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  • Origin of Man in Southeast Asia 1 – Early Migration and Trade Routes

    $7.49 Schliesinger, Joachim
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    Early Migration and Trade Routes

    Origin of Man in Southeast Asia 1―Early Migration and Trade Routes is a work about the early evolution of the various peoples in the area and our present knowledge about the early migration routes out of Africa into Asia and across the continent to such far lands as Australia and the many islands of the South Pacific.

    This volume highlights the distribution of peoples from the Sunda Shelf (‘out of Sundaland’ migration theory) after the last Ice Age across mainland Southeast Asia and southern China and explains the migration route via Taiwan (‘out of Taiwan’ migration theory) into mainland China.

    It also unveils the establishment of the early cultures and industries, which developed across both mainland and maritime Southeast Asia and adjoining China from the Neolithic Era to the first centuries of our Common Era and explains the Nusantao Maritime Trading and Communication Network (or NMTCN) concept, an early well organized trading and transportation interconnection between the mainland and the many islands across maritime Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

    The evolutionary process is illustrated with plenty of images.

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