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  • My Village Story Of The Legends

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    The Perfect Art of Story Telling

    At the retreat of Nkana Devils, in pretense of surrender, the entire Arochukwu army pursue hard. “What a cheap surrender, come on Aro Okigbo! Chase these cowards! Chase these rats! Chase them to their holes now!” one of their commanders cries out.

    Nkana Devils follow their war tactics to the letter. Out of the blue, the soldiers in ambush pour out into the roads and put the enemies in confusion. The Aros flee in diverse directions, looking for cover. Those who have entered the Kingdom gate to attack Nkana are the worst hit.

    The Red devils that are hiding in this territory waste no time to swoop on them. There is no hiding place. They slice the tongues of some soldiers and slash the ears of many alive. Cries of anguish and smell of hot blood fill the air! And now sun, moon and stars hurry out together in the sky to witness the mayhem. Prisoners of war are taken and Survivours crawl back to base to sooth their wounds and mend their shattered hearts.

    Shall the Kingdom ever rise again?

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