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  • Say It With Poems

    $6.99$19.99 Chong, Stella Vee
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    Remembering Milo

    Say It With Poems is a lighthearted way of using poetry to perceive and feel what’s happening around us.

    Section I – “All about life” has twenty-six poems that take you on a journey where you can identify with feelings of love, frustration, joy, and patriotism in uniquely Singaporean-style.

    Section II – “All about cats” has seventeen poems depicting the struggle of cats around the Singapore island. This is told through the rescuers’ and fosterers’ relationship with them and their aspirations for them.

    Section III – “Remembering Milo” includes seven poems dedicated to my beloved Milo who passed unexpectedly last year at the age of twelve. Is it a coincidence that my first poem, “SARS,” takes up the first page and my late Milo, who was rescued during that year, takes up the last page? I wonder…

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  • Mirrored Images

    $4.99 Catalano, Rosanne
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    Author and Publisher Rosanne Catalano begins her book with a poem she wrote about, and dedication to, her late father and still-living mother, and goes into a short story she wrote about an experience with bullying in the eighth grade of school to a story about being saved by a guardian angel when the story’s character is in her mid 30’s.

    An interesting read of an author’s collection of poetry, short stories and story articles, in which you the reader must guess which of her stories are fiction or fact.

    Rosanne’s next book, a crime fiction novel titled “Escape & Redemption,” will start off where this book leaves off with her short story titled “From Bags to Riches.”

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  • My Name is Eric

    $3.99 Kimura, Rei
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    No one can argue with the cliché that a dog is “Man’s Best Friend” from time immemorial. But has anyone ever look behind this airy statement and see what Man’s Best Friend is really like INSIDE of him? His thoughts, his perceptions of life and how he sees his relationship with us?

    This is the story of Eric, a precocious, irreverent male Pomeranian and is told from HIS perception of life and how he views his best friend, Man! It is a delightful story filled with a myriad of emotions ranging from tear jerking touching moments to Eric’s humorous and satirical descriptions of his relationship with his family and all the other humans who have the misfortune of crossing his path!

    “My name is Eric and a piece of gilt edged, important looking paper says I am a male Pomeranian of retired champion and show dog bloodline, place and date of birth, a remote dog breeding farm, deep inside rural New South Wales, Australia on the 16th of Dec, 1997” is how he declares himself!

    We follow Eric through his journey to dog spas, dog funerals and a whole horde of crazy activities and here is what he had to say about them!

    “And ok, I hate to admit it but I was more than a little curious about this craze that was razing the pet community like a raging bush fire. It tickled me pink to see those glossy brochures of dogs lying in tubs of bubbling water surrounded by flowers and glowing tea candles, God, what were all those humans thinking of?”

    This thoroughly irreverent Rogue Pomeranian has fetishes and “bargains” with his family over his own misbehavior!

    His favorite quote?

    “Well, they don’t say it’s a dog’s life of being misunderstood, misinterpreted and misquoted for nothing!”

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  • Memoirs of a Community Cat

    $3.99$13.99 Kimura, Rei
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    This is a heartwarming story told by Abby, a veteran stray cat who insists, “We are not strays, we are community cats! Just as humans are citizens of their countries, we are citizens of the communities we live in!”
    It brings to life the many stray cats who live in almost every community giving each cat featured in this book a face, a heart, feelings, thoughts and the same fears and happiness of the humans who can make their lives a blessing or a curse.
    Abby, the macho yellow male cat walks us through his very colorful adventures and experiences as he and his siblings and friends live each day to the fullest of their nine lives, never knowing whether they will be alive at the end of the day! There is never a dull moment and some harrowing matching of wits with those who hate their very existence and believe that community cats should neither be seen nor heard!
    The lead star of this witty community cat drama is Abby, strong, arrogant and adventurous, he is the boss and what he says goes!
    Then there is Choc, his brother, good natured, sanguine and a perfect gentleman who is wise and calm beyond his cat years!It has even been said that a woman would choose Abby for a lover and Choc for a solid dependable husband! There is Calico, Abby’s friend and “crush,” pretty, precocious with a temper to match and her direct antithesis, Sister, a surly, snarling aging matriarch of the neighboring cluster of community cats whom Abby calls “the ugliest and meanest feline that ever existed.”

    Each cat is a vibrant character of its own that you will mostly love as they share their lives with you. There is this rhetoric that every creature is created for a purpose so what on earth are community cats created for? Perhaps to bring out the compassion and better qualities in humans manifested here in the much loved “feeders” who feed and care for them, giving of their time and money to make the lives of these less fortunate creatures of God, tolerable.

    The story ends with this haunting rhetoric, “life will go on till our lease on earth runs out. I think I still have many good years left and I absolutely refuse to think what old age and dying on the streets might be like. I have no thoughts about the future because living life to the fullest this week is more important than next week!”

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  • Chicken Mommies Would Never Do A Thing Like That!

    $3.99$9.99 Chatman, Simon
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    Book for the little ones.

    In a search for a mother, Little Chicken meets some amusing, funny,and sometimes naughty characters.

    Story filled with humor and a surprise ending that’s sure to knock your socks off!

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  • Timo der schwarze Kater

    $4.99$9.99 Bahl, Rolf
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    Eine Katze bestimmt ihren Weg!
    Katzen sind eigenwillig, TIMO war noch eigenwilliger, er wollte sich nicht den Menschen fügen, sondern selber wählen, wo, und bei wem er wohnen und leben wollte. Und er gab nie auf, bis er sein Ziel erreicht hatte!Er konnte sich aber auch anpassen, wenn er das wollte, achtete sehr darauf, nichts falsch zu machen und entwickelte dabei erstaunliche Fähigkeiten.

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  • A Stray View

    $4.99 Hillman, Adrian
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    Stray dogs are a remarkably persistent problem caused by our behavior and confounded by our assumptions.
    Taking Bangkok as an example, ‘A Stray View’ explores the reality, causes and management of strays and asks whether free-ranging dogs have a place in our society.
    This book offers a fresh and stimulating perspective that can enlighten how both visitors and residents view the dogs that share our world.

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