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  • Outdoor Adventures

    $4.99$8.99 Simandan, V.M.
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    A Story Set in Thailand

    Outdoor Adventures is a story for children full of riddles and life lessons every child should be exposed to.

    Follow the Lesters as they travel from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand where they have a series of wonderful and educational adventures. Alice and Ethan, the family’s two young children, learn about the heroes buried at the War Cemetery, go rafting on the River Kwai, explore the Bridge on the River Kwai, and then go climbing at Erawan National Park and cool off in its amazing waterfall.

    But the adventures don’t stop here as the Lesters continue their trip up the river in a canoe, build a huge bonfire at the tree hut camp, and go trekking the next day in the wild jungle. Even more excitement awaits them during their elephant ride which is followed by a slow train ride through the countryside.

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  • Nixon et autres oiseaux exotiques

    $6.99 Hudon, Antoine
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    Ce roman présente une galerie de personnages truculents et attachants dans les situations les plus typiques des étrangers venus vivre ou s’égayer dans le Pays du sourire. L’auteur ironise sur les maladroites tentatives d’adaptation à la vie orientale, variété thaïlandaise, d’Occidentaux bons vivants, traînant parfois sur leur dos un vieil adolescent pris du mal de vivre.

    Il s’agit de la traduction et adaptation de Bangkok Knights de Collin Piprell, écrivain canadien vivant en Thaïlande. Ce livre à succès a paru originellement en 1989 sous forme de nouvelles et a été réédité par la suite.

    Le livre est écrit dans une prose délicieusement ironique et quoique certaines situations soient légèrement exagérées pour l’effet comique, l’ensemble est résolument réaliste. La critique des comportements est présente sans nuire au ton léger. Le résultat est un livre immensément drôle, parfois émouvant et toujours instructif.

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  • Thailand Changes

    $4.99$13.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    This book takes an offbeat and humorous look at how tourism has changed radically in Thailand over the past thirty-five years, seen through the eyes of two red-blooded young men who made their first trips to the country over three decades apart.
    Peter Jaggs provides an unparalleled insight into the night-streets, tourist resorts and rural villages of both modern day and bygone Thailand and goes some way to explaining why many men become so hooked on the country after just one short visit, it changes their lives forever.
    Thailand Changes is at the same time both hilarious and sobering. The writing is blunt and honest and about as politically correct as a sexist Klansman on a baby seal hunt wearing an ocelot fur coat, so reader discretion is advised.

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  • The Postmistress of Nong Khai

    $14.99 Hurst, Frank
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    Passion, deception and intrigue provide a heady mix in this exciting thriller set the dangerous world of international drugs trafficking.

    Frank Hurst, who worked in international drugs intelligence for four decades provides an enthralling behind the scenes look at the methods employed to capture people like Mr Nice (Howard Marks).

    Thrilling, Vividly described. If you want to know how the “War on Drugs” was actually conducted you can’t do better than read Frank Hurst. Bangkok Post

    Fascinating. So tense that fingernails are bitten. Reminiscent of old school thriller writers like Alistair Maclean. The Bookbag UK

    Hurst’s descriptive and scene setting is brilliant. A particular treat. Left us wanting more. Phuket News

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  • Bangkok Sunrise

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    How can you rescue a Thai girl from a brothel?
    Jade has an idea to save her sister, Mayya. “Mr Lee, he clever man. You must make him offer…” and she used the drippings in my saucer to draw a map of ‘Mike-v-Lee’.
    First, a square: “This you,” she said. Then, a second square… about six inches away. “You be useful – if work for Mr Lee, he no hurt you.”
    I had no argument with ‘not getting hurt’. “You know how he operates?”
    “You need fence to keep you safe,” and she added a line of strokes between the two squares. “If Lee see fence, he not attack you,” Jade explained. “We give him fence to think about…”
    When the Picasso scam on Gran Canaria went pear-shaped, we sent the Midnight painting to Lee Ho Chan in Bangkok. But our favourite Chinese merchant was involved in the Bangkok Sunrise plot to overthrow the government and before he’d let us take Mayya home, he wanted me to collect a secret letter from his brother in Chiang Mai.
    So we chased our tails from Bangkok to Koh Samui and on to Chiang Mai. But when my contact was murdered in a ride-by shooting, I lost my link to Lee’s brother – and unless we had that letter, we had no hope of saving Mayya… or the government of Thailand.
    But while all this was happening, where was Corinne Bruckmann?

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  • The Moon Hunter

    $4.99$12.99 Simandan, V.M.
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    Stories by students from Thailand

    The forest ranger is desperately searching for his missing friend. The night is dark and danger crawls everywhere. But the hunter becomes the hunted! Attacked from all sides, the ranger narrowly escapes only to face even more dangers. In the struggle, he loses his rifle and now needs to rely only on his pistol. And then he hears his friend moaning…

    “The Moon Hunter” is a collection of 70 stories written by students at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand. They cover a vast range of genres, from horror to adventure to sci-fi, but they all make an entertaining read for young readers.

