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  • Bangkok Exit

    $5.99$12.99 Humphreys, Ryan
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    Teachers College didn’t prepare him for this!
    Stung by a scorpion, coerced into singing an 80’s Karaoke love duet with his tearful boss – twice, performing military drills under the guise of teacher development and living in a desolate, eerie house surrounded by swamp and jungle are a sample of Ryan Humphreys’ amazing but true experiences during his first year of teaching in a Thai school, traveling throughout Thailand and adapting to life in a new and exotic country.

    This good life abroad story is filled with suspense, travel, romance, and most importantly, lots of humor. Join Ryan on his stimulating journey through exotic Thailand as he reveals a side of this fascinating country and its people you have never seen.

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  • Blundering Around Isaan

    $6.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    In recent years Thailand has enjoyed a remarkable rise in the number of tourists coming to visit this fascinating and beautiful country.
    Thailand has been discovered, and hordes of travellers are now flocking to experience the diverse culture, friendly people and delightful beaches for themselves.
    Despite this rapid increase in tourism, there are still villages in the Northeast of the country where things have changed little for hundreds of years.
    Join the author during his unexpected six-month sojourn in Northeast Thailand. Meet farmers, fishermen, spirit doctors and Thai boxers and share in his misadventures as he comes to terms with the warm community of a rural Isaan village.
    Sometimes hilarious, often touching, occasionally tragic – but never dull – this book takes the reader into the heart of the Northeast, and provides an insight into a traditional way of life and a culture that is fast disappearing.

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  • From Beggar to Butterfly

    $5.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Experience a world of beggars, boxers, lady-boys and bar-girls and the men who come to meet them. Take a glimpse into the colourful lives and gain an insight into the secrets of some of the remarkable people who live on the streets of the extraordinary city of Pattaya.
    Extended ebook version with 10 new stories
    “An ironic historical perspective, doses of broad humor and a wide range of Thai characters’.
    James Eckhardt, Phuket Gazette

    “The characters were so representative of the people I had met in Pattaya that I felt I knew many of them already”.
    Temujin, Prostitution Research Centre

    “I think Peter Jaggs’ books are in danger of being recognized as modern classics of Pattaya. I have never read anything so good set amongst the sois and bars of Pattaya”.
    Richard Ravensdale, Pattaya Trader

    “There are more than a few books by farangs about Pattaya, ‘From Beggar to Butterfly’ one of the best. While perusing it James Michener’s tales of the South Pacific came to mind”.
    Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

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  • Fehltritte im Isaan

    $6.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    In den letzten Jahren erfreut sich Thailand eines bemerkenswerten Anstiegs in der Anzahl an Touristen, die dieses faszinierende und schöne Land besuchen.
    Thailand ist sozusagen entdeckt worden und Horden von Reisenden scharen sich mittlerweile hier, um die einzigartige Kultur, das freundliche Wesen seiner Bewohner und die herrlichen Strände selbst zu erfahren.
    Trotz dieses rapiden Anstiegs des Tourismus gibt es im Nordosten des Landes immer noch Dörfer, in denen sich während Hunderten von Jahren nur wenig geändert hat.
    Begleite den Autor zu seinem unbeabsichtigten sechsmonatigen Aufenthalt in Nordost-Thailand. Mach die Bekanntschaft von Fischern, Geist-Heilern und Thai-Boxern und nimm Teil an den Missgeschicken, die ihm unterlaufen, während er sich in der warmherzigen Gemeinde eines ländlichen Isaandorfes einlebt.
    Bisweilen heiter, oft rührend, gelegentlich tragisch – aber nie langweilig – entführt dieses Buch den Leser in das Herz des Nordostens und verschafft ihm so Einblick in eine traditionelle Lebensweise und eine Kultur, die heute in rascher Auflösung begriffen ist.

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  • More Living Thai Ways

    $6.99$12.99 Keller, Michael
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    • Inside into Thai Living
    • Cops & Robbers
    • Relaxing Thai Ways
    • Tsunami
    • and much more…
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  • Summer in Siam

    $5.99$12.99 Borthwick, John
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    ‘I walked out the door, a bit dazed. I had ten dollars and two not-quite diamonds, and it was summer in Siam.’ John Borthwick’s first day in Thailand seemed far from auspicious – but it has been uphill from then on.
    Dropping him in the middle of everything from three-day tribal weddings, elephant polo follies and pristine islands to Pattaya’s bacchanalian nightlife, Thailand has kept John and his pen constantly on the move.
    One of Australia’s leading travel authors, John Borthwick has gathered here the best of his years of Thailand adventures, plus a swag of vivid tales from his wanderings in India, Xinjiang, the Himalayas, Borneo, Bali, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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  • Destination: Asia

    $6.99$12.99 Cole, Carleton
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    Influenced and intrigued as he was by all things Asian, and desperate to escape the monotony of America’s first planned community, when Carleton Cole’s path took him to Thailand, it came as no surprise to him. For years he had been fascinated by Thailand, reading everything he could about the country and even taking a menial job in a local Thai restaurant to rub shoulders with Thais exiled in the American Midwest.
    Confronted by the seriously limited employment options open to the holder of a liberal-arts bachelor’s degree, he set about transplanting himself to what would soon become his adopted home, and a base for exploring the rest of Asia. An atypically quiet American who never really fit into US society, Carleton Cole has found his place in the Land of Smiles, and has developed and maintained a passion for things Thai and Asian.

