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  • Japanese Rose

    $5.99 Kimura, Rei
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    The kamikaze pilots or “Winds of God” were created in 1945, during Japan’s twilight year of the Second World War. The world looked upon this monstrous creation of “human bombs” with disbelief but the young patriotic men of Japan who signed up for the terrifying attack missions of the kamikaze program were unstoppable.
    Women looked on with envy and frustration at their own inadequacies which allowed only men into the program, but did anyone of them really take the daring step of breaking this rule?
    Japanese Rose” is a haunting story of the secret life and love of Sayuri Miyamoto, the woman who DID dare to take on the whole Japanese military to follow her dream of becoming a kamikaze pilot and paid dearly for that dream.
    “No one must ever know there was a female kamikaze pilot to dishonor and disgrace the discipline of the Japanese military so from today, you Sayuri Miyamoto are officially dead!”
    This book also takes readers on a sad journey through the ravages of war torn Japan seen from the eyes of a young woman who cherished the impossible and forbidden dream of becoming a female kamikaze pilot.
    “Who is this? And why do you call me by this name? It hasn’t been used for 60 years!” the crisp irritable voice had changed to a soft, quivering whisper like the moaning of an injured animal and it made Mayumi uncomfortable at her intrusion into someone’s obviously painful past.
    With these words, Sayuri Miyamoto finally broke the silence that had been imposed on her for decades. But History will never admit or accept her existence so was she real or a myth born of the feverish imagination of one woman with an unfulfilled dream?

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  • The General’s Daughter

    $6.99$17.99 Vann, Micky
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    English language expert Rodrigo Hernandez de Vargas is a familiar face in Jakarta’s (in)famous Jalan Jaksa kampong, having lived there several years. He’s got the place mapped, including where the open sewers are, is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, got a great rooftop pad and makes enough money to look after himself, party on the weekend and take trips to various Asian destinations during term breaks.
    Nevertheless he gets more than a bit lonely, at times. Sure, there are plenty very attractive temporary companions to take out for a date, but this Latino prefers something a bit more romantic and long lasting, something more like a relationship.
    However, when he finds what he is looking for, he gets a lot more than he expected.
    Lots more trouble, that is.
    Sure, he can escape… and he does so eventually… to Bangkok… only to find his old stamping ground strewn with one fracas after the other, though admittedly not all of his own doing.
    But seriously… does he learn anything new and/or useful?
    Indeed he does, though that only becomes clear at the end of this travel-cum-living-rather-dangerously three-part saga.

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