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  • Traffic Laws in Thailand 2021

    $4.99 Helping Hand
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    Either foreign resident or visitor, whether driving a car or motorbike with an International Driver License or learning the traffic rules for the Thai driver exam test or just using the road as a pedestrian, everyone should be more or less familiar with the traffic laws in Thailand.

    Thailand has one of the highest road death tolls in the world and the worst in Asia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each year more than 20,000 Thai people die in road crashes and many more are seriously injured and become permanently disabled. More than 80% of the road fatalities are motorcyclists and many accidents occur while driving under the influence of alcohol.

    A great number of internet forums inform about the specific dangers on Thai roads, give clear warnings what should be expected, avoided and known when using public roads and provide advice how to stay clear of dangerous situations and accidents.

    This road guide book gives an overview of the official road laws and regulations in Thailand. However, besides knowing those official directives, every road user from a foreign country should be very wary of the habitual and customary “road rules” exercised by Thai drivers that are also highlighted herein.

    There is the old saying among foreign residents in Thailand that “it is not the matter if you have an accident but when.” This is first and foremost true for those farangs driving motorbikes. BE WARNED AND PREPARED!

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  • Manila’s Beaches

    $4.99$11.99 Doyle, Terence
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    The Capital’s Top 60 Seaside Escapes
    Searching for the Perfect “Top” Beach
    Whatever your idea of the perfect Seaside Escape, the Philippines is well placed to provide the answer. 
    It is a 1,800 km / 1,200 m long archipelago of 7,107 tropical islands, every one offering the chance to get away – soft sand beaches with crystalline waters protected by brilliant coral reefs, sheltered by swaying palm trees.
    The big island of Luzon, the largest of the lot, has the widest variety of escapes. Luzon is well known for its magnificent inland attractions – from Manila, the country’s capital, to mountainous rice terraces and spectacular volcanoes – but it remains a tropical island with 5,000 km / 3,000 miles of coastline – indented with bays and coves – plus 100s of smaller, off-shore islands – all harbouring wonderful Top Beaches.
    Manila makes the logical starting point for visits to all of these Top Beaches because it is the first port of call for most visitors to the country and the starting point for a network of roads which reach every corner of the island.
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  • Confessions of a Coward – an Indian Adventure

    $4.99$13.99 Turner, Kirsty
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    An Indian Adventure

    2nd revised edition!

    This book describes a nine month journey through India and Nepal, focusing on the interesting and often arresting characters encountered along the way. The book is unusual as it is written from a female point of view. The narrator is an inexperienced and nervous traveller, which makes a change of pace from accounts by the well-travelled and intrepid. Throughout her journey, she meets a range of unusual people and used the experience to gain an insight into Indian culture and society.
    Follow Kirsty Turner on a journey through the Thar Desert to discover tiny isolated villages, through bustling cities teeming with life and on treks through the mountains in Nepal. Experience Indian culture through the eyes of an inexperienced traveller and discover how lack of experience can lead to comical situations.

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  • A Search for Life

    $3.95 Nerison, Devin Keith
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    What happens when you’re diagnosed with a brain tumor at twelve years old? How to escape a Mexican shoot-out on a hot tin roof? And how exactly does one rescue a live fish from a Bangkok wet market?

    Find out in Devin Nerison’s, “A Search for Life“. Follow the author through exotic locations and share his battle with alcohol, women, and God. This is the story of the little boy who had second chance and was determined not to waste it.

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  • Zanskar Undiscovered

    $3.99$12.99 Hertzog, Christopher
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    Once a kingdom in its own right, Zanskar is now a unique part of Southern Ladakh, and comprises less than 16,000 inhabitants.
    Cut off entirely from the rest of the world for at least 7 months every year by heavy snow, with no road access or airport, the people are still resilient, hospitable and hard working. Their adversity gives rise to one of the most exciting treks in the world, known as the Chadar Ice Trek in January and February each year, going from Padum in the South, up the frozen Zanskar River, to Nimmo near Leh, a distance of some 105 Km.

    Chris Hertzog, a well known researcher in Anti-aging Medicine (AAM), has visited the area many times, and wanted in this brief book, to dedicate it to a very special community with their unique way of life, in an area known as ‘The Top of The World’.

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  • 250 Thai Girls By Age 25

    $5.99$14.99 Harvey, John
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    A True Story from South East Asia

    A True Story from Asia

    250 Thai Girls by Age 25, A True Story from South East Asia is a true-to-life adventure that can be relived from beginning to end. The story begins with the allure of travel and the need for new experiences. Sex, drugs, alcohol and debauchery are the name of the game, and the impetus behind this historic modern day journey. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Cambodia, Laos, and the pristine Andaman beaches of Kho Lipe are featured in this bold and daring travel adventure.

