experienced joy for the last time while in Olongapo. The Olongapo experience was a true phenomenon, a saturation of life.

    During the peak of Vietnam, the area grew from a population of 40,000 in 1964 to a bulging 138,000 plus by 1969. The undisputed king of liberty ports in Asia, Olongapo’s nightclubs bloomed from 35 to over 300. Pay by play girls increased to over 8,000 while pay by the hour hotels zoomed to more than 200. All of this amazing expansion crammed into just over one acre of frenzy. Men who had been off the coast of Vietnam and people shore based made up the 9 to 14 thousand visitors to the city every night of the year. Most were on brief liberty passes after months at sea and others awaited transfer to Vietnam. The combination created a free spending environment that poured millions of dollars into Olongapo every month.

    My novel is not just for the millions who miss such a unique concentration of life, it is for those who never knew the Olongapo experience.

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  • Souls II

    $1.49 Frances, Oliver
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    Souls II is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships.

    It features “An Age Gap” a love that blooms surprisingly on daily basis, anyhow it has an unexpected final -and this is not by the peculiarity that defines it.

    “Father & Son”, a love based on respect and acceptance of their mutual differences and points of view.

    “Ideas”, an entire world of thoughts of an individual who blames his setbacks and tragedy on somebody else until an unthinkable helping hand is offered to him to prove that he is the one who creates his own reality.

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  • Down And Out In The Big Mango And Other Thai Stories

    $4.99$12.99 McManus, Tony
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    Thailand; a name to conjure with. A land of smiles, exotic women, superb cuisine, sun, sea, sand and, almost, free love. A promise of paradise it seems. But a paradise that has its dangers. Thailand can surprise the unwary in manifold ways,

    These stories of foreigners, experiences in Thailand, explore those surprises and dangers. A foreign love triangle leads to a deadly denouement in Bangkok. A French expat, cleaned out by a Thai beauty, panhandles Bangkok streets. A gullible tourist gets fleeced by corrupt cops in a cool massage take down. A man walks out of his house, his family and his life and turns up thirty seven years later in a Chiang Mai guesthouse; dead. A broker rips off his clients and flees with a million dollars on his head. Seven years later a bounty hunter sets out to find him with a photograph his only clue. A rich playboy, enjoying a Girl Friend Experience with a difference, gets more than he bargained for.

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  • Into The Night Life

    $4.99$15.99 Horse, Crazy
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    Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Pattaya

    Crazy Horse returns to Asia with his follow up to ‘A Year in the ‘Kok’.

    “Every dissatisfied man in a western country should read this book.”

    “Funny and empowering. Reminds me why I moved to Thailand in the first place.”

    “Don’t visit Bangkok without reading this book first.”


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  • The Bell Tolls for Thee America: A Novel

    $0.00$16.99 Sinclair, F. Scott
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    The Bell Tolls For Thee America: A Novel implies that the U.S.A. is at a turning point, and nearing its final chapter in history. And the climax, and ultimate resolution to the quandary of America’s fate is coming to a head. If Americans don’t wake up shorty, a nightmare of epic proportions will swallow us whole, for better or…for worse.

    Professor Harlan Watt has devised a way for us to reboot the American Dream. But as Professor Watt soon finds out: It’s not a piece of cake trying to alter history’s inevitable course. The one percent, can’t allow its subjects to thwart their destiny. Power and greed will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” crushing everything America has stood for the last three-hundred plus years. Will true democracy prevail, or must we become survivalists, whose dreams of a better life have vanished from view?

    Thailand is the major setting of this novel, with cameo settings in both North America and Malaysia. A novel you won’t soon forget…

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  • Tiger Blue

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    (sequel to Daughter of the Snake)

