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  • Quantum Physics and Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

    $6.99$12.99 Krikke, Jan
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    Lessons Learned from China

    What happens when we look at two of the most important sciences of today, quantum physics and artificial intelligence, through Chinese eyes?

    We see that the Chinese developed an esthetic theory about space and time centuries before Albert Einstein developed Relativity Theory. We also understand why the Chinese world view inspired quantum mechanics pioneers Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, psychoanalyst Carl Jung and the leading figures of the spiritually focused New Age movement.

    A fresh look at China’s ancient world view can even help us understand why binary code inventor Gottfried Leibniz argued that the Chinese invented the first binary code. The Chinese used different symbols – broken and unbroken lines instead of 0 and 1 – but Leibniz claimed the underlying principle was the same. Leibniz is the “spiritual” father of AI and the first to propose the “mechanization” of thought.

    AI and quantum mechanics are confronted with similar questions: Is nature continuous or discrete, wave or particle, analog or digital? How will AI address this dichotomy?  Can the Chinese world view shed light on this unresolved mystery?

    In the 21st century, China is likely to make its presence felt throughout the world. Understanding its ancient world view can help us anticipate this influence and it may show us the contours of the future of AI, arguably the last “hard” science humanity will ever need.

    “This book contains fascinating stories largely unknown, a history of Western scientific ideas, an insightful interpretation of ancient Chinese culture, and mind-expanding connections between East and West, art and technology, past and future. A unique play of creative ideas!”
    Bill Kelly, Lecturer in Intercultural Communication, UCLA (ret.)

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  • Hawking Radiation 2

    $4.99 Andie, Roman
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    You ask what problems Hopfield model has? The following is poorly articulated view.

    *Time is crucial for memory and we do not understand time in standard physics framework. Hopfield model accepts the identification of subjective time and geometric time. I have mentioned Libet’s findings many times: they are taken as proof that free will is illusion.

    *The identification of all memories as behavioral patterns is wrong- episodal memories are the genuine memories and probably very little to do with the formation of association.

    *Synaptic contacts develop all the time. How to avoid the change for longest term memories?  It is difficult to understand the fact that the episodal memories of youth seem to be the most stable one. My Grandma literally lived in her youth for several years!

    *The neurons in hippocampus (at least) and therefore also their synaptic contents are regenerated. How the memories can survive in this process? I remember also a document program telling about a person had lost almost all his brain and was able to do mathematics!

    To me, memory recall looks different from memory storage: in Hopfield model this is not the case since essentially learned behaviours stimulated by inputs as association sequences are in question.

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  • The Woman From Planet Alpha 1

    $2.39 Burdman, Vladimir
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    The interstellar ship Dex falls violently to the ground. One of the survivors of the crew is Teki that escapes from the jungle where the spaceship crashed and meets Miguel, a man whose life is traced by misfortune and failure. After this encounter, a wonderful life begins for the human and love blossoms for the extraterrestrial woman.

    The Woman from the planet Alpha 1 treats the true reality of the universe never said before by any other being that hasn’t been an eyewitness.

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  • Universis

    $9.99$39.99 Cusick, Patrick
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    The universe revealed like never before. Science speculates about the existence of a Great Unified Theory that joins everything together.
    Now research journalist and author Patrick Cusick has completed this work of non-fiction that vividly connects cosmology and the quantum sub-atomic world with human biological evolution. Big bangs, the edge of existence, life on planets and the rise of universal beings… mind-blowing stuff that makes fascinating reading.
    This is important new knowledge that explains how universal nature is shaping the material world by pulling the future into the present time. Universis exposes the universality of collective co-existence that changes forever how people live and see the living universe.

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  • ALIEN Mysteries Solved

    $6.99$13.99 Swithin, William
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    Irrefutable evidence of messages received; alien activity on planet Earth!
    While writing this book, the author underwent an extraordinary experience. He received messages, from an unknown source, regarding the contents of the book.
    These messages contained vital, hitherto unknown information about the history and origins of planet Earth. Due to the nature and content of these communications, it became obvious to the author that their source must be ALIENS.
    Irrefutable credibility was delivered in the form of firm evidence of their presence and of their activity on Earth two thousand years ago.

    Based on such evidence, the author assures readers that this book will deliver:
    1.    To NASA: great embarrassment;
    2.    To UFO/ALIEN enthusiasts: confirmation and satisfaction;
    3.    To all doubters and skeptics: inevitable defeat, as  they will not be up against the author of this book, but against powers far more advanced than all of us.

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