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  • The Ruthless Race

    $2.99 Easter, Ebony
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    Eighteen-year-old Suwelly Tate is a normal girl. A normal girl who has the power to turn invisible, heal people’s wounds, and, once in a while, rob a house or two for a way to pay for college. But a ‘normal’ girl all the same.

    Until the day when one of the burglaries goes wrong and three unexpected visitors catches Suwelly turn invisible. Now someone is after her ability and everywhere she turns she’s running into danger. She doesn’t know whether to call the cops on the hooded men watching her or the mysterious boy following her around. Suwelly has to make a decision whether to fight or flight. Only, she doesn’t realize the problem she’s facing is literally out of this world.
    At this point, Suwelly really wishes she was normal.

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