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  • Getting Away With It

    $4.99 Harris, Stephen
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    Step into the world of the Costa del Crime in the ’90s and meet the characters who were involved in the drug trade. Delve into the story to discover the truth behind the corruption with the local mayor and the guard civil. You have seen the film ‘The Business’. Well, I lived it true to life. I guess you can say I was Danny Dyer in flesh. From paying the police to sit in the BP garage and drink coffee as I bring a tonne of hash in one run on the beach next to the main road at 5am to the endless drugs, parties and sex. I was young, dumb and full of cum, but would not change it for world; I had the time of my life.

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  • The Blue Diamond Affair

    $6.99 Hudon, Antoine
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    The theft of the century! The famous Blue Diamond Affair! The jewel heist by a Thai employee in a Saudi Arabian Prince’s palace continues to have shocking repercussions. The object of analysis and speculation since 1989, it led to murder and corruption, threatened diplomatic relations between the two countries, and remains a mystery to this day.

    The Blue Diamond Affair is a thrilling tale of venality and greed that left a stunning amount of damage in its wake. Having pored over every detail of this complex intrigue, the author lays out the facts and draws new conclusions, with insights to relaunch the debate on what really happened.

    To place the affair in its context and provide local color, this story is merged with one couple’s adventure: a story of love and betrayal in a country seething with corruption. The main character, a woman of ambition, both vulnerable and heroic, woes to fight the power of the Thai oligarchy.

    This brings a universal human element and allows the author to delve into the shady world of bars and prostitution.

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  • The Bangkok Cowboys

    $12.99 Lewis, Alexander
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    A tale based on true events.

    The Bangkok Cowboys is a gritty, straight talking tale based on true events with dashes of unique northern humour in parts, bringing to life the astonishing journey of two working class men told by the writer in their own words, how they struggled working the streets in the rag trade throughout the North East of England. After them being held down by higher forces, they eventually get the break in the used-clothing industry using their wits and determination and become successful exporters into Eastern Europe.

    Striking up a friendship with their new Eastern European buyers, they soon realise that things are not all that they seem, and they are foolishly drawn into the paranoid world of trafficking cocaine out of England. Being overwhelmed by their new found wealth takes them on a path to the hedonistic world of Thailand’s red light districts, believing Thailand was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; their minds become blurred from the true reality of life.

    They then team up with an ex-Liverpool bouncer living in Bangkok, for their most daring plan of the whole operation, maybe thinking they were untouchable or they walked on water, they entered the corrupt world of Thailand. As always, in Thailand, money is number one to the Thais; this causing a dramatic showdown with the corrupt Thai police for an ending packed with suspense and betrayal showing Thailand’s corruption at its best.

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  • Sharia

    $3.99$19.99 Bradbury, Ray
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    A fascinating look at what life is like living under Sharia law, the Islamic code of conduct.

    Bradbury has seen it first hand and suffered at the hands of it. He tells it as it is and what to expect.

    Do you know what Sharia law is?

    Have you ever considered what it would be like to live under Sharia law? If not, you should.

    One only has to look at the statistics showing the rise of Islam in the world today to see it is only a matter of time before Sharia comes to us all. There is no stopping it. In the future, it will be mandatory for many Western countries, if not all. Sceptics can disagree and look past the politicians who have paved the way for its implementation, but it will happen.

    But don’t be afraid. Some people are happy with it. They feel it is justified because it does have its good points—it cleanses the soul.

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  • The Surveillant’s Old Tin Trunk

    $6.99$19.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Life, Love and Death on Devil’s Island
    Some years ago an old tin trunk and its contents were given to the author of this book by an old lady approaching her ninetieth year. She was the only daughter of a guard who had been deployed to work in French Guiana (Devil’s Island) during the early days of the twentieth century. The rusting old box was full of the diaries, sketches, papers and personal effects of a young man and his wife, who were based in one of the most notorious jungle work camps in the penal colony and whose duty it was to attempt to control some of France’s worst transported criminals. The author studied and researched the contents of the trunk and with the help of countless conversations with the fascinating old lady, the extraordinary story that came out of the Surveillant’s old tin trunk can now be retold.

    The book is a powerful, compelling and haunting depiction of family and convict life in the overseas prison colonies of France. It is a tale of love, hatred, deception and vengance that pendulums between the romantic and the horrific without missing a beat.

    Illustrated with contemporary photographs, paintings and sketches that are historically immensly significant, The Surveillant’s Old Tin Trunk provides an unparalleled insight into the troubled life of a young family man stationed in what has always been known as perhaps the most infamous and brutal penal colony ever to have existed.

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  • You’ll never walk alone

    $6.99$14.99 Singh, Debbie
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    A true story about the ‘Bangkok Hilton’

    2nd updated edition

    Debbie Singh’s life fell apart when she received a letter from her brother out of the blue. He had been sentenced to 10 years in Klong Prem prison in Bangkok for attempting to cash false travellers cheques. The severity of the sentence shocked Singh, who set of to Bangkok to support him and later to locate his Thai born son.
    Appalled by the horrendous circumstances she found him in, she started to campaign to have him transferred to an Australian jail, something never achieved before.
    This campaign changed her life and that of her family forever.
    With great honesty and heart, You’ll Never Walk Alone tells the story of Singh’s great determination and strength in the face of adversity, the roller coaster ride of emotions she had to face in the six year struggle to help her brother, her ongoing charity work and the heartbreak she felt as her life was torn apart by a bitter twist in the tail.
    In 2014 with the encouragement of friends and people who have read her book Debbie decided to update her sixteen year journey and love for Thailand and its people.

