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  • What is Islam Faith?

    $0.00 Vandestra, Muhammad

    Among the blessings and favors that God has bestowed upon humanity is that He endowed them with an innate ability to recognize and acknowledge His existence.  He placed this awareness deep in their hearts as a natural disposition that has not changed since human beings were first created.  Furthermore, He reinforced this natural disposition with the signs that he placed in creation that testify to His existence.  However, since it is not possible for human beings to have a detailed knowledge of God except through revelation from Himself, God sent His Messengers to teach the people about their Creator Who they must worship.  These Messengers also brought with them the details of how to worship God, because such details cannot be known except by way of revelation.  These two fundamentals were the most important things that the Messengers of all the divine revelations brought with them from God.

    The ultimate goal of every Divine Message has always been the same: to guide the people to God, to make them aware of Him, and to have them worship Him alone.  Each Divine Message came to strengthen this meaning, and the following words were repeated on the tongues of all the Messengers: “Worship God, you have no god other than Him.” This message was conveyed to humanity by prophets and messengers which God sent to every nation.  All of these messengers came with this same message, the message of Islam.

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  • Baked Beans & Somtam: The Essential Guide to Teaching Thai Students

    $0.00$9.99 Kirtland, Rick
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    ‘Baked Beans & Somtam: the essential guide to teaching Thai students’ is a must-have for newbies and a recommended read for more experienced teachers. Although it is probably most helpful for those new to the profession, ‘old hands’ should also find it interesting and useful.

    As the title suggests, most of the material is related specifically to understanding and teaching Thai students. That said, much of the content will be applicable across different cross-cultural contexts and so can be seen as useful to anyone teaching English Language Learners.

    Written in a lively, upbeat and at times humorous manner as a reference book rather than a resource book, ‘Baked Beans & Somtam’ aims to fill an obvious gap between TESOL methodology and classroom practice in the Thai context. Reading this book will not magically transform anyone overnight into a master teacher. However, it will complement any formal teacher training in this area and will also equip readers with a set of ‘lenses’ through which they can see themselves, their students and the classroom experience more clearly. (And it’s totally FREE!)

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  • The Princess Of Amaryllis

    $0.00 Brook, L. W.

    A Short Story

    This short story, The Princess of Amaryllis, is the gateway to the novella, Lucifer’s Symphony: Movement One

    Before the tragedy of Amaryllis, there was the purest flame of love between the princess and her handmaiden.

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  • Something New

    $0.00 Brook, L. W.

    A Short Story

    Isaak Kazimir has been locked away. Unstable, they describe him as.

    But Miss Amser?

    She sees something beautiful in him. Something unique. Something new.

    This short story is the gateway to the UNBELIEVE series:

    New World (Unscuttle), Old World (Unideate), Ruin World (Unbelieve), After World (Uninfinite)

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  • Δεν υπάρχει τύχη και τίποτα δεν είναι τυχαίο…

    $0.00 Perises, Mona

    Ποίηση, σκέψεις, γνωμικά – Γλώσσα Ελληνική

    Όλες οι συγκυρίες της φύσης και των καιρών είναι πανέμορφες, όταν κρατάς για πάντα την ψυχή σου παιδική! Εσύ μαθαίνεις μόνο πως πρέπει να μεγαλώνεις το μέσα σου για να χωρέσει τον αιώνιο βίο σου, μη ξεχνάς ποτέ… πως σαν ΕΛΛΗΝ που είσαι… είσαι αθάνατος!

    ”Ο πρώτος εκτεθειμένος αν δεν είναι ο εαυτός σου, μην εκθέσεις άλλον κανέναν”…

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  • Όταν μέσα σε μια ψυχή… καλπάζουν άλογα λευκά…

    $0.00$9.99 Perises, Mona
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    ❀ Ποίηση – Σκέψεις – Αποφθέγματα ❀

