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  • Psychological guidance to be a fluent English Speaker

    $3.99 Hettiarachchi, Priyantha
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    Psychological guidance to be a fluent English Speaker is for non English students written by a famous English teacher and a counselor for psychology Mr.Priyantha Hettiarachchi.

    It has lots of strategies and mental exercises to guide you to be a fluent English speaker. It also has easy to remember grammar lessons.

    Speaking a language is completely based on your brain. Some people struggle throughout their life time to speak a foreign language.In this context your mind has to play a major role, hence you should not learn a language but practice it to make it a habit.

    Here in this book you can find lots of ways to make SPEAKING A LANGUAGE a habit by sending the message to your subconscious mind. It’s written in simple English so that one who has a little knowledge in English can read and understand it.

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