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  • The Sutras of Pure Compassion

    $5.99$19.99 Pierson, Aaron
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    “The Sutras of Pure Compassion” was written about the simple but powerful understanding of the spiritual laws of life. I broke this down into a simple way that even a young child can put into practice. If we find the keys to divine compassion, we can then become free from all the negative behaviors and energies in this life. If we keep things simple, then we can let go of the illusions we create to make ourselves feel safe and be what we desire. We have to learn to accept and live in reality.

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  • The Maturing of the Human Heart and Soul

    $5.99$24.99 Pierson, Aaron
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    I wrote this book, The Maturing of the Human Heart and Soul, in the year 2001. It is a wakeup call to humanity. We cannot keep on our current path without very negative results for the human race. The true definition of insanity is to continue to do the same negative things and expect a positive change. We have to choose to change our negative ways. That is when we will see positive change.
    I then edited this book in 2012 in order to make it more universal in understanding and application. Originally I wrote this book for the American reader only. After visiting Japan in 2012, I felt this message was for the world population, not just one country. It is for you and I to make changes, one person at a time, to affect the world around us.

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  • The Essence of Compassion

    $5.99$22.99 Pierson, Aaron
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    This book is the fruit of all my books and brings to the point of everything I work to express and share from my heart.
    It is the true expression of compassion that fills our heart and soul. This is when we find the true purpose in our lives, becoming a soul of true, living, breathing, compassion!

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  • Never Give Up

    $4.99$19.99 Pierson, Aaron
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    Never Give Up is a personal testimony of my debilitating injury from an accident when I was thirty-four years old. It begins with my journey in the years before and then follows with the years after the accident including the parts of my life that led me to Maui, Hawaii, and the journey of healing I have found and that has been accomplished in my life.
    It is my hope you will find the courage for whatever healing you may need in your own life. I have had so many close to death experiences that it has transformed me and my life into one of learning to live without all the fear and limitations our societies place upon us.

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  • Dragon Cafe – An East-West Collection

    $4.99$14.99 Marranca, Richard
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    Dragon Café brings together sparkling essays on Buddhism and world religion, health & diet, sacred sex, creativity, myth and the hero, oracles and shamans, yoga, meditation, Kung Fu and Star Trek, vegetarianism, mysticism, and the East-West connection.
    It represents a lifetime of practice and travel, alongside study with yogis, monks, shamans, scholars and teachers of all stripe. It is about the search for adventure and peace.

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