    Ultimately, this collection of stories aims at asking young people, their teachers, and their parents the following question: “Who said you can’t write?”

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  • Worlds Apart

    $4.99$14.99 Oliver, Martin R
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    A Collection of Short Stories

    Peter loves his wife dearly, and does everything to make her happy, so why would he invent a story that his work is taking him to Bangkok for a couple of weeks? His wife Juliana follows him to try and discover why!

    Bebito, a young boy from the interior of Bahia Brazil, becomes another Brazilian ‘‘street child’. He makes friends with Marcopolo who teaches him how to survive on the streets of Salvador. But why must he go home to repay his former employer, the rich landowner Snr. Calvacanti?

    Reginald, a young man from a religious background, decides on a career at sea as a ships engineer. Life at sea, and the characters he lives and works with are not exactly what he expected.

    The author’s description in ‘The Game of Golf’, where he and his Scottish friend play a typical weekly round together with a Japanese competitor and an elderly South African gentleman. The situations they encounter are humorous, but typical.

    “Worlds Apart – a collection of short stories”, is Oliver’s sequel to his popular first novel “The Never Lonely Planet” which describes his travel experiences, and the places and people he met in many countries, all over the world. “Worlds Apart – a collection of short stories” is a collection of short stories written in his distinctive style. The stories are a fusion of fact with fiction, leaving the reader to guess which situations and characters are real, and which are not?

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  • The Last Tuk Tuk to Bang Na

    $2.99 Pullinger, John
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    Steve Conway hits Bangkok

    Intrigue, Murder, Deception and Romance

    Steve Conway returns to Bangkok to run his company’s local operation and saves the life of a beautiful Thai girl during a shoot out on arrival at Bangkok airport. A romance develops but Conway is unaware her family is marked for death by a Romanian drug lord because of a crackdown by her father, a high-ranking policeman.

    Conway is drawn further into this dangerous web of intrigue when the drug lord becomes aware of his association with this family. He befriends a young Thai undercover cop who saves his life and tells him of a plot to assassinate the father at an award ceremony to be attended by the King of Thailand.

    Suddenly a pleasant sojourn in the Thai capital turns deadly as in true Conway style he once again confronts murderous foes, exotic women intent on his seduction including the outrageously flamboyant and sexy Lily Li, Thai female boxers and British skinheads looking for trouble, in this tale of murder, deception, intrigue and romance set in Bangkok, Thailand’s exotic island of Koh Samet and Manila.

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  • The Bangkok Cowboys

    $12.99 Lewis, Alexander
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    A tale based on true events.

    The Bangkok Cowboys is a gritty, straight talking tale based on true events with dashes of unique northern humour in parts, bringing to life the astonishing journey of two working class men told by the writer in their own words, how they struggled working the streets in the rag trade throughout the North East of England. After them being held down by higher forces, they eventually get the break in the used-clothing industry using their wits and determination and become successful exporters into Eastern Europe.

    Striking up a friendship with their new Eastern European buyers, they soon realise that things are not all that they seem, and they are foolishly drawn into the paranoid world of trafficking cocaine out of England. Being overwhelmed by their new found wealth takes them on a path to the hedonistic world of Thailand’s red light districts, believing Thailand was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; their minds become blurred from the true reality of life.

    They then team up with an ex-Liverpool bouncer living in Bangkok, for their most daring plan of the whole operation, maybe thinking they were untouchable or they walked on water, they entered the corrupt world of Thailand. As always, in Thailand, money is number one to the Thais; this causing a dramatic showdown with the corrupt Thai police for an ending packed with suspense and betrayal showing Thailand’s corruption at its best.

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  • Down And Out In The Big Mango And Other Thai Stories

    $4.99$12.99 McManus, Tony
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    Thailand; a name to conjure with. A land of smiles, exotic women, superb cuisine, sun, sea, sand and, almost, free love. A promise of paradise it seems. But a paradise that has its dangers. Thailand can surprise the unwary in manifold ways,

    These stories of foreigners, experiences in Thailand, explore those surprises and dangers. A foreign love triangle leads to a deadly denouement in Bangkok. A French expat, cleaned out by a Thai beauty, panhandles Bangkok streets. A gullible tourist gets fleeced by corrupt cops in a cool massage take down. A man walks out of his house, his family and his life and turns up thirty seven years later in a Chiang Mai guesthouse; dead. A broker rips off his clients and flees with a million dollars on his head. Seven years later a bounty hunter sets out to find him with a photograph his only clue. A rich playboy, enjoying a Girl Friend Experience with a difference, gets more than he bargained for.

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  • Into The Night Life

    $4.99$15.99 Horse, Crazy
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    Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Pattaya

    Crazy Horse returns to Asia with his follow up to ‘A Year in the ‘Kok’.

