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  • Thailand Changes

    $4.99$13.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    This book takes an offbeat and humorous look at how tourism has changed radically in Thailand over the past thirty-five years, seen through the eyes of two red-blooded young men who made their first trips to the country over three decades apart.
    Peter Jaggs provides an unparalleled insight into the night-streets, tourist resorts and rural villages of both modern day and bygone Thailand and goes some way to explaining why many men become so hooked on the country after just one short visit, it changes their lives forever.
    Thailand Changes is at the same time both hilarious and sobering. The writing is blunt and honest and about as politically correct as a sexist Klansman on a baby seal hunt wearing an ocelot fur coat, so reader discretion is advised.

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  • Thailand Crackers

    $4.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    Peter Jaggs has probably written and sold more books about the raunchier side of life in Thailand than any other author alive or dead. The brutal accuracy of his writing in a genre that is unavoidably always going to be controversial has inevitably provoked reaction from offended internet trolls accusing him of being a faker, a reprobate or even worse. Much more credible reviews in the Thai and ex-pat media on TV and in leading newspapers have described Jaggs as being (quote) ‘a highly-skilled writer, supremely confident in his craft’ and appraised his books as being ‘Modern Classics of Pattaya’ and ‘the best books on Pattaya written’.
    Whether you love his tales or hate them, it is undeniable that they are never boring. Jaggs has written himself into the history of the night-streets of Thailand and his work will surely continue to be read and discussed for as long as people visit the country. The stories in Thailand Crackers are vintage Jaggs and concentrate on the off-beat lives of eighteen resourceful entrepreneurs who live by their wits on the streets of a country where life can be hard. They include the accounts of an alcoholic septuagenarian mamasan, a teenage drug dealer, a hill-tribe grandfather, a bar-girl without a heart, an evil confidence trickster and a love-struck street dog; all told with the author’s usual colorful candidness that will disappoint neither his supporters nor his detractors and give them plenty of food for thought to get their teeth into.

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  • Fehltritte im Isaan

    $6.99$12.99 Jaggs, Peter
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    In den letzten Jahren erfreut sich Thailand eines bemerkenswerten Anstiegs in der Anzahl an Touristen, die dieses faszinierende und schöne Land besuchen.
    Thailand ist sozusagen entdeckt worden und Horden von Reisenden scharen sich mittlerweile hier, um die einzigartige Kultur, das freundliche Wesen seiner Bewohner und die herrlichen Strände selbst zu erfahren.
    Trotz dieses rapiden Anstiegs des Tourismus gibt es im Nordosten des Landes immer noch Dörfer, in denen sich während Hunderten von Jahren nur wenig geändert hat.
    Begleite den Autor zu seinem unbeabsichtigten sechsmonatigen Aufenthalt in Nordost-Thailand. Mach die Bekanntschaft von Fischern, Geist-Heilern und Thai-Boxern und nimm Teil an den Missgeschicken, die ihm unterlaufen, während er sich in der warmherzigen Gemeinde eines ländlichen Isaandorfes einlebt.
    Bisweilen heiter, oft rührend, gelegentlich tragisch – aber nie langweilig – entführt dieses Buch den Leser in das Herz des Nordostens und verschafft ihm so Einblick in eine traditionelle Lebensweise und eine Kultur, die heute in rascher Auflösung begriffen ist.

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