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  • Mirrored Images

    $4.99 Catalano, Rosanne
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    Author and Publisher Rosanne Catalano begins her book with a poem she wrote about, and dedication to, her late father and still-living mother, and goes into a short story she wrote about an experience with bullying in the eighth grade of school to a story about being saved by a guardian angel when the story’s character is in her mid 30’s.

    An interesting read of an author’s collection of poetry, short stories and story articles, in which you the reader must guess which of her stories are fiction or fact.

    Rosanne’s next book, a crime fiction novel titled “Escape & Redemption,” will start off where this book leaves off with her short story titled “From Bags to Riches.”

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  • Surviving Pattaya

    $4.99 Dobken, James
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    Surviving Pattaya: take a closer look at the cover before you start reading. The picture is not a set up. The girl in handcuffs murdered a 64 year old Finnish man here in our beloved Sin City. She got 23 years sentence and is serving that now.
    Looking at her one could never believe that she, out of all persons in the world, could do anything like that. She is one of the reasons why it is essential to read this book before you go to Pattaya the first or the next time.

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  • The Ming Inheritance

    $2.99 Locke, Thom
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    A six hundred year old legend brought to life~a heart stopping race against history…

    Phitsanulok, October 1465 AD. The long lost Ming Emperor Jianwen is secretly and finally laid to rest in the northern reaches of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. An Ayutthaya court official oversees the interment amidst the horrified screams of the Ming diplomats who accompany their emperor into the darkness.

    Boston, July 1998. A Boston City police detective is banished from his city for helping to create a scandal which could plunge the city into chaos. He is told to never return.

    Chiang Mai, October 2003. Sam Collins, a former Boston City Police detective, is happily retired in Chiang Mai, Thailand when his world is suddenly turned upside down. Innocently helping a friend track down a colleague, Sam finds himself entangled in a mystery over 600 years old.

    From the picturesque Mae Hong Song mountain hamlet of Pai to the alluring go-go bars of Pattaya, Sam is lured into a deadly race against time and history. Sex, murder, and mayhem are his constant companions as he journeys throughout Thailand in quest of the long forgotten Ming Inheritance.

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  • Malevolence

    $4.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Karma of the Thailand Underworld

    Best-selling author of books about Thailand and Asia Peter Jaggs takes time out from his more usual light-hearted travelogues to bring his readers a haunting tale of violence, greed and retribution in the Thai underworld. First told to him as a true story in a bar in Pattaya by an ancient mamasan, Jaggs has molded the old woman’s reminiscences into a chilling tale that those of a weak constitution might do better to leave well alone. Peppered with almost Dickensian characters from the backstreets of Bangkok and Pattaya and seasoned with insights into the sub-culture of the outcasts of Thailand, ‘Malevolence’ is a book that will keep you turning the pages in fascinated horror, towards a harrowing twist in the final pages that will keep the nightmares recurring for many months to come.

    Jaggs’ writing can be insightful, but don’t expect it to be too politically correct PROSTITUTION RESEARCH CENTRE

    (Jaggs) will make the neck hair stand up in recognition PATTAYA TRADER MAGAZINE

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  • Aum Shinrikyo – Japan’s Unholy Sect

    $5.99 Kimura, Rei
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    On the 26th of March 1995, sarin gas was released in a Tokyo subway station crammed with morning rush hour commuters and all hell broke loose.
    In the aftermath of anguish, death, painful injuries and broken lives, the deadly action was traced back to a cult called Aum Shinrikyo.
    What lay behind this ferocious lashing the cult had given to the orderly, uncluttered society Japan was so proud of? What dark sinister secrets lay behind the walls of the Aum Shinrikyo compound in Kamikuishiki at the peaceful foothills of Mount Fuji?
    Tsutsumi Sakamoto, a Yokohama lawyer took up the challenge of finding answers to these questions and one cold, gray November morning in 1995, the young attorney, his wife and ten month old son disappeared without a trace.
    This is the chilling story of how a young lawyer sacrificed his life and that of his poignantly young family to stem the reign of terror of the cult’s guru, Shoko Asahara. The investigation into the cult that followed uncovered a chilling trail of murders, disappearances and evil plans to destroy mankind with nerve gas and other weapons of mass destruction.
    For six long years, Tsutsumi Sakamoto called out from his lonely hillside grave and on September the 6th, 1995 he was heard at last. His body was discovered and the crab shells strewn all around told a chilling tale of how his killers had coldly feasted on crabs as they threw his body into that lonely unmarked grave he did not deserve.
    Sakamoto and his family had died to right a social wrong and to expose the evil plans of deadly terrorists crouching dangerously behind the cloak of religion, the rest was up to the living.

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  • Live Cheap – Die Cheap

    $4.99 Costello, John Graham
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    Live Cheap, Die Cheap, a world where drugs, violence, money and corruption go hand in hand, it  will induce tears of sadness and tears of laughter; you will be shocked and appalled, amazed and inspired; you will propel from admiration and respect and end up reeling in disgust. But ultimately, you will feel.

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