    “Every dissatisfied man in a western country should read this book.”

    “Funny and empowering. Reminds me why I moved to Thailand in the first place.”

    “Don’t visit Bangkok without reading this book first.”


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  • Tiger Blue

    $4.99$14.99 Cameron, Leslie
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    (sequel to Daughter of the Snake)

    What’s it like to own a brothel? Not just any old come-and-screw-me-for-a-dollar bonking-barracks – but a genuine top-shelf rattle-alley, right in the heart of Bangkok’s Red Light district.
    Who thought of it? Was it Brad? Was it Zakrov? Was it me? And how did it happen? Trust me, friends, it was never on my wish-list. But just as in the nursery rhyme, Tiger Blue fell off the wall and landed at my feet. And when it broke, it caused a whole stack of trouble.
    But let’s go back to the beginning… and that tear-jerking text message from Kodi…
    I so sad – I love you, Mr Billy… Shortly after midnight on that Monday morning, Kodi’s message buzzed my cell phone. I was on the ‘goodbye-Thailand’ side of Don Muang airport, waiting for the KLM to Schiphol. Kodi was history. I was going back to Victoria. (OK, she’s married, but her husband doesn’t seem to bother.) Life was heading back to normal. And then I read that irritating: I so sad – I love you, Mr Billy text message.
    Jesus! Had she changed her mind already? Two nights ago, I’d pitched my proposal. I’d agreed to most of her demands – and Selena should not have been a problem. But after that red-haired witch had filled her head with stories of sun-kissed beaches and endless jugs of mango juice, Kodi decided that Australia would be a lot more exciting than Thailand.
    And now this bloody I So Sad… It was total Bollocks with a capital B. If she’d told me sooner, I could have changed my going-home date, booked a morning with a monk and got on with the serious batting practice after lunch.
    But then I had my Glory Hallelujah moment!
    Think about it, Billy: an I so Sad… is like an I’m Available… So if she’s putting you back in the game, why not take another shot? From this, a flash of old-fashioned common sense: If you want her, book another flight… Get back and stake your claim…

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  • Teaching in Thailand

    $13.99 Pisarich, Davis
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    A Practical System

    A Practical Guide
    Get the highest paid available job
    Teach Thais effectively and keep them engaged
    Includes classroom exercises & tips to keep you stress free

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  • Lost

    $2.99$13.99 D'Costa, Bob
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    A love story to make you fall in love again

    Before Rohan returned to his country, he and Fai had promised to keep communicating. But in these five years what prevents her from replying to his e-mails?
    Their love for each other was close to madness and the ghost of their relationship kept haunting him.
    Now once again he has to visit Bangkok. Will he get to meet her there? If he does, what will his destiny foretell? Or hers?

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  • Modern Twilight

    $5.99$11.99 Turner, S D
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    Modern Twilight is set in Bangkok, and is the story of Jow, a working-class bar girl turned middle-class housewife.
    If you have ever even considered starting a serious relationship with a bar girl, then you should read this book. Learn how she really spends all that money you thought was for her sick aunt’s hospital treatment. And discover what she really does with all her spare time.

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  • The Ming Inheritance

    $2.99 Locke, Thom
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    A six hundred year old legend brought to life~a heart stopping race against history…

    Phitsanulok, October 1465 AD. The long lost Ming Emperor Jianwen is secretly and finally laid to rest in the northern reaches of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. An Ayutthaya court official oversees the interment amidst the horrified screams of the Ming diplomats who accompany their emperor into the darkness.

    Boston, July 1998. A Boston City police detective is banished from his city for helping to create a scandal which could plunge the city into chaos. He is told to never return.

    Chiang Mai, October 2003. Sam Collins, a former Boston City Police detective, is happily retired in Chiang Mai, Thailand when his world is suddenly turned upside down. Innocently helping a friend track down a colleague, Sam finds himself entangled in a mystery over 600 years old.

    From the picturesque Mae Hong Song mountain hamlet of Pai to the alluring go-go bars of Pattaya, Sam is lured into a deadly race against time and history. Sex, murder, and mayhem are his constant companions as he journeys throughout Thailand in quest of the long forgotten Ming Inheritance.

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  • A Year in the ‘Kok

    $4.99$14.99 Horse, Crazy
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    A Novel of Bangkok Nights
    Ripped straight from the nightlife of Bangkok City Center and the off the wall pages of Western Man in Asia, notorious blog author Crazy Horse reveals all about his crazy first year in the ‘Kok.

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  • Indochina Chronicles (1974-1975)

    $4.99$7.99 Pianaro, Maurizio
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    In war-torn Indochina, a mercenary pilot lives to fly. A dramatic picture of a season in hell, where people are both victims and witnesses of catastrophic events. A mal de vivre that no one and nothing could heal.
    Maurizio Pianaro is a writer who was in Cambodia during the fall of the country by Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.

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