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  • Manila’s Beaches

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    The Capital’s Top 60 Seaside Escapes
    Searching for the Perfect “Top” Beach
    Whatever your idea of the perfect Seaside Escape, the Philippines is well placed to provide the answer. 
    It is a 1,800 km / 1,200 m long archipelago of 7,107 tropical islands, every one offering the chance to get away – soft sand beaches with crystalline waters protected by brilliant coral reefs, sheltered by swaying palm trees.
    The big island of Luzon, the largest of the lot, has the widest variety of escapes. Luzon is well known for its magnificent inland attractions – from Manila, the country’s capital, to mountainous rice terraces and spectacular volcanoes – but it remains a tropical island with 5,000 km / 3,000 miles of coastline – indented with bays and coves – plus 100s of smaller, off-shore islands – all harbouring wonderful Top Beaches.
    Manila makes the logical starting point for visits to all of these Top Beaches because it is the first port of call for most visitors to the country and the starting point for a network of roads which reach every corner of the island.
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  • A Child @ 70

    $4.99$11.99 Doyle, Terence
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    A New Life in the Philippines

    When Terence first arrived in Asia in 2010, he told the many girls he met two things: that he had no plans to get married and that he did not intend to have any children.
    He was in Asia merely to let his hair down.
    Five years later he was happily married to a dazzling Filipina and father to an equally dazzling baby boy.
    A Child @ 70 describes Terence’s radical transition from exhausted Western divorcee to enjoying life in a chaotic, emerging nation.
    It also provides a wealth of detail about the country, following his visits to many of the Philippines’s best islands, including the 10 biggest islands, and to its most important cities.

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  • three friends

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    Denny, Mark, and Nicky were products of a country, brimming with possibilities but wrought with difficulties, struggling like many other countries to find its true identity and vision for the future. This characteristic is imbued in its products, its people.

    As Denny, Mark, and Nicky were born, grow up, cope with life’s challenges and different sets of givens, they manage to find comfort in a bond that grows more compelling and yet complicated over time.

    Although the story is completely fictional, it is based on documented and observed factual and historical events and places and tells of very real struggles experienced by a quaint society.

    This is a story written by a young girl growing up and seeing the world in all its beauty and ugliness and then later revised by an old woman who had evolved her perspectives in life.

    This is a story of friendship, which, through a remarkable set of extremely trying circumstances, and yet a very tenuous and mystical spirit, managed to sustain itself and wield a very powerful force.

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  • Olongapo

    $2.99 Burnett, Lawrence
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    Vietnam’s Playground

    Olongapo was an extraordinary part of our world known to millions. This tiny section of the Far East served as playground for Vietnam. An amusement park for the American Seventh Fleet, contractors and other service members from around the world. Rides in this park featured people’s lives, creating impassioned experiences. Written with deepest respect for those with their names etched into The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Many who experienced joy for the last time while in Olongapo. The Olongapo experience was a true phenomenon, a saturation of life.

    During the peak of Vietnam, the area grew from a population of 40,000 in 1964 to a bulging 138,000 plus by 1969. The undisputed king of liberty ports in Asia, Olongapo’s nightclubs bloomed from 35 to over 300. Pay by play girls increased to over 8,000 while pay by the hour hotels zoomed to more than 200. All of this amazing expansion crammed into just over one acre of frenzy. Men who had been off the coast of Vietnam and people shore based made up the 9 to 14 thousand visitors to the city every night of the year. Most were on brief liberty passes after months at sea and others awaited transfer to Vietnam. The combination created a free spending environment that poured millions of dollars into Olongapo every month.

    My novel is not just for the millions who miss such a unique concentration of life, it is for those who never knew the Olongapo experience.

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