    The author narrowly escapes death at the hands of a knife wielding Cambodian mugger. He is violently robbed by a taxi driver in Bangkok. Held up by the Laos Police for running at a late night roadblock with a teen prostitute. And narrowly escapes a King Cobra in the jungles of Northern Thailand.

    This non-fiction story is as up to date, authentic, and original as anything in its genre. The names, places, and people from this wild South East Asian sexcapade have not been altered in any way. This book has the potential to spark a new generation of hedonistic travelers looking to better understand themselves, and where to go to make that possible. Once you go Asian, you will never go Caucasian.

    Join the author on his solo travels while he searches out every nook and cranny during his first year in South East Asia.

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  • A Child @ 70

    $4.99$11.99 Doyle, Terence
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    A New Life in the Philippines

    When Terence first arrived in Asia in 2010, he told the many girls he met two things: that he had no plans to get married and that he did not intend to have any children.
    He was in Asia merely to let his hair down.
    Five years later he was happily married to a dazzling Filipina and father to an equally dazzling baby boy.
    A Child @ 70 describes Terence’s radical transition from exhausted Western divorcee to enjoying life in a chaotic, emerging nation.
    It also provides a wealth of detail about the country, following his visits to many of the Philippines’s best islands, including the 10 biggest islands, and to its most important cities.

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  • Outsourced World

    $4.99 Wilson, G. R. / WriterFX
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    Seducing Goddess Durga During The Clinton Era

    Our perception of recent history has been warped by three big events: the over-hyped millennial change (20th to 21st century) that got intertwined with the Dotcom Bubble; the traumatic “9-11” outrage with its catastrophically aggressive responses; and the creepy arrival of our “always on” connectivity to the “hive mind” … in the form of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Added to which (gasp!) there’s the 2008-09 collapse of our financial system!

    With those 18 roller-coaster years tormenting our minds we’ve allowed (through neglect) the 1990s to slip into obscurity. Might “Monica Lewinsky” be the first thing you recall about the 1990s? Turns out those Clinton years are pockmarked by far more political and economic corruption than the sex, race, and LSD obsessed 1960s!

    From 1991 forwards a slew of reckless geopolitical manoeuvres were initiated, which taken together completely upended a western world that had just enjoyed 45 stable years. The catalyst, but not the cause, was the official (December 26, 1991) dissolution of the Soviet Union. An event long anticipated by a psychotic Elite who had grabbed ownership of the West while JFK’s corpse was still warm.

    The military “New World Order” was begun by Operation Desert Storm. But the economic “New World Order” did not emerge until after 1st January 1995: the day the World Trade Organization was declared ‘international law’. For your benefit, those two major developments have been intelligently integrated into this book’s main narrative: the Author’s sudden confrontation with a radically transformed employment landscape.

    One of the great appeals of this 210 page book — perfect for a weekend read, or long-haul flight — is the accessible way in which real geopolitics have been interwoven with the Author’s own 1996 predicaments, as viewed from Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur.

    The reader also gains unique anthropological insights as the Author recounts (in explicit detail) his lustful encounter with two Muslim females. Believe it or not, the 1990s offered a uniquely relaxed sexual atmosphere in several of the more progressive Islamic nations. Increasing numbers of Muslim women were quietly seeking out sexual thrills (e.g., oral sex without vaginal penetration), Western boyfriends, and even Western husbands. Yet by year 2000 this trend was being vehemently opposed by Saudi-sponsored Islamic radicalism.

    Read this book to celebrate not only what was, but also what might have been. Precious few new titles manage to both educate and entertain like this one does. Whether male or female, you will be thrilled by Outsourced World [Book-1]

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  • Thailand Changes

    $4.99$13.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    This book takes an offbeat and humorous look at how tourism has changed radically in Thailand over the past thirty-five years, seen through the eyes of two red-blooded young men who made their first trips to the country over three decades apart.
    Peter Jaggs provides an unparalleled insight into the night-streets, tourist resorts and rural villages of both modern day and bygone Thailand and goes some way to explaining why many men become so hooked on the country after just one short visit, it changes their lives forever.
    Thailand Changes is at the same time both hilarious and sobering. The writing is blunt and honest and about as politically correct as a sexist Klansman on a baby seal hunt wearing an ocelot fur coat, so reader discretion is advised.

