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  • Walk to Lose Weight and Get Inner Peace

    $1.99 D'Costa, Bob
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    Are you currently sedentary or have a low activity level and want to learn how to gradually increase your health and fitness levels while losing weight one step at a time? Want to start losing weight quickly starting today using the easiest and most convenient form of exercise?

    The nerve center of life, health, and fitness is impregnated in walking. It’s a primal feel and the easiest thing on the planet to do. It’s also the most overlooked component of fitness and that’s an immense reason why so many people are overweight these days.

    Weight loss seems like a difficult process. Perhaps even one that requires deprivation and discomfort. Fortunately, that’s unrealistic of course.
    This book guides you step by step into the secret to losing your weight.
    There’s definitely a truth to losing weight – it does require some action on your part. But the things you do on your weight loss journey don’t have to be painful. The process of losing weight can actually be fun and enjoyable.

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