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  • Gratitude, Good News & Guidelines

    $4.99$16.99 Khemlani, Bhavna
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    Creative Non-Fiction Anthology

    Creativity is a gift and must never be taken for granted. So many amazing things are part of your life – so why not be grateful for it! Every little thing that happens is good news. Inner faith and acknowledging the challenge that you shall come through it – is good news. Being alive is good news. Awareness and people in your life who have been there, taught you life lessons, and the new opportunities and how far you have come is worthy of every good news. Hence, why not be grateful and embrace the good news that come your way.

    Adopting change and various approaches that bring the best out of you, heal you, liberate you, make you joyful, bring you abundance, and so much more is worthy of an uplifting guideline.

    Why wait for another best seller when you are reading one! Enjoy the Gratitude, Good News, & Guidelines expression of a non-fiction journey shared by writers across the world.

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  • Design Beyond Walls

    $4.99 Garg, Miti
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    This book is an absolute must-read for Designers and all those interested in understanding the design process. It is a bold exploration into the realm of design in terms of and beyond ‘Walls’.

    Written succinctly with hand-drawn illustrations, the book analyses Walls on three levels- Walls at the physical level, Walls in design and Walls in theory.

    Reading this book will revolutionize the reader’s viewpoint about Design and provide new and deep insights into the workings of a design professionals’ mind.

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