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  • Thailand Travel Trouble Tips

    $2.99 Spencer, David
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    Visiting Thailand can be both exhilarating and enjoyable, sometimes frustrating but always enlightening. Thai people will extend a genuine welcome to Westerners who are prepared to accept their way of life and unique culture. However visitors can easily get into trouble due to a lack of understanding of Thai culture and customs.
    Thailand is a beautiful and diverse country and this book is intended to provide information on how a visitor to Thailand should conduct themselves and seek help if necessary so as to have an enjoyable and trouble free visit.
    The book is primarily for first time visitors coming to Thailand on holiday. It is not intended to give advice to those who wish to work or stay in Thailand for an extended period. In particular the visa requirements for these people are complex.
    All the tips given in this book are based on personal experience or that of close friends and are solely to help to make sure your trip to Thailand is a holiday of a lifetime and does not become a nightmare.
    The book is not designed to recommend places to visit, hotels, shops or restaurants etc. as this is amply covered in other publications.

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  • The Chiang Mai Food Diaries… and other tales

    $4.99$14.99 Gunn, Alexander
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    Chiang Mai is the most fascinating place on earth…and so is the food.
    Have you eaten a termite or met a Blacking Man? Have you seen the tree top spear fisherman, or tried to chew your way through a deep fried chicken head or a plateful of live shrimps? Have you ever wondered why there is a huge, stagnant, six mile and otherwise pointless canal running around the outer reaches of the south side of the city?
    This is a book about food, Chiang Mai, termites, sausages, ghosts, history, cooking, Islam, markets, death, noodles, forest fires, mushrooms and fish farming. (I think I’ve covered all bases).

    “Definitely on par with Bill Bryson but with more of a personal touch.” Alan,
    “Easily accessible, humorous and often embarrassingly honest.” Chiang Mai City Life
    “Love his books. Very funny, inspiring and interesting. Highly recommend to anyone.” Valerie,
    “Laugh out loud funny.” Sam,
    “He’s very, very funny and quirky and easy to read.” Ashley,

    For more information about food and Chiang Mai visit the blog at:

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  • Quick home brewing techniques for travelling alcohol lover

    $3.49 Teh, L.H.
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    This book is written with some knowledge in brewing. Brewing existed since ancient times. Almost every civilization have their own brewing techniques.
    Ingredients and method of brewing between various societies differ. This is due to geographical, climate and vegetation available. Raw material for brewing usually based on the available staple food or drinks.
    This book is intended for those heavy drinker executives or expatriates that need to travel oversea and at times to remote area.

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  • 1970’s Billericay Boy

    $4.99$13.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    1970’s Billericay Boy is the story of a boy growing to early manhood in the Seventies and transports the reader slap-bang into the middle of a world of ‘bunking’ off school, getting the ‘whack’, smoking Players’ cigarettes at the top of the school field and ‘getting off’ with ‘birds’ at the back of the Archer Hall disco.

    The book is as hilarious, moody and sad as the lives of many teenagers of the time were and those who grew up in the era of Raleigh Choppers, Yamaha Fizzies, flared trousers, DM boots and Saturday afternoon football hooliganism will identify with it well. Dripping with nostalgia and peppered with a host of unforgettable characters, the author remembers his first clumsy encounters with girls, the first vehicles he ever owned and the first time he ever got drunk, as well as reliving the pressures and uncertainties of growing up and starting work during one of Britain’s worst economic recessions – all set against a soundtrack of David Bowie, Abba and Johhny Rotten’s Sex Pistols.

    Peter Jaggs has written many books about Thailand, most of which have reached bestselling status in their own categories. 1970’s Billericay Boy is different in that it revisits the decade he is convinced led him to run like hell to Asia in the first place. Shocking, sobering and side-splittingly funny, his latest book must surely be seen as an important piece of social history in its own right.

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  • Hot Spots to Shop Bangkok

    $4.99$16.99 Johnson-McFarlane, Wendy
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    Meet Wendy as she travels and shops her way through Bangkok.

    Hot Spots to Shop Bangkok contains everything you need to make your shopping holiday memorable and successful. All the hard work has been done, so you’re free to enjoy the unique delights of Bangkok while you shop up a storm!

    Inside, you’ll find tips on:

    • What to do before you leave home
    • Getting around Bangkok
    • The best sightseeing
    • Locating the best bargains
    • Health and safety
    • Customs requirements
    • Food and entertainment
    • And much much more

    Don’t leave home without this book!

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  • Living In Chiang Mai

    $4.99$14.99 Gunn, Alexander
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    After moving from the safety of middle class rural life in England, Alex and his family come to terms with living in Chiang Mai. It’s a little bit different. Well, to be honest with you, it’s about as different as having a nice quiet country walk and then deciding to see what it’s like to go ten rounds in the Saturday Night No Holds Barred Cage Fight Slaughterhouse Rumble hosted by the Creative Breaking legend Iron Knuckles Kane. It is excruciatingly different, and anybody who tells you otherwise is simply lying or well adjusted.

