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  • The Story of Rabia Al-Basri Great Muslim Women Sufi Saint From Basra

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    Rabia  Al-Adawiyya Al-Qaysiyya (Arabic: رابعة العدوية القيسية‎) or simply Rabia Al-Basri (Arabic: رابعة البصري‎) (717–801 C.E.) was a female Muslim saint and Sufi mystic. She was the one who first set forth the doctrine of Divine Love and is widely considered to be the most important of the early Sufi poets.

    She taught that repentance was a gift from God because no one could repent unless God had already accepted him and given him this gift of repentance. She taught that sinners must fear the punishment they deserved for their sins, but she also offered such sinners far more hope of Paradise than most other ascetics did. For herself, she held to a higher ideal, worshipping God neither from fear of Hell nor from hope of Paradise, for she saw such self-interest as unworthy of God’s servants; emotions such as fear and hope were like veils—i.e. hindrances to the vision of God Himself.

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