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  • Sharia

    $3.99$19.99 Bradbury, Ray
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    A fascinating look at what life is like living under Sharia law, the Islamic code of conduct.

    Bradbury has seen it first hand and suffered at the hands of it. He tells it as it is and what to expect.

    Do you know what Sharia law is?

    Have you ever considered what it would be like to live under Sharia law? If not, you should.

    One only has to look at the statistics showing the rise of Islam in the world today to see it is only a matter of time before Sharia comes to us all. There is no stopping it. In the future, it will be mandatory for many Western countries, if not all. Sceptics can disagree and look past the politicians who have paved the way for its implementation, but it will happen.

    But don’t be afraid. Some people are happy with it. They feel it is justified because it does have its good points—it cleanses the soul.

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  • You’ll never walk alone

    $6.99$14.99 Singh, Debbie
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    A true story about the ‘Bangkok Hilton’

    2nd updated edition

    Debbie Singh’s life fell apart when she received a letter from her brother out of the blue. He had been sentenced to 10 years in Klong Prem prison in Bangkok for attempting to cash false travellers cheques. The severity of the sentence shocked Singh, who set of to Bangkok to support him and later to locate his Thai born son.
    Appalled by the horrendous circumstances she found him in, she started to campaign to have him transferred to an Australian jail, something never achieved before.
    This campaign changed her life and that of her family forever.
    With great honesty and heart, You’ll Never Walk Alone tells the story of Singh’s great determination and strength in the face of adversity, the roller coaster ride of emotions she had to face in the six year struggle to help her brother, her ongoing charity work and the heartbreak she felt as her life was torn apart by a bitter twist in the tail.
    In 2014 with the encouragement of friends and people who have read her book Debbie decided to update her sixteen year journey and love for Thailand and its people.

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