    Ποίηση – Γλώσσα Ελληνική – 37 Σελίδες
    Να δεις το φως…
    Λόγια λες… χιλιοειπωμένα,
    κάνεις πράξεις, άπραγες,
    μύριες δίνεις υποσχέσεις,
    ποτέ δεν έμαθες,
    πως να τις κρατήσεις…
    Λες πολλά,
    μετά σκοντάφτεις,
    πάνω στα δικά σου
    τ’ άπραγα γεγονότα
    της σημασίας έχεις χάσει
    πια το μέτρο…
    Μια φωνή ακούς…
    μα ποιανού να’ ναι η φωνή;
    Τον κόσμου σου,
    που ήρθε να ταράξει;
    Μήπως και μέσα από της λήθης
    σου τα ξεραμένα μάτια…
    ήρθε ο καιρός να δεις το φως,
    της αιώνιας ψυχής…;;;

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  • Electric Ride

    $0.00 Mccullough, John

    Build your own, DC motor for your scooter.  Step by step instructions.
    Self Charging
    Many applications

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  • Six of the Best

    $0.00 Mad Mally

    Poems that is: Sorry!

    A small collection of Mad Mally’s best poems

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  • Crabs – Thai Style

    $0.00 Buxton, Tony

    Traditional Thai Crab DishesTwenty Delicious Original Recipes

    The author, an accomplished cook, found large quantities of blue crab literally on her doorstep in Western Australia. Using her cooking skills, she experimented preparing the crabs in different ways coming up with 20 delicious original Thai style recipes.

    The book also describes the Thai way of cooking and the utensils needed. She also describes the herbs and spices that go into these dishes as well as the way to prepare them.

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  • The Bell Tolls for Thee America: A Novel

    $0.00$16.99 Sinclair, F. Scott
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    The Bell Tolls For Thee America: A Novel implies that the U.S.A. is at a turning point, and nearing its final chapter in history. And the climax, and ultimate resolution to the quandary of America’s fate is coming to a head. If Americans don’t wake up shorty, a nightmare of epic proportions will swallow us whole, for better or…for worse.

    Professor Harlan Watt has devised a way for us to reboot the American Dream. But as Professor Watt soon finds out: It’s not a piece of cake trying to alter history’s inevitable course. The one percent, can’t allow its subjects to thwart their destiny. Power and greed will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” crushing everything America has stood for the last three-hundred plus years. Will true democracy prevail, or must we become survivalists, whose dreams of a better life have vanished from view?

    Thailand is the major setting of this novel, with cameo settings in both North America and Malaysia. A novel you won’t soon forget…

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  • I AM

    $0.00 Mccullough, John

    Are you lost and confused or seeking the purpose of life?

    Are you looking for cures of diseases or cancer?

    Do you have a problem with your weight?

    Or just seeking a spiritual peace?

    This book has the answers and the Truth will set you free.

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  • Ο δικός μου Αλέξανδρος – Αφιέρωμα

    $0.00 Perises, Mona

    Ένα αφιέρωμα στον μέγιστο όλων των Ελλήνων Γλώσσα Ελληνική

    Είναι πολύ λίγα αυτά για τον Αλέξανδρο, αλλά είναι αρκετά για να μάθουμε ποιος ήταν και προπαντός πρέπει να τον μάθουν τα παιδιά μας. Μετά από πολλές σκέψεις, από πολλές διαστρεβλωμένες ειδήσεις που διάβασα, αποφάσισα να συλλέξω από έγκυρες αναρτήσεις, αποσπάσματα, αφιερώματα και ιστορικές αναφορές από έγκυρους μελετητές για την ζωή και τον βίο του Αλέξανδρου του Μέγα. Ολόκληρες δεκαετίες οι πιο πολλοί είμαστε παραπληροφορημένοι, τελευταία είμαστε και πολύ σαστισμένοι με τους διπλανούς που δράττουν της ευκαιρίας. Βλέπουμε και τους δικούς μας κυβερνώντες να είναι σε μια θέση αντεθνική, όσον αφορά το θέμα της Μακεδονίας. Ευχαριστώ πολύ τα “Web Sites” για το πολύ πλούσιο υλικό που δανείστηκα και το έβαλα όλο σε μια τρέχουσα σειρά, για να μπορεί εύκολα να το διαβάσει ο κάθε αναγνώστης. Κάποια μικρά ορθογραφικά λάθη που υπήρξαν τα διόρθωσα, αν κάποια μου διέφυγαν, ας μου συγχωρεθούν. Με αυτό το αφιέρωμα δεν αποσκοπώ πουθενά, απλά σαν Ελληνίδα αγαπώ πολύ τον Μέγα Αλέξανδρο κι όλοι την ιστορία του και τον θεωρώ τον Μέγιστο όλων των Ελλήνων! “Δεν αναφέρω καθόλου τον λόφο Καστά”, εκτός των κειμένων προς το τέλος που κάνουν μια αναφορά. Δεν αναφέρομαι στην ερμηνεία και στην επεξήγηση των ιερογλυφικών και όλων των ευρημάτων εκεί, διότι δεν είμαι η αρμόδια να το κάνω…