    What’s it like to own a brothel? Not just any old come-and-screw-me-for-a-dollar bonking-barracks – but a genuine top-shelf rattle-alley, right in the heart of Bangkok’s Red Light district.
    Who thought of it? Was it Brad? Was it Zakrov? Was it me? And how did it happen? Trust me, friends, it was never on my wish-list. But just as in the nursery rhyme, Tiger Blue fell off the wall and landed at my feet. And when it broke, it caused a whole stack of trouble.
    But let’s go back to the beginning… and that tear-jerking text message from Kodi…
    I so sad – I love you, Mr Billy… Shortly after midnight on that Monday morning, Kodi’s message buzzed my cell phone. I was on the ‘goodbye-Thailand’ side of Don Muang airport, waiting for the KLM to Schiphol. Kodi was history. I was going back to Victoria. (OK, she’s married, but her husband doesn’t seem to bother.) Life was heading back to normal. And then I read that irritating: I so sad – I love you, Mr Billy text message.
    Jesus! Had she changed her mind already? Two nights ago, I’d pitched my proposal. I’d agreed to most of her demands – and Selena should not have been a problem. But after that red-haired witch had filled her head with stories of sun-kissed beaches and endless jugs of mango juice, Kodi decided that Australia would be a lot more exciting than Thailand.
    And now this bloody I So Sad… It was total Bollocks with a capital B. If she’d told me sooner, I could have changed my going-home date, booked a morning with a monk and got on with the serious batting practice after lunch.
    But then I had my Glory Hallelujah moment!
    Think about it, Billy: an I so Sad… is like an I’m Available… So if she’s putting you back in the game, why not take another shot? From this, a flash of old-fashioned common sense: If you want her, book another flight… Get back and stake your claim…

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  • Take My Sweet Pea, Lick My Lily

    $1.99$14.99 Iskra, Nadezhda
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    Short Stories Of Erotica

    Short Erotica Stories. Different Women, Different Sex Lives

    Our sex lives are the true reflections of who we are. It’s when we’re stripped off of our pretenses and judgments. We are left bare—literally and figuratively. It is the only time we are able to express our affection and adoration towards another person. The more you adore the person you’re having sex with, the more pleasure you give. We’re all different, some our loud in bed, others are like birds, only cooing, a few are like wild animals, ravaging one another’s flesh into death and heaven, and most are like sheep in wolves’ clothing. Never be afraid to show who you are through sex. This book is written to serve as inspiration to finally submit yourselves to sex. After all, it’s why we’re alive.

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  • Welcome to the Dark Side

    $4.99$14.99 Gray, Marvin
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    In 2003, Marvin Gray works for a US government contractor investigating and recovering Babylonian, Sumerian and Acadian artifacts stolen from the National Museum of Iraq and other Iraqi archaeological sites. The investigations turn deadly when Gray learns that many of the same people smuggling stolen goods are also involved in sex-trafficking. Iraqi women and girls are being shipped to oil-rich Arab countries for sexual exploitation. The American and British authorities in Baghdad forbid Gray to meddle in the affairs of “friends” of Washington and London. For Gray, the choice is simple. He takes the perilous step into the dark Iraqi underworld where the huge profits generated by assassination-for-hire and sexual exploitation are fueling religious extremism, and will become the future funding base for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    Welcome to the Dark Side is the face-paced prequel to ‘Maggie May’, dealing with Marvin Gray’s battles with alcoholism, forbidden romances with Arab women, and failed attempts to protect the innocent.

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  • Dangerous Games

    $6.99$14.99 Pianaro, Maurizio
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    Deadly Forgery
    Francesco Benetti is a desperate man who won’t give in, even in the face of certain circumstances. He must find the money to save his wife and pay off his gambling debts. The only way he can do that is to try and sell a fake Titian painting for ten million dollars.
    An adventure that will take him from his antique shop in Venice to the spectacular world of Japan, attracting the attention of the powerful Japanese mafia and the local authorities.
    An engaging game where his life will ultimately be at stake.

    A 100-Carat Diamond
    The world’s great financial crisis is ruining Francesco Benetti again. His investments in the Stock Exchange are sinking and he must find a way to recover his losses.
    From Africa to India, among unscrupulous diamond dealers and jihadists of Al-Qaeda seeking revenge for the killing of Osama bin Laden, and his encounter with the Kidon-Israel’s secret service most lethal hit squad, he will bet his life for an extraordinary diamond.

    The Burmese Game
    Francesco Benetti’s poker addiction matches that of a far-away drug warlord. From Bangkok’s glittering lifestyle to Burma’s Golden Triangle, he will plunge into a perilous world of gambling dens, ethnic rebellions and drug trafficking, unknowingly becoming part of a spy plot aimed at a secret nuclear reactor.

