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  • Dark Gray Demons

    $4.99$14.99 Gray, Marvin
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    Life after rescuing a Hispanic girl from serial killer Stephen Bracken’s basement dungeon should be heavenly. Marvin Gray rekindles his relationship with his girlfriend. He lands a new job investigating missing children. He is solving cases. And he has money for the first time in his life. But Gray is still tormented by his failure to save two other girls from that dungeon. Bracken is still on the loose and reminding Gray regularly that there is a score to settle.

    When his own niece Trish goes missing, Gray returns to his home town and his dysfunctional family for the first time in years. The new investigation leads him to child trafficking rings in the underworld of San Antonio, Texas and forces Gray to confront his darkest demons.

    Dark Gray Demons is a fast-paced thriller sequel that picks up where ‘Gray Areas‘ and ‘Gray Matter‘ left off.

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