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  • God’s Love Letters

    $4.99$11.99 Davis, Mary
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    God’s Love Letters is written through the eyes of an intercessor. Throughout the circumstances of life the intercessor is moved by the questions, the heartaches, the pains and the struggles of others. The intercessor desires to see men, women, boys and girls walk in freedom, peace of mind and the love that God desires for His own creation.
    The work of Jesus Christ through His death and Resurrection, offering salvation, forgiveness, healing, deliverance and restoration to the Father, is also the model for the intercessor.
    Those that are called to this ministry must likewise lay down their lives and must stand between God and His children to bring restoration.
    The book is a series of prayers, as God speaks to His own through stories of hope. The book also reveals the heart of a loving Father who cares about His children and has given His Holy Spirit to guide the intercessor to the place of prayer.

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