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  • Thai Insights

    $5.99$9.99 Spencer, David
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    Living in Thailand can in turn be both rewarding and frustrating. But it is always enlightening, and the Thai people will extend a genuine welcome to westerners who are prepared to accept their way of life and unique culture.
    This book gives a light-hearted insight into Thai ways and customs and everyday Thai life, based upon the author’s personal experiences and observations over many years.

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  • Klongs – Thai Waterways and Reflections of Her People

    $9.99$16.99 Hamburger, Pamela
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    A fascinating portrayal of the ancient klongs of Bangkok. This fast disappearing world is seen not only through the keen eye of a photographer but also the pen of a consummate journalist, capturing the essence of real life on the klongs.
    Accompanying the photographs are revealing interviews with dozens of klong dwellers, all of whom were born and bred on these very banks, many of whom are old enough to remember another life in another time.
    This book shows a face of Thailand which many visitors don’t get to see, and if they do take a trip on the klongs, what are the stories of those who live there?

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  • Sex, Lies & Bar Girls

    $6.99 Bamber, James
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    The ABCs of Bar Fines & Short Times

    All you need to know about bar girls

    Specialized adventure guide dedicated to all the Isaan Yings in Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza & Patpong.

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  • Visa Run: Pattaya to Sihanoukville

    $6.99$14.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Joe Bucket is a hard-bitten English ex-pat who first came to Pattaya when it was little more than a fishing village. He is an ordinary guy who likes beer, football and fishing — and loves Thai women even more.
    But with the great changes the city has undergone, perhaps it was inevitable that, after twenty-five years, even the fantastic had become familiar.
    That was until Joe met old Ron, a retired merchant seaman in a wheelchair who was not long for this world. The shrewd old seafarer persuaded Joe to carry out a last task for him, and the next thing the Pattaya old-hand knew, he was bound for Sihanoukville in Cambodia to search for a Khmer bar-girl the fading seafarer desperately needed to find.
    Accompany Joe Bucket from Pattaya to Cambodia and on his adventures among the streets, bars, brothels and beaches of Sihanoukville and let him introduce you to the gangsters, hookers and other misfits he meets along the way.
    Visa Run is written with humour and feeling and insight into the steamy worlds of Pattaya and Sihanoukville. The book is also filled with information of the sort that you certainly will not find in conventional travel guides.

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  • Achan: A Year of Teaching in Thailand

    $3.99$9.99 Booksmango
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    This lively collection of vignettes, pithy essays, profiles, humorous anecdotes and travel tales shares the experience of a seasoned American writer, traveler, and teacher who spent a year as a guest lecturer at a university in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It offers an entertaining and enlightening read for anyone who loves exploring other countries and cultures. A gem of a travel memoir!

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  • A Land Like None You Know

    $4.99$14.99 Forsyth, Patrick
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    Burma (or Myanmar as it is now called) is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It has been ruled for many years by a ruthless, repressive junta, it suffers regular earthquakes and the cyclone of May 2008 left more than a hundred thousand people injured, homeless or dead.
    Yet this is a magical place: a country of contrasts with a rambunctious history and a culture that is both awesome and fascinating. Largely on a whim, prompted by sitting next to the ‘neighbour from hell’ on a long-haul flight, the author decides to visit Mandalay, the ‘Golden City’ foreseen by ancient Buddhist prophesies. Despite controversy – there are campaigns suggesting you do not travel to Burma on the grounds that doing so supports the government – he makes a trip, flying to Bangkok and on to Yangon (previously Rangoon) and makes much of the journey on the river cruiser Road to Mandalay sailing along the famous Ayeyarwady.
    Along the way he encounters taxis pulled by oxen; rings the largest bell in the world; learns how to wear a skirt, the difference between a stupa and a pagoda and why florescent pink tiles are used in temples.
    In this lively and light-hearted account of his journey he watches the best sunset in the world on the plains of Bagan, and as the sun sinks behind the towers of pagodas stretching in countless numbers to the horizon, concludes that this wonderful country is worthy of everyone’s attention, and perhaps help too.

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  • Bangkok Blondes

    $6.99$13.99 Bangkok Women Writers Group
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    Very few books on Thailand are written by women. ‘Bangkok Blondes‘ is one of the first. It reflects the lives of creative women who live and write in Thailand – The Bangkok Women’s Writers Group.
    Bangkok Blondes shows you everything in the tourist package and more…

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  • Experience Preferred…But not Required

    $5.99 Murphy, Paul
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    Foreign Teachers in Thailand
    Dark comedy and a sometimes brutally realistic portrayal of the kinds of dubious characters who infest school staff rooms across Thailand, make this book essential reading for anyone who has ever taught English in Asia, and those who want to know why they do it!

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  • The Outsider’s Guide to Thailand

    $19.99 Benjamin, Oliver
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    Tired of insider’s guides that tell you all the inside information you never really cared to know? Then crack open ‘The Outsider’s Guide to Thailand’, a collection of insightful and humorous essays and photographs by a local journalist who is still extremely confused about the actual inner workings of Thai culture.

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