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  • How to Beat the High Cost of Dying

    $4.99$14.99 Mullins, Tom Moon
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    Louie doesn’t want to die alone or in a Nursing home.The paradise of Thailand appears to be a panacea!

    The clock of life is ticking and waits for no man!

    Louie is trying to delay the inevitable and the Disneyland milieu of Bangkok seems the place to live the dream!

    Louie is sick physically and sick of his existence in America.

    Louie is an aging Social Worker who has come to grips with his mortality. He will now decide how to deal with the inevitable.

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  • I AM

    $0.00 Mccullough, John

    Are you lost and confused or seeking the purpose of life?

    Are you looking for cures of diseases or cancer?

    Do you have a problem with your weight?

    Or just seeking a spiritual peace?

    This book has the answers and the Truth will set you free.

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  • Heart II

    $2.99 Frances, Oliver
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    “Heart II” begins with “Kiss Me”, in which a young lady and a man finally find what is most essential in life, though only in the final hours of their lives.

    In “Young Boy”, a man’s freakishly youthful appearance allows him to relive his teen years and to finally mature – all thanks to a young girl’s confusion about his real age.

    In “Tiny Dancer”, the broken dreams of a girl leads to love when she comes of age in the place that she dislikes the most.

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