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  • Zanskar Undiscovered

    $3.99$12.99 Hertzog, Christopher
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    Once a kingdom in its own right, Zanskar is now a unique part of Southern Ladakh, and comprises less than 16,000 inhabitants.
    Cut off entirely from the rest of the world for at least 7 months every year by heavy snow, with no road access or airport, the people are still resilient, hospitable and hard working. Their adversity gives rise to one of the most exciting treks in the world, known as the Chadar Ice Trek in January and February each year, going from Padum in the South, up the frozen Zanskar River, to Nimmo near Leh, a distance of some 105 Km.

    Chris Hertzog, a well known researcher in Anti-aging Medicine (AAM), has visited the area many times, and wanted in this brief book, to dedicate it to a very special community with their unique way of life, in an area known as ‘The Top of The World’.

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