    With the Cross and the Sword
    Francesco Benetti has no choice but to play high-stakes no-limit Texas Hold’em in the VIP rooms of a Las Vegas casino. He will enjoy the pleasures and luxuries of Sin City, then in Mexico, he will be involved in a drug war.
    The Head of a Muse drawing by Raphael as the actual winning pot, a depraved man with a mysterious past, and an intriguing woman. All in the shadow of a State-run intelligence organization whose existence few dare to mention.

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  • With the Cross and the Sword

    $2.99$8.99 Pianaro, Maurizio
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    Francesco Benetti has no choice but to play high-stakes no-limit Texas Hold’em in the VIP rooms of a Las Vegas casino. He will enjoy the pleasures and luxuries of Sin City, then in Mexico he will be involved in a drug war.

    The Head of a Muse drawing by Raphael as the actual winning pot, a depraved man with a mysterious past, and an intriguing woman. All in the shadow of a State-run intelligence organization whose existence few dare to mention.

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  • The Surveillant’s Old Tin Trunk

    $6.99$19.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Life, Love and Death on Devil’s Island
    Some years ago an old tin trunk and its contents were given to the author of this book by an old lady approaching her ninetieth year. She was the only daughter of a guard who had been deployed to work in French Guiana (Devil’s Island) during the early days of the twentieth century. The rusting old box was full of the diaries, sketches, papers and personal effects of a young man and his wife, who were based in one of the most notorious jungle work camps in the penal colony and whose duty it was to attempt to control some of France’s worst transported criminals. The author studied and researched the contents of the trunk and with the help of countless conversations with the fascinating old lady, the extraordinary story that came out of the Surveillant’s old tin trunk can now be retold.

    The book is a powerful, compelling and haunting depiction of family and convict life in the overseas prison colonies of France. It is a tale of love, hatred, deception and vengance that pendulums between the romantic and the horrific without missing a beat.

    Illustrated with contemporary photographs, paintings and sketches that are historically immensly significant, The Surveillant’s Old Tin Trunk provides an unparalleled insight into the troubled life of a young family man stationed in what has always been known as perhaps the most infamous and brutal penal colony ever to have existed.

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  • Souls

    $2.99 Frances, Oliver
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    Souls is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships.

    It features “Soul Mates“, a soul that incarnates the body of a gorgeous woman and whose mission is to find love, but living in and dealing with a material and ironic world make her detour the path to the goal -by which the soul comes to life.

    Nigel“, an orphan child who always dreams of having a different life from his own and who can’t notice the blessings around nor appreciate the message of the beings of light given to him in his dreams. So he grows up indifferent to life until fate unfolds tragically to him.

    And “Heartless“, a young scientist’s wish to create beautiful people, especially women to have one as his partner, but unfortunately in the whole process of creation he forgets the vital element for a soul that it is a heart.

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  • Mirrored Images

    $4.99 Catalano, Rosanne
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    Author and Publisher Rosanne Catalano begins her book with a poem she wrote about, and dedication to, her late father and still-living mother, and goes into a short story she wrote about an experience with bullying in the eighth grade of school to a story about being saved by a guardian angel when the story’s character is in her mid 30’s.

    An interesting read of an author’s collection of poetry, short stories and story articles, in which you the reader must guess which of her stories are fiction or fact.

    Rosanne’s next book, a crime fiction novel titled “Escape & Redemption,” will start off where this book leaves off with her short story titled “From Bags to Riches.”

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  • It happened in SE. Asia

    $6.99 Cook, Michael J.
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    Many aircraft journeys between Western Australia and Singapore, but that’s where the real travel starts. By train and air but mostly train throughout Malaysia and Thailand. Many warmed beds in cheap hotels and backpackers rooms in remote towns in both countries. Travels to cities and towns, many rarely visited by the normal traveller.

    The story of two lovely ladies to whom Jim Roberts becomes very attached, one in Bangkok, one in Hat Yai, a southern city in Thailand. But in the end, home to Australia always beckons.