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  • From Jarrow to the WORLD

    $0.00 Writeson, Joe

    So you see … there IS such a thing as a free lunch.

    An introduction to the ‘From Jarrow to … ‘ series of books, featuring selected passages and chapters.

    The books are based on my travels and observations accumulated whilst traveling the world in the petrochemical construction industry.

    The anecdotes are linked with characters appearing a number of times over quite a few projects, countries … and years.

    The main subject matter is the interaction between expats and locals, plus the culture shocks to both sides … and the sometimes very curious reactions.

    Warning : Adult content often written in a childish … and un-PC manner.

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  • Tika

    $0.00$9.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    Dr Simon Carter has been struck off the medical register. His marriage over, he escapes to Thailand. He meets the beautiful Tika on a lonely beach and they enjoy a short romance.
    When Tika’s life is threatened by her estranged ‘Gangster’ husband, she sends Simon a message asking for his help. Simon is dragged into a life or death race against time to find and save Tika, but she is afraid and in hiding. Her life depends on who can find her first!

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  • Surviving Thai Cuisine

    $0.00$9.99 Doyle, Terence
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    A Guide to the 37 Most Weird Foods Waiting To Surprise You In Thailand
    From Ant Eggs…To Water Bugs
    Every visitor to Thailand is interested in the country’s ubiquitous bug carts. Those cute two wheel trolleys pushed along the night streets by smiling vendors selling – well, selling bugs. Their usual menu runs the gamut from grasshoppers to scorpions. But bugs as a gourmet treat are only the most obvious of the many food challenges awaiting unwary visitors. Other surprising ingredients range from dancing shrimp to rats.
    Even apparently harmless dishes, like a soup, a salad or a glass of water, can be dangerous for the unsuspecting.
    Surviving Thai Cuisine will guide you past most of the main culinary minefields. At the same time, it also offers an introduction to Thai food generally and to many other aspects of Thai culture.

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  • The Lao Isan Smile/s

    $0.00 Watson, Hugh

    Many smiles have been examined but what of the famous Lao Isan Smile/s? It turns out they are less problematic, more good-hearted and less agenda-heavy than some smiles one might get.
    In fact, the Lao Isan people are what keep Thailand bubbling along with good food, nice people and giggly girls. They built Bangkok, they made the roads, they clean the buildings and at night they watch over their city as security guards. In fact, Thais and Laos have an interesting intermix in culture and in history. Add in the Bangkok Chinese owning most of everything and there are some real dynamics going on.
    Actually, rural provincial people anywhere in Thailand tend to be salt of the earth people, no chips on the shoulder, and fun. Having fun, sanuk, is a big deal for many Isan people. Finances go up and down, but the Isan people laugh and keep driving their tuktuks, driving their taxis and plowing their rice fields.
    For those new to Thailand Lao is a separate language as Portuguese is from Spanish. In fact, there are a lot of different languages, cultures and peoples. The predominate bunch now, though, are the Isan people. They can outvote Bangkok. Isan people are not only all over Bangkok, they are in the north and even in the south.  Hence, it is good to have an understanding  of them. I might add that with the permutations of modernity the Lao who were happy and out of a laugh, are now getting a bit sour. Progress can sometimes push too many buttons.

    In the end, Lao Isan Smile/s takes a look at the lighter side of life and posits a futuristic Isan Sisaket space station Duh Supah Moh Badekbong. This is a way to examine the present by exploring a possible future in the galaxy. Finally, for tourists and expats, the more you know about people including yourself, the more life can be fulfilling and enjoyable.

