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  • Taff’s Treasure

    $4.99$14.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    Would you hire an old ship and set sail on a 4,000km round trip across the Gulf of Thailand, The South China Sea and the Java Sea in search of buried treasure? This lot did! The boys from the Sloan Square gang are back at their most outrageous best in this epic adventure.
    Catch up with all your favourite characters and some new ones as they take on modern day pirates and some lazy terrorists when they go in search of Taff’s Treasure.
    They made you laugh and they made you cry when they shared their stories in ‘Living the Dream’ and ‘Loving Life’. If you liked those books then you will love this one.

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  • Loving Life

    $4.99 Lilburne, Guy
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    Gary Sloan and the rest of the boys from the Sloan Square gang are back by popular demand. With the Sloan Square Bar making big money from an army of fans and the sale of tee-shirts going through the roof, it was time for a change. The boys from the bar had become celebrities and although they loved meeting their fans, signing autographs, playing dominos and having their photos taken, a new challenge lay ahead. Sloany and the boys had the opportunity to buy and run a holiday resort near the beautiful village of Bang Saray in Thailand. With Gary Sloan running the business what could possibly go wrong! The ‘Band of Brothers’ pull together once again to make their new life in the Land of Smiles a success.

    If you liked meeting the boys in the first book ‘Living the Dream’, you will love catching up with them again in ‘Loving Life’.
    The boys are well and truly back in town in this unmissable book.

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