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  • Heart II

    $2.99 Frances, Oliver
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    “Heart II” begins with “Kiss Me”, in which a young lady and a man finally find what is most essential in life, though only in the final hours of their lives.

    In “Young Boy”, a man’s freakishly youthful appearance allows him to relive his teen years and to finally mature – all thanks to a young girl’s confusion about his real age.

    In “Tiny Dancer”, the broken dreams of a girl leads to love when she comes of age in the place that she dislikes the most.

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  • Fate of the Light

    $2.99$9.99 Tomas, Chris
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    a fairy tale on leadership

    This is a fairy tale on leadership. The protagonist, Allo, is a natural king, who was born having everything one could ever ask for…until one fateful night when the Ufiad King ambushes the Light Kingdom because of an unfortunate prophecy. In a matter of hours, Allo loses everything.

    Events that follow are not as everyone expects, except for the Head Fairy, keeper of the balance, who seems to know what is in store for the Light people.

    The story is set in a strange and yet familiar world of mystical creatures and characters mixed with lifelike troubles and desires. It tells how the fate of a people is determined by a very human, almost insignificant individual, who has his own share of flaws and finds himself in the most pitiable circumstances which are not of his doing, and yet is burdened by the thirst for revenge and royal birthright, struggling within himself.

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  • The Cursed Poet

    $2.99 Frances, Oliver
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    Written in the 90’s, the story foretells a new world coming in the 21st century, describing technologic advances but, anyhow, it reveals still man’s weakness over death. Even though, The Cursed Poet predicts a world nuclear conflict, it is a story that tells about the life of a writer whom misfortune shapes his days until he reaches the zenith of his own success to start his downfall. This famous personage in disgrace vanishes suddenly, so that his death is reported. There, the legend begins and eerily his writings and controversial ideas gain reputation again.

    Apart from telling a story, The Cursed Poet exposes poignant but realistic concepts and exalts the importance of Art.

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  • Japanese Peony

    $3.99 Kimura, Rei
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    The Princess & The Spy

    “My name is Yoshiko Kawashima, some call me Aisin Gioro Xianyu in Manchuria but to many in my circle who knew what I did, I am known simply as the Japanese Peony after my favorite flower! I have lived a colorful and covert double life of intrigue and lies, I’m even supposed to have been executed in 1948! So I really can’t complain that I managed to make it to “old bones” but day by day, as my body grows weak, the burden of the secrets that will die with me grows heavier. I need to tell my story and change history forever!”

    Born into the royal family of Prince Su and a relative of Pu Yi, the last Emperor of China, Yoshiko was a princess. How, one might ask, did a Chinese Princess from the royal house of the Qing Dynasty become a spy for the Japanese Secret Service Unit? This book sets out to put all the disjointed pieces of a huge puzzle together to answer that question!

    This book also looks at the fascinating covert activities of Yoshiko as a spy, planning and engineering some of the most famous Japanese incursions into China that made her a historical figure never to be forgotten.

    But in the midst of so much hardness, angst and high living were two poignant moments in Yoshiko’s life when she loved and lost first Yamaga, a Japanese military officer and in the final years of her heydays, Jack Stone, an American journalist.

    In 1945, when Japan lost the war, Yoshiko was betrayed by her bodyguards and captured by Chiang Kai Shek’s men and sentenced to death for treason and espionage. History has it that she was executed on 25th March, 1948 but as in life, her “death” was shrouded
    in mystery and intrigue. Was she executed or did she cheat death in a daring swap with a dying girl paid to take her place?

    This is the true story of Yoshiko Kawashima and her spectacular life as a princess and a spy. We travel with her through the breath taking maze of her early years in Manchuria evolving to her turbulent life in Japan as the adopted daughter of Naniwa Kawashima and his cold, disdainful wife, Natsuko. The trail then takes us on a whirlwind arranged marriage to a Mongolian prince which lasted just one year and on to a glittering life in Shanghai where Yoshiko was recruited by the Japanese Intelligence as a spy for Japan and finally to Peking where she ended up in Prison No. 1 with an execution order on her head.

    It remains a mystery whether Yoshiko Kawashima was actually executed on 25th March, 1948, the official stand of China is that she was executed.

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