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  • The Sword of Nonsakhorn

    $0.00 Little, Alan

    Lian’s father was an Isaan rice farmer. One day when he was digging a well on his land he found something. On his death bed he told her about it, “Look at the bottom of my wardrobe and you will find a wooden box there. It has something that I found on my land.”

    Mysteries unwind when Nop, her boyfriend finds an old rusty sword in the box and there is some old writing and a picture engraved on it.

    A Tale of times’ gone by.

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  • Up to you! Vol 4

    $0.00$9.99 Reynolds, Al
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    Vol 4

    The fourth volume of an adventurous cartoon book about the ladies of Pattaya, Thailand. You are the target and you have been hit. Feel that?
    If this is your first visit to Thailand you may think of this book as a frivolous book of cartoons. But an expat to Thailand will look upon this adventurous cartoon book for what it is:  the heart wrenching family album that has recorded his emotional joy ride through the fog of middle age.  This is the book that lays out in elusive detail, those great adventures of the recent past and adventurers yet to be experienced in the land of huge smiles…
    For the hapless adventurer this is a cartoon text book of things to come; adventures to be experienced and fortunes to be lost. For the occasional visitor, who has scheduled time to howl at the full moon while on a deserted island in a most inebriated state, this is a book that can entertain you between those moments when you are imagining sobriety in the dawns early light while you are on the hunt for breakfast of chili peppers and more cheap beer.
    This is a cartoon book found nowhere else on earth and appeals to no one else on earth other than the tourist, occasional visitor, expat to Thailand or perhaps one or two of those faint of heart stay at homes who like to peep through the safety of key holes into the adventures of life that is beyond the frame work of their own front doors.
    The author is lost to some village somewhere in the up north of Thailand where  he is busy knocking out yet another book… only this time it is a book of text… a book where the rampant reader will find himself captivated by the same adventures illustrated in the three volumes of Up to you.  Only this time it will be in word form and you, the reader, will be put to task to imagine on your own, the scenes laid out for you by this most cunning and entertaining author of words and pictures so well presented.   You may want to use these four volumes as research material.
    I can’t wait.

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  • Blame It On Bangkok

    $0.00 Gump, J.F.

    Sex, Lies & Alibis
    Tippawan is suspicious when her ex-fiancé starts being nice. She’s about to find out why.
    Joe Copeland races to save his son from drugs, and discovers more than he ever wanted to know.
    Young Troy learns an painful truth about his father after his mother dies.
    Kamra’s life has not been an easy one. Hear a Thai lady’s story in her own poignant words.
    See Hanoi through the eyes of a fiction writer.
    Tad’s brother is dead in Thailand. He goes there to find out why. He should have stayed home…. And Other Musings

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  • Rough Diamonds

    $0.00$14.00 Bell, Robert
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    Part One of ‘Thai Diamonds
    Somrot Weangmakham is persuaded by his brother to go and work at Diamond Boys when it opened. He agreed on condition that he only did the shows. Surit told him that going with customers was not compulsory, but that he really needed some help to get the shows started. Somrot, ‘Rot’ as he was known, was not worried; he just did not want his brother to know. He knew the rough end of the trade, but that was a secret. ‘Rit’ could never be allowed to know what had happened in Bangkok.
    There is something about the Diamond guys, whether it is fresh faced Run, straight from the village, or Cap who had done his round of the bars and a bond would tie them. They endure all that Pattaya has to throw at them, including death and rape. They come through it all stronger, harder and more determined. Cap and Run use every tool at their disposal to save enough money to escape Pattaya and build a new future in Udon.
    Two Farangs, Michael Barnard and Geoffrey Shotton befriend the guys and help them along their way. Geoff supports Cap and Run in their battle to move north, whilst Mike befriends Rit and Rot. Even when Rot leaves for the army they remain close. One of their number dies and guides their futures from beyond the grave. Their guardian spirit will only rest once they have accepted their fates and built a future, but they have to work out his riddles.
    Rough Diamonds is set in Pattaya and Isaan. The story will continue in Diamond Fellowship.

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