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  • Unfinished!

    $5.99$11.99 Hincks, Anthony T.
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    Welcome to Unfinished!

    It’s a group of stories that I have written over the years to help teach reader’s comprehension. Because it’s reader’s comprehension, I didn’t need to incorporate the usual start, endings, and/or middle to what would have been a long exercise.

    The stories cover many genre as I don’t believe in sticking to just one type of storyline. I like to try and think ahead of the reader, so I usually have lots of twists, and turns in any story that I write.

    Not all the stories will make sense to you, but to me they do. Just as I don’t expect everyone to like my style of writing. It would be good if you did, but I am not that ignorant or that silly.

    If the stories are well received, I may end up writing longer stories and turning them into a novel of sorts.

    This first volume contains forty stories which I had sitting on my computer, so all I had to do was do a minor bit of editing to bring them back to life.

    I hope that you have a read, and enjoy them.

    Remember, if you don’t, well I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    All the best, and enjoy what life can give you, and what you can offer it in return.

    Anthony T. Hincks

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  • Anthony T. Hincks: An author of life.

    $8.99$11.99 Hincks, Anthony T.
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    An author of life.

    Welcome to Anthony T. Hincks: An author of life, volume 1.

    This first volume includes all of my quotes and sayings that I have published on the internet to date. There are over fifteen hundred to read and choose from.

    The quotes have been readily accepted throughout the world are used by individuals, companies, & businesses. They have appeared in newsletters, newspapers, magazines and other online publications. My quotes have also been used to sell different merchandise around the world, from Russia to the U.S.A.

    My quotes have appeared alongside some of the world’s most famous people, and for that I feel very humble indeed.

    My quotes can cover any topic.

    I am more Buddhist than anything else, and I do not hold any bias or bigoted thoughts about other religions or people. I believe, since we are all individuals, that we all can think for ourselves. I believe that wars are only used by the greedy to liberate the wealth from others. I think the world needs to look in a new direction because if we don’t, then I am fearful about what will happen to this world of ours.

    I love the environment,, and animals and I believe that instead of looking for a way off, this home of ours, that we should at least look at trying to save it for our children.

    Mankind is selfish and he always has been. You may disagree, but when I look at the world, I read between the lines, I don’t believe everything that I see or read on the TV, the internet or in the print media; to do so otherwise is to believe all the lies that we are fed to keep the wealth of only a select few increasing.

    I believe in equality and fairness for all.

    So, if you want to read my quotes & sayings, do so, and if you don’t, I won’t be offended.

    All the best for the future and I leave you with this:

    “Walk through life as if you had brought light into the world & love into everyone’s heart.”

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  • Οι εκφυλισμένοι – The malformed

    $11.99$17.99 Perises, Mona
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    Ο οίστρος των Hijra

    Περίληψη: Είναι κακό να μη σε θέλει κανείς, ούτε καν οι γονείς σου. Γεννιέσαι και πριν δεις με τα αδύναμα μάτια σου το πρώτο φως, βλέπεις πρόσωπα εχθρικά και αγριεμένα. Μόλις σ’ έχουν αντικρίσει, σ’ έχουν ψαχουλέψει και έχουν δει το σώμα σου, αρχίζουν να φωνάζουν και να σε καταριούνται.

    Με τη πρώτη επαφή που έχεις μαζί τους σαν ον, έχεις ήδη καταδικαστεί και έχεις μπει, στη φάκα του θανάτου. Εσύ ήρθες στη ζωή πριν από λίγα δευτερόλεπτα, αλλά μόλις σε είδαν, αμέσως σε καταδίκασαν χωρίς ελαφρυντικά και προγραμμάτισαν το θάνατο σου.

    Ένα τέτοιο καταδικασμένο αγόρι είμαι εγώ. Με χάρισαν οι γονείς μου στους Hijra, για να με κάνουν γυναίκα. Ακριβώς μόλις έκλεισα τα πέντε μου, την ίδια μέρα και την ώρα που ετοιμάζονταν να μου κόψουν το φαλλό μου, τους ξεγλίστρησα. Το πρόβλημα μου είναι, ότι ο φαλλός μου είναι στραβός, ας πω… ότι είναι τόσο στραβός, σαν το γιαλό.

    Ήμουν και είμαι παιδί του δρόμου. Στα έντεκα μου, με τα λίγα λεφτά που είχα μαζέψει, είχα πάει σ’ ένα γιατρό και μου είπε ότι πρέπει να κάνω μια επέμβαση. Τώρα είμαι 19 και μαζεύω ακόμα τα λεφτά, για να τη κάνω. Μου λείπουν λίγες χιλιάδες ρουπίες, κάνω πολλές δουλειές μαζί, και θα τα μαζέψω.

    Δε θέλω να γίνω Hijra και αποφεύγω τις παρτίδες μαζί τους. Θα με ψάξουν σωματικά και αλίμονο μου αν καταλάβουν το πρόβλημα μου. Θα με ευνουχίσουν και εμένα μου αρέσουν πολύ οι καλαίσθητοι άνθρωποι και οι γυναίκες.

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  • Κυνηγώντας τον Χρόνο – Chasing Time

    $20.00 Magkou-LaJiness, Eva
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  • three friends

    $2.99$9.99 Tomas, Chris
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    Denny, Mark, and Nicky were products of a country, brimming with possibilities but wrought with difficulties, struggling like many other countries to find its true identity and vision for the future. This characteristic is imbued in its products, its people.

