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  • Quantum Physics and Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

    $6.99$12.99 Krikke, Jan
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    Lessons Learned from China

    What happens when we look at two of the most important sciences of today, quantum physics and artificial intelligence, through Chinese eyes?

    We see that the Chinese developed an esthetic theory about space and time centuries before Albert Einstein developed Relativity Theory. We also understand why the Chinese world view inspired quantum mechanics pioneers Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, psychoanalyst Carl Jung and the leading figures of the spiritually focused New Age movement.

    A fresh look at China’s ancient world view can even help us understand why binary code inventor Gottfried Leibniz argued that the Chinese invented the first binary code. The Chinese used different symbols – broken and unbroken lines instead of 0 and 1 – but Leibniz claimed the underlying principle was the same. Leibniz is the “spiritual” father of AI and the first to propose the “mechanization” of thought.

    AI and quantum mechanics are confronted with similar questions: Is nature continuous or discrete, wave or particle, analog or digital? How will AI address this dichotomy?  Can the Chinese world view shed light on this unresolved mystery?

    In the 21st century, China is likely to make its presence felt throughout the world. Understanding its ancient world view can help us anticipate this influence and it may show us the contours of the future of AI, arguably the last “hard” science humanity will ever need.

    “This book contains fascinating stories largely unknown, a history of Western scientific ideas, an insightful interpretation of ancient Chinese culture, and mind-expanding connections between East and West, art and technology, past and future. A unique play of creative ideas!”
    Bill Kelly, Lecturer in Intercultural Communication, UCLA (ret.)

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  • Anthony T. Hincks: An author of life.

    $8.99$11.99 Hincks, Anthony T.
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    An author of life.

    Welcome to Anthony T. Hincks: An author of life, volume 1.

    This first volume includes all of my quotes and sayings that I have published on the internet to date. There are over fifteen hundred to read and choose from.

    The quotes have been readily accepted throughout the world are used by individuals, companies, & businesses. They have appeared in newsletters, newspapers, magazines and other online publications. My quotes have also been used to sell different merchandise around the world, from Russia to the U.S.A.

    My quotes have appeared alongside some of the world’s most famous people, and for that I feel very humble indeed.

    My quotes can cover any topic.

    I am more Buddhist than anything else, and I do not hold any bias or bigoted thoughts about other religions or people. I believe, since we are all individuals, that we all can think for ourselves. I believe that wars are only used by the greedy to liberate the wealth from others. I think the world needs to look in a new direction because if we don’t, then I am fearful about what will happen to this world of ours.

    I love the environment,, and animals and I believe that instead of looking for a way off, this home of ours, that we should at least look at trying to save it for our children.

    Mankind is selfish and he always has been. You may disagree, but when I look at the world, I read between the lines, I don’t believe everything that I see or read on the TV, the internet or in the print media; to do so otherwise is to believe all the lies that we are fed to keep the wealth of only a select few increasing.

    I believe in equality and fairness for all.

    So, if you want to read my quotes & sayings, do so, and if you don’t, I won’t be offended.

    All the best for the future and I leave you with this:

    “Walk through life as if you had brought light into the world & love into everyone’s heart.”

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  • The Poet Pundit Speaks

    $1.99 D'Costa, Bob
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    When nothing works, we turn to our mind, the tiny thought within speaking in simple words. Fundamental philosophy in poetry form draws us and we suddenly find our sanity back in our character.

    This is the swag the poems here give you back. From the window of a pavement prostitute, to travel, and then to the voice within you speaking about Sufi kind of seeking. From elegy to judgment on rape victims. All packed here for guiding you to return to your roots.

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  • Marriage of the Heart

    $7.99$23.99 Pierson, Aaron
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    This book started out as messages shared on my Facebook page and has developed into a book about the deep devotion to love and healing so many of us desire, but we have our part to fulfill so we can have this deep passionate love! This is an outpouring of passion to help your heart to open and find this fragrant love we so desire!
    We live in a time in which many people are not in balance and are looking for forgotten values that they want to live in this life again. It seems that the material world cannot replace the most important things in life; True Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Respect, Humility, Honesty, Gratitude, Being in Balance, and Being Grounded.
    All of this you cannot buy with money. Love has many forms and can be lived on so many levels. Most important for me is to love honestly and with an open heart. So many people desire this marriage of the heart and unconditional love.
    The book “Marriage of the Heart” is a daily companion to keep ones heart open to all these important values of life. Through the author’s profound experiences in his life, he writes from his heart; honest, authentic and practical based, giving all the values that many people are searching for at the present time.

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  • Soliloquy

    $2.99$7.99 Ng'oma, Yolanda Adwoa
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    A compilation of 60 quotes from a time of meditation

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  • Angels

    $3.99$13.99 Zanetti, Chris
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    A Collection of Original Angel Poetry – Volume 1

    Whether we are aware of it or not, angels play a role in our day-to-day lives, subtly influencing our seemingly small decisions, and decisions that could be life-changing. Angels do their work unseen, in a higher vibrational realm of existence, but just because they are invisible to our physical senses, it does not mean that their effect on our lives and on our world is any less profound.

