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  • 250 Thai Girls By Age 25

    $5.99$14.99 Harvey, John
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    A True Story from South East Asia

    A True Story from Asia

    250 Thai Girls by Age 25, A True Story from South East Asia is a true-to-life adventure that can be relived from beginning to end. The story begins with the allure of travel and the need for new experiences. Sex, drugs, alcohol and debauchery are the name of the game, and the impetus behind this historic modern day journey. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Cambodia, Laos, and the pristine Andaman beaches of Kho Lipe are featured in this bold and daring travel adventure.

    The author narrowly escapes death at the hands of a knife wielding Cambodian mugger. He is violently robbed by a taxi driver in Bangkok. Held up by the Laos Police for running at a late night roadblock with a teen prostitute. And narrowly escapes a King Cobra in the jungles of Northern Thailand.

    This non-fiction story is as up to date, authentic, and original as anything in its genre. The names, places, and people from this wild South East Asian sexcapade have not been altered in any way. This book has the potential to spark a new generation of hedonistic travelers looking to better understand themselves, and where to go to make that possible. Once you go Asian, you will never go Caucasian.

    Join the author on his solo travels while he searches out every nook and cranny during his first year in South East Asia.

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  • Adventures of the Great White Bonker

    $4.99$14.99 Wallace, Dave
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    Dave Wallace is a freelance writer/photographer/film maker based in Brisbane.

    It would be easy to dismiss Dave as a bit of an insignificant lightweight and all round sleaze bag, as most of his early efforts consisted of hanging around porn movie locations immortalising great moments in movie history for various publications of dubious reputation.

    However, it took a trip to Laos in 1989, to photograph the work of a humanitarian organisation, that caused him to finally realise his true calling.
On his way back to Australia, via Thailand, he made a quick visit to Pat Pong where the inevitable happened and Thailand became his second home for several years, resulting in many life changing experiences and journeys of discovery.

    Along the way he encountered some rather bizarre characters including a nurse who thought she was a vampire, and a monk who claimed to be able to turn himself into a giant snake.
 But the person who made the greatest impression on him was a girl called Busarakham Jeeramantiph aka Kim. Busarakham means Yellow Sapphire in English and is considered to be a very lucky name.
 Her luck, however, had run out and she was trapped in a vicious spiral of ill fortune — a dead end job, and very few prospects of self improvement, despite being one of a rare breed. In addition to speaking English as fluently as a native speaker, Dave discovered she could also read and write with the same degree of skill.

    They formed a bond that lasted over thirty years during which time he managed to help her reach her full potential. They collaborated on this book, about which one reviewer observed: While the story and some of the dialogue is rather explicit at times, it’s actually a moving account of how, with Dave’s help, Kim manages to free herself from the shackles of the sex trade and get a proper job with an organisation that hired her on her merits and ability, and didn’t care about her educational qualifications— or lack of them. She went on from there to embark on a string of business activities aimed at improving the lives of her fellow bar girls. She was a graduate from the University of Real Life.

    Despite its somewhat lurid title, it’s a classic reminder of the old adage that one should never judge a book by its cover.

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  • A man called Smith

    $4.99$15.99 Craig, Ben
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    Erotic thriller
    A stranger visits a small Scottish town and encounters suspicion and fear in the community. The motive for his visit is gradually revealed. Layer by layer, murder, corruption and smuggling is uncovered. The stranger, Smith, is loyal and warm to friends but utterly ruthless to any opponent. He has a violent nature when threatened and reacts in an extreme manner.

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  • Into The Night Life

    $4.99$15.99 Horse, Crazy
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    Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Pattaya

    Crazy Horse returns to Asia with his follow up to ‘A Year in the ‘Kok’.

    “Every dissatisfied man in a western country should read this book.”

    “Funny and empowering. Reminds me why I moved to Thailand in the first place.”

    “Don’t visit Bangkok without reading this book first.”


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  • Take My Sweet Pea, Lick My Lily

    $1.99$14.99 Iskra, Nadezhda
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    Short Stories Of Erotica

    Short Erotica Stories. Different Women, Different Sex Lives

    Our sex lives are the true reflections of who we are. It’s when we’re stripped off of our pretenses and judgments. We are left bare—literally and figuratively. It is the only time we are able to express our affection and adoration towards another person. The more you adore the person you’re having sex with, the more pleasure you give. We’re all different, some our loud in bed, others are like birds, only cooing, a few are like wild animals, ravaging one another’s flesh into death and heaven, and most are like sheep in wolves’ clothing. Never be afraid to show who you are through sex. This book is written to serve as inspiration to finally submit yourselves to sex. After all, it’s why we’re alive.

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  • The Cursed Poet

    $2.99 Frances, Oliver
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    Written in the 90’s, the story foretells a new world coming in the 21st century, describing technologic advances but, anyhow, it reveals still man’s weakness over death. Even though, The Cursed Poet predicts a world nuclear conflict, it is a story that tells about the life of a writer whom misfortune shapes his days until he reaches the zenith of his own success to start his downfall. This famous personage in disgrace vanishes suddenly, so that his death is reported. There, the legend begins and eerily his writings and controversial ideas gain reputation again.

    Apart from telling a story, The Cursed Poet exposes poignant but realistic concepts and exalts the importance of Art.

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  • Sexual Magic

    $2.99 Burdman, Vladimir
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    Sexual magic is one of the most powerful existing magic.

    With sexual, magic we are working with the energy of creation and powerful forces for humans.

    A psychological event is orgasm. Sexual magic is the art of using orgasm.

    So we must understand that the greatest power we have is the sexual energy and its a creative power.

    The power of creation is to create new beings giving them life.

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  • A Year in the ‘Kok

    $4.99$14.99 Horse, Crazy
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    A Novel of Bangkok Nights
    Ripped straight from the nightlife of Bangkok City Center and the off the wall pages of Western Man in Asia, notorious blog author Crazy Horse reveals all about his crazy first year in the ‘Kok.

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  • Sale!

    Saving Face

    $3.99$14.99 Allen, Neville
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    Sale! $3.99$14.99

    Panarat Vipala treats her sweet and innocent daughter (Toy) to an unexpected 17th birthday present – a one-way bus trip from up-country Isaan to Pattaya, where she is put to work as a bar girl.
    A few years later, when Australian holiday-maker Andrew McKinnon meets Toy in a Pattaya bar, he ignores his instincts and falls in love with the bar girl.
    Soon after, Andrew and Toy team up and the couple travel north to Toy’s home province of Udon Thani, and what starts out as an idyllic romance quickly turns into a journey through a cultural minefield. McKinnon encounters age-old customs and traditions as he bids to be accepted into Toy’s family circle.
    Meanwhile, the lovers are forced to tread a wary line between non-interference and rescue when McKinnon’s best mate, Todd Walsh, falls for Bee, a beautiful Pattaya bank manager operating a cunning real estate scam.
    Against an emotional background of sex, greed, corruption and intrigue, a Bangkok psychic called Sukanya, and a natural disaster play roles in Andrew’s and Toy’s determination to hold onto true love and to save McKinnon’s Aussie mate from financial disaster.

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