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  • Asian Love and Sadness

    $4.99 Spencer, David
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    A thriller following the trials and tribulations of four generations of a Laotion Hmong family beginning during the Laos/Vietnam war, followed by their lives as refugees in Thailand before finally ending in Australia.

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  • A Year in Chiang Mai

    $4.99$13.99 Gunn, Alexander
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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on holiday and never go back? Alex and his wife Chrissy decided that if they were going to change their lives they had better do it before their 2 small children got too old and too settled. They gave up good jobs, put their house on the market, said goodbye to bemused friends and relatives, found new homes for their geese and goats and moved from rural England to the other side of the world.
    They chose the jungle city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where they had no friends, no contacts and no income (and no geese or goats). A year later having survived near bankruptcy, rabies, cock fights, police road blocks, the mysterious elephant cowboys and a Yoda like monk who sold them a lucky charm wooden penis, they managed to set up what has become an award winning travel company, “The Life Change People”.
    This unusual business aims to change people’s lives in just 7 days. Reading this book might just change yours!

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  • Kelly – the Bar girl who would be president

    $6.99$16.69 Worthington, Sam
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    The story is based in the fictitious Ramage Islands a former British colony and SE Asian state run by a wealthy elite who belittle the downtrodden and often desperately poor masses.
    After life as a street child Kelly almost inevitable ends up ‘working bar.’ She meets Philip Carrington a retired UK businessman just before her friend is killed by a tearaway driver who is the son of a local politician. The son is due to ‘walkover’ a local council bye election but Kelly makes it a competition and aided by Carrington wins. This sets in chain a series of events which lead to Kelly eventually seeking the ultimate position of President.
    But as ever in Asia there are more than a few obstacles in the way as she struggles with total corruption and an elite that may talk about good governance, and wanting a better place for all, but it the end they do not want to change anything.
    This is a fast paced story that looks into the soul of Asian governance as well as the way the West treats the third world.

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  • Thailand Old Hand

    $4.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Thirty Years around the Bars and Backstreets of Asia

    Peter Jaggs has the unerring ability of being able to blunder into a good story wherever he travels in Asia. Whether perusing the bars and brothels of Pattaya and Angeles City, meeting up with an archaic spirit doctor in the wilds of the Isaan countryside, losing his way in the war-time tunnels of Cu-Chi in Vietnam, becoming embroiled in a punch-up with the local tough-guy in a Philippine backstreet or encountering an ethereal ghost on a deserted, moonlit beach in Thailand, he tells the tale with his own peculiar stamp of originality, humor and accuracy.
    The twenty true short stories in this – the author’s eighth book – are as colorful, diverse and sometimes as confusing as the continent of Asia itself. Many will make you laugh, others may make you want to cry and one or two will probably appall you. Whatever your reaction may be to some of the memories of a man who has spent almost three decades making the most of what Asia has to offer, ‘Thailand Old Hand’ makes for a rattling good suitcase read and is a book you will find hard to put down.

    “The author is an Old Thailand Hand; it’s apparent he has been around long enough to become insightful” Bangkok Post

    “Jaggs has become like a master brewer, skillfully distilling a wealth of living experiences into some very funny moments” Pattaya Trader

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  • Eine Hochsaison

    $6.99$17.99 Gump, J.F.
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    Jarapans Träume starben an dem Tag, an dem sie vergewaltigt wurde. Es war nicht ihr Fehler, dennoch wird sie von jedem mit Verachtung gestraft. Als sie in die Touristen-Stadt Pattaya flieht, um ein neues Leben zu beginnen, werden die emotionalen Räder des Schicksals in Bewegung gesetzt.
    Mike Johnson hat lange genug in Pattaya gelebt, um ein zynischer Mann geworden zu sein. Nichts ist mehr so, wie es war, seit er Tippawan (“Math”) Bongkot verloren hat, die Frau, die selbst im Tod noch sein Herz besitzt. Als er Jarapan kennenlernt, werden aus längst begrabenen Leidenschaften wieder Liebe. Dann wird Mike krank, wirklich krank, und ein Feuerstrum menschlichen Dramas, der ihre neue Liebe jenseits aller Vernunft auf die Probe stellt, wird entfacht.
    “Eine Hochsaison” ist der gefühlsmäßige Abschluss einer kraftvollen Thailand-Trilogie, die von einer Kontinente und Kulturen überspannende Suche nach Liebe und Glück handelt. Lies diese unglaubliche Saga von Liebe, Leidenschaft und Abenteuer:

    Selbst Thai-Mädchen weinen“, “Die Farang-Affäre” und “Eine Hochsaison” (die abschließende, unvergessliche Episode).

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