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  • Mystical Words of Power

    $3.99$13.99 Zanetti, Chris
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    A Collection of Original & Powerful Poetry – Volume 1

    Contained within the pages of this book are powerful words. Words that hold deep and mystical meanings. This book is a work of poetry on the surface, however, upon exploring further, hidden truths can be found about the mind and the Universe.
    This book is designed to convey the subtle aspects of what energy is, and how, by understanding its true nature better, we can discover and awaken the ancient power of the superconscious mind, and make the transformation from human to superhuman, having access to powers that would be considered supernatural.
    Mystical Words of Power is for those who are seeking to acquire the deeper levels of mystical knowledge required for advancement to higher levels of consciousness and greater levels of spiritual and psychic power. This book of poetry is a key that will help unleash the dormant power within your own mind, heart and spirit.
    Chris Zanetti is a leading world authority on superhuman potential, and has guided thousands of seekers on the path to mastery of supernatural abilities. He is also the author of the book Superhuman Training – A Guide to Unleashing Your Supernatural Powers.

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