    As Denny, Mark, and Nicky were born, grow up, cope with life’s challenges and different sets of givens, they manage to find comfort in a bond that grows more compelling and yet complicated over time.

    Although the story is completely fictional, it is based on documented and observed factual and historical events and places and tells of very real struggles experienced by a quaint society.

    This is a story written by a young girl growing up and seeing the world in all its beauty and ugliness and then later revised by an old woman who had evolved her perspectives in life.

    This is a story of friendship, which, through a remarkable set of extremely trying circumstances, and yet a very tenuous and mystical spirit, managed to sustain itself and wield a very powerful force.

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  • Souls II

    $1.49 Frances, Oliver
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    Souls II is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships.

    It features “An Age Gap” a love that blooms surprisingly on daily basis, anyhow it has an unexpected final -and this is not by the peculiarity that defines it.

    “Father & Son”, a love based on respect and acceptance of their mutual differences and points of view.

    “Ideas”, an entire world of thoughts of an individual who blames his setbacks and tragedy on somebody else until an unthinkable helping hand is offered to him to prove that he is the one who creates his own reality.

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  • I AM

    $0.00 Mccullough, John

    Are you lost and confused or seeking the purpose of life?

    Are you looking for cures of diseases or cancer?

    Do you have a problem with your weight?

    Or just seeking a spiritual peace?

    This book has the answers and the Truth will set you free.

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  • Όμ Άλι, το γλυκό της ζωής – Μέρος δεύτερο

    $9.99$17.99 Perises, Mona
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    Μυθιστορηματική βιογραφία – Γλώσσα Ελληνική


    Το δεύτερο μέρος της μυθιστορηματικής μου βιογραφίας, είναι το δεύτερο μέρος της ζωής μου. Αυτό δεν σημαίνει ότι είναι και το τελευταίο. Δεν θα πω ποτέ ότι είμαι ένας έκπτωτος άγγελος, αλλά ούτε θα αφήσω ποτέ να με εκτοπίσουν, αν δεν το θέλω εγώ. Η ζωή μου συνεχίζεται, με χαρές, δράματα, λύπες και δάκρυα, με συντροφιά και πολύ αγάπη, από τον σύζυγο μου. Σαν άνθρωπος δεν είμαι των λαφύρων, είμαι της ψυχής, των δακρύων, της ανθρωπιάς, της κατανόησης, του σεβασμού…

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  • Voyage to Light

    $0.99 Frances, Oliver
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    Dips into man’s soul and mind, showing that what each of us seeks actually is inside us. The collection of stories and essays takes readers on a trip that:

    * Presents life as irony through very common situations.

    * Shows our mettle in a world where man sometimes sails against the tides.

    * Dives into your own mind to show your capacity – often neglected – to see the world and circumstances in a very different perspective.

    * Attempts to figure out a mysterious, surprising and unknown event as fate.

    * Describes events and routines onto which an individual is hung, tracing the course of life that begins dull and stripped of the opportunity for spiritual grow.

    Bonus: Nigel -Short Story

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  • Bread of Life

    $6.99$11.99 Torres, Irish
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    This is a testimonial book about Jesus Christ and how should we live our lives through Him, with Him, and in Him.
    This tackles about what is an ideal Christian living, and how to please God in everything that we do.
    Furthermore, this encourages individuals to glorify God moment by moment and to work out for the gift of salvation.

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  • Eine Hochsaison

    $6.99$17.99 Gump, J.F.
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    Jarapans Träume starben an dem Tag, an dem sie vergewaltigt wurde. Es war nicht ihr Fehler, dennoch wird sie von jedem mit Verachtung gestraft. Als sie in die Touristen-Stadt Pattaya flieht, um ein neues Leben zu beginnen, werden die emotionalen Räder des Schicksals in Bewegung gesetzt.
    Mike Johnson hat lange genug in Pattaya gelebt, um ein zynischer Mann geworden zu sein. Nichts ist mehr so, wie es war, seit er Tippawan (“Math”) Bongkot verloren hat, die Frau, die selbst im Tod noch sein Herz besitzt. Als er Jarapan kennenlernt, werden aus längst begrabenen Leidenschaften wieder Liebe. Dann wird Mike krank, wirklich krank, und ein Feuerstrum menschlichen Dramas, der ihre neue Liebe jenseits aller Vernunft auf die Probe stellt, wird entfacht.
    “Eine Hochsaison” ist der gefühlsmäßige Abschluss einer kraftvollen Thailand-Trilogie, die von einer Kontinente und Kulturen überspannende Suche nach Liebe und Glück handelt. Lies diese unglaubliche Saga von Liebe, Leidenschaft und Abenteuer:

    Selbst Thai-Mädchen weinen“, “Die Farang-Affäre” und “Eine Hochsaison” (die abschließende, unvergessliche Episode).

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  • Those Who Hear – Journeys of the Astropaths

    $5.99$12.99 Siminoe, Jonathon
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    CODY GALLAS has always been able to remember – with uncanny detail – the places he visits and can draw them nearly to scale. But until his chance meeting with MICHAEL he had no idea that this ability was just an inkling of his true potential. Cody’s tragic childhood has cost him everyone he every loved, leaving him alone at age 14 to face the greatest discovery of his life and to cope with his most paramount decision.
    Enter the world of the astropaths, where the mind is the gateway to nearly magical powers. Astropaths can not only communicate telepathically and read other’s thoughts; they also have the ability to transport themselves any where in the world. These travelers are very powerful, but while performing their most potent technique they are also at their most vulnerable.

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