    Alex bumbles through another year treading prawns into the British Ambassadors carpet, unwittingly befriending The Triads, getting mixed up with the shadowy underworld of Chiang Mai’s Water Bandits and ending up in Chiang Mai’s police station.

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  • Thai Karma

    $5.99 Mad Mally
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    A Visitor Guide to Post Coup Thailand

    Thai Karma is a guide to Thailand for the first time visitor to the country, yet it does not focus on Thailand’s many tourist attractions. Instead it offers the novice traveller all they need to know to have a safe and enjoyable travel experience in post coup Thailand. Apart from cultural tips and travel advice, the book features an extensive helpful hints section. Topics include:
    *Eating in Thailand   *Buying at Markets   * Language Tips *Dress Codes * Keeping Cool   *Personal Safety *Pedestrian Hazards    * Thailand’s beaches   * Hospitals and Healthcare. *Toilets & Person hygiene   *Mobile Phones * Visa and Over-stay *Buddha days *Mosquitoes & Bites

    In addition there is an extensive section on the scams and pitfalls that can blight so many holidays in Thailand. It is a must read before any holiday in the county.

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  • Olongapo

    $2.99 Burnett, Lawrence
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    Vietnam’s Playground

    Olongapo was an extraordinary part of our world known to millions. This tiny section of the Far East served as playground for Vietnam. An amusement park for the American Seventh Fleet, contractors and other service members from around the world. Rides in this park featured people’s lives, creating impassioned experiences. Written with deepest respect for those with their names etched into The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Many who experienced joy for the last time while in Olongapo. The Olongapo experience was a true phenomenon, a saturation of life.

    During the peak of Vietnam, the area grew from a population of 40,000 in 1964 to a bulging 138,000 plus by 1969. The undisputed king of liberty ports in Asia, Olongapo’s nightclubs bloomed from 35 to over 300. Pay by play girls increased to over 8,000 while pay by the hour hotels zoomed to more than 200. All of this amazing expansion crammed into just over one acre of frenzy. Men who had been off the coast of Vietnam and people shore based made up the 9 to 14 thousand visitors to the city every night of the year. Most were on brief liberty passes after months at sea and others awaited transfer to Vietnam. The combination created a free spending environment that poured millions of dollars into Olongapo every month.

    My novel is not just for the millions who miss such a unique concentration of life, it is for those who never knew the Olongapo experience.

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  • The Reality of Teaching in Thailand

    $4.99 Mad Mally
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    An in depth look at Teaching in Thailand by a teacher who has had years of experience both in the private sector and Government schools. It seeks to counter the glossy websites that entice young teachers to Thailand on the basis it is a marvelous opportunity. If you are thinking about teaching in Thailand and really want know what to expect, then you will find this book invaluable. Topics covered in the book include:

    • The Political Situation
    • The need for teachers
    • The standard of English in Thailand
    • Teaching English in Thai schools
    • Types of school
    • Thai Students
    • School politics
    • Thai teachers
    • Thai school life
    • Climate and expat factor
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  • The Never Lonely Planet

    $4.99$14.99 Oliver, Martin R
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    Martin Oliver grew up and served an apprenticeship in Coventry, renowned at that time for its car production companies, with the expectation of drifting onto the production line. His fear of spending his working life clocking in and out of a factory, however, led him to join the Merchant Navy and eventually emigrate to Brazil. And so begins an amazing exploration of his experiences, travelling across continents and cultures, breathing in the rich history and absorbing the ever-changing landscape, not without a few bar stops and beer on the way.

    From Brazil and Dubai to Cambodia and Thailand, Oliver delights in the golf, women and nightlife, shares his recollections of his time at sea and the oil exploration industry, explores untouched villages and is haunted by the remnants of atrocities committed the world over. And then there are the people; who would have thought you could find a Liverpool FC supporting tribesman in Eritrea?

    Whilst The Never Lonely Planet is both a travel book and an autobiography, its purpose is also to serve as an inspiration to the reader and to show them that the opportunity to travel is open to almost anyone if they would only take the initiative. The traveller should never be blinded by politics, religion or their ignorance of other cultures.
    On the contrary, a little time spent travelling will result in a new respect and understanding of the people with whom we share our planet.

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  • Into The Night Life

    $4.99$15.99 Horse, Crazy
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    Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Pattaya

    Crazy Horse returns to Asia with his follow up to ‘A Year in the ‘Kok’.

    “Every dissatisfied man in a western country should read this book.”

    “Funny and empowering. Reminds me why I moved to Thailand in the first place.”

    “Don’t visit Bangkok without reading this book first.”


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