    The power of angels is known throughout the world, and most ancient cultures believed in higher beings, entities, or spirits, who watched over them and offered them their protection. This book, a work of poetry, contains gems of lost ancient wisdom that can lead one to attaining higher states of consciousness.

    This powerful book is an essential key in connecting with and understanding the angelic realms, and how we can use higher angelic consciousness to inspire and uplift us both emotionally and spiritually.

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  • Mystical Words of Power

    $3.99$13.99 Zanetti, Chris
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    A Collection of Original & Powerful Poetry – Volume 1

    Contained within the pages of this book are powerful words. Words that hold deep and mystical meanings. This book is a work of poetry on the surface, however, upon exploring further, hidden truths can be found about the mind and the Universe.
    This book is designed to convey the subtle aspects of what energy is, and how, by understanding its true nature better, we can discover and awaken the ancient power of the superconscious mind, and make the transformation from human to superhuman, having access to powers that would be considered supernatural.
    Mystical Words of Power is for those who are seeking to acquire the deeper levels of mystical knowledge required for advancement to higher levels of consciousness and greater levels of spiritual and psychic power. This book of poetry is a key that will help unleash the dormant power within your own mind, heart and spirit.
    Chris Zanetti is a leading world authority on superhuman potential, and has guided thousands of seekers on the path to mastery of supernatural abilities. He is also the author of the book Superhuman Training – A Guide to Unleashing Your Supernatural Powers.

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  • Living the Thai Life…in Quotes

    $3.99 Crossley, Tony
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    2000 chosen and specially written quotes about getting the most out of life & love.
    One thing that all people everywhere in the world can be sure of is that life for them WILL at times be trying. When we move to live abroad, the same difficulties will usually multiply and more that were previously unimagined can arise.
    ‘LIVING the THAI LIFE – in Quotes’ contains words of some of the greatest minds in human history, plus some from modern-day travellers that no less may ease the path to a more contented lifestyle in the Land of Smiles. But always to be remembered is this Chinese proverb:
    ‘A teacher may open the door, but you must enter by yourself’

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  • Pilgrim of the Clear Light

    $4.99$14.99 Winkler, Ken
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    Dr. Walter Evans-Wentz spent his life in the study of religion. His passion led him to Stanford, where he earned both a B.A. and an M.A. in the field.
    Well-known for his work in Tibetan Buddhism and Celtic folklore, he also explored the link between Native American spirituality and Tibetan mysticism.
    His studies were more than scholarly pursuits; he was deeply entrenched in the life and ways of Tibetan Buddhism.
    Evans-Wentz devoted his life to the study of Tibetan Buddhism and was the first scholar to bring this religion to the Western world.

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  • Bird Poop Farang Smile/s

    $4.99 Watson, Hugh
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    There are many smiles and now readers can examine the Barbarian smile/s at the end of each chapter.
    This work is a continuing look at the ups and downs of modernization in Thailand. Said progress makes Thailand one of the better choices for expat residence. The reason so far has been high-tech and low prices. This is a heady mix and attracts many foreigners even for medical care. As things change quickly, especially in Bangkok, it is good to have frequent updates as to the people, culture and events.
    The Smile/s books aim at analysis and humor at the same time. In the beginning with Siam Smile/s…Secrets of the Thais the focus was mainly on Thais and their bags of tricks. The effort was to give foreigners a clue as to what to expect through comical situations. However, after assiduously studying local people, it finally comes about that the Barbarians, those wonderful Western visitors, are worthy of a good look as well. The result has been a succinct glimpse of how simple European-US people have a difficult time with the basics of complex Thai culture.

    At the same time, Thais wedged into their modality bio-stasis have no idea about the Barbarians visitors or of their cultures. At times it nearly causes vertigo to spot Thais doing Mental Erase to things they don’t like and foreigners going toe-to-toe with them using denial.
    Most humorous of all is when Thais and Barbarians simultaneously dodge reality. Reality is the serious Adult world not the denial, pretending and dodging that many Thais and aliens engage in every day.
    All of this points to a planetary meltdown and human IQ in the West down many points. In the end, Bird Poop Farang Smile/s is a kind of manual for those who appreciate cultural tools and are ready to have a good laugh.

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  • The Lao Isan Smile/s

    $0.00 Watson, Hugh

    Many smiles have been examined but what of the famous Lao Isan Smile/s? It turns out they are less problematic, more good-hearted and less agenda-heavy than some smiles one might get.
    In fact, the Lao Isan people are what keep Thailand bubbling along with good food, nice people and giggly girls. They built Bangkok, they made the roads, they clean the buildings and at night they watch over their city as security guards. In fact, Thais and Laos have an interesting intermix in culture and in history. Add in the Bangkok Chinese owning most of everything and there are some real dynamics going on.
    Actually, rural provincial people anywhere in Thailand tend to be salt of the earth people, no chips on the shoulder, and fun. Having fun, sanuk, is a big deal for many Isan people. Finances go up and down, but the Isan people laugh and keep driving their tuktuks, driving their taxis and plowing their rice fields.
    For those new to Thailand Lao is a separate language as Portuguese is from Spanish. In fact, there are a lot of different languages, cultures and peoples. The predominate bunch now, though, are the Isan people. They can outvote Bangkok. Isan people are not only all over Bangkok, they are in the north and even in the south.  Hence, it is good to have an understanding  of them. I might add that with the permutations of modernity the Lao who were happy and out of a laugh, are now getting a bit sour. Progress can sometimes push too many buttons.

    In the end, Lao Isan Smile/s takes a look at the lighter side of life and posits a futuristic Isan Sisaket space station Duh Supah Moh Badekbong. This is a way to examine the present by exploring a possible future in the galaxy. Finally, for tourists and expats, the more you know about people including yourself, the more life can be fulfilling and enjoyable.

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  • So sprach Buddha

    $4.99$9.99 Bahl, Rolf
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    Zitate aus dem Buddhismus und Ihre Auslegungen
    Hier versucht der Autor etwas Licht in die Thesen Buddhas zu bringen, mit seiner unmaßgeblichen Meinung analysiert er die Thesen mit subjektiver Auslegung. Er versuchte dabei, möglichst nur die, aus seiner Warte, wohl wichtigsten Punkte hervorzuheben. Wobei diese in der buddhistischen Denkart oft nicht einfach zu erkennen sind.
    Die Schrift bleibt daher lediglich ein ‘Versuchskaninchen’ des Verfassers, und erhebt daher absolut keinen Anspruch auf inhaltliche Richtigkeit oder Vollständigkeit!

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  • The Words of Power

    $4.99$14.99 Antwi, George
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    A book of Words created for various purposes, a book that will make you weep and make you laugh; motivational, humorous quotes with stories.

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  • Karma – Happiness in Your Life – Book One

    $4.99 Zantamata, Doe
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    Karma is a word often thought to mean a curse on people who do bad things, or a comfort to people who do good things and are yet to see any reward.
    Karma, however, is not a punishment and reward system. It is instead, based on understanding.
    Happiness in Your Life – Book One: Karma provides an introduction to what karma is and what it is not. The 12 Laws of Karma are shared, and then those Laws are revisited in the final three sections; Karma and Relationships, Karma and Judgement, and Karma and the World.
    Understanding karma helps to make sense of things that just don’t seem right in the world. Everything has an order and processs, and knowing this process will lead to more positive choices and outcomes.

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  • New York Interviews: First Thoughts

    $4.99$12.99 Marranca, Richard
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    New York Interviews: First Thoughts is a wise and exciting collection of interviews from a variety of artists and writers, scholars and scientists – people such as Jane Goodall (chimp-human connection), Huston Smith (world religion), Allen Ginsberg (creativity and Buddhism), Salima Ikram (mummies), James Carse (Gnostic Gospels), E. L. Doctorow (history and fiction) and many others.
    The collection represents the wisdom of the ages and powerful issues of our time. It is representative of the author’s interests and time spent in and around New York City. The interviews were done at New York University, the Open Center, Omega Institute, Rutgers University – exceptions being Paul Ehrlich (author of The Population Bomb) at the University of Nevada, Reno, where the author also taught, along with Losang Samten, the Tibetan scholar and artist, who was in the movie Kundun.

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  • Buddhism in Thailand – a guide for expats and visitors

    $4.99$14.99 Whiting, Lawrence
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    Almost all visitors to Thailand will come into contact with Buddhism in some way. There are more than 200,000 monks in Thailand so you will see monks and novices out and about on the streets. There are more than 30,000 temples (wat in Thai) so you will see and may visit a temple, or several. Those lucky enough to spend some time with a Thai family will find themselves witnessing and even participating in many of the rituals and customs that are part of everyday Buddhism in Thailand.
    This is NOT a book for the serious student of Buddhism, but rather a description and explanation of what you might encounter in everyday life in Thailand.

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  • Dragon Cafe – An East-West Collection

    $4.99$14.99 Marranca, Richard
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    Dragon Café brings together sparkling essays on Buddhism and world religion, health & diet, sacred sex, creativity, myth and the hero, oracles and shamans, yoga, meditation, Kung Fu and Star Trek, vegetarianism, mysticism, and the East-West connection.
    It represents a lifetime of practice and travel, alongside study with yogis, monks, shamans, scholars and teachers of all stripe. It is about the search for adventure and peace.

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  • Siam Smile/s…Secrets of the Thais

    $6.99$14.99 Watson, Hugh
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    Based on the lighter side of life in Thailand. The theme of Siam Smile/s is the more you can see the funny side of life, the better.
    The plethora of anecdotes will hopefully lead to a better understanding of this Southeast Asian country.
    Explains many